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I think it's actually a fairly big line IIRC. I'd say start with Melograno (the one that started this whole perfume hobby for me), and also smell Acqua Di Cuba, Tobacco Tuscano, and for a little excitement, Nostalgia. I think those are the ones people (BN) usually talks about
wow, i remember this from 4 years ago. 1. I apologize for what i said before, it sounded a little racist there, I was being snobby but i do hate this topic. 2. I still stand by my earlier point, this is really infuriating to me. Are you Chad from IT or accounting? Are you Andrew who's going golfing after work but couldn't be bothered to change? are you Jimbob in grade 11 going for a class photo? Come on people. Look it's a t-shirt more or less with two buttons. It's...
gawd damn it all keeps dropping... there's no end. I'm running out of money to add, oy
Oh I didn't mean adding a few drops for drinkability, more like adding 50% water for 'tasting'/testing purposes so you can really taste the whole thing. Not to be done regularly, just as a technique
I thought it was a well known practice. Adding quite a bit of water (not just a few drops) to really dilute a spirit down to actually taste it. Am I crazy?My understanding was that these were historically cure-alls, basically people taking a bunch of herbs and spices and stuff with various vitamins/minerals and other 'benefits' real or imagined and soaking, boiling, tincturing etc them in alcohol. Of course they tasted like shit but that wasn't the goal. At some point when...
I'd say start with other concentrations of Habit Rouge, like EdT, EdP, and Parfum/extrait. Try other Guerlains like Heritage. And then I'd say some related houses like Hermes and even some Malles. Basically look for old school French type stuff. Maybe even a bit of Chanel oldies?
well no, what i meant is for tasting, not mixing purposes. Let's say you're doing a tasting of bitters to decide which ones to buy. It's like adding 50% water to your scotch, you can actually taste it instead of getting distracted with the alcohol, so adding some salt water lets you taste all the herbs and spices and flavors without the strong bitterness. Plus in the early days, bitters weren't used as concentrated flavor shots as much as they were used as tonics and...
and to think I was actually going to post about SOPW a few days ago when it was down to 1.37, asking if anyone else thought it looked ready for the plucking. Went up like what 20-30% on Friday? Damn, shoulda woulda coulda. Let's see how LULU does on Tuesday
So the shop is called Nikolas, and the owner who's usually there is in fact Nikolas. Great store, very good service, good range of products and many of them are exclusive brands, you'll pay $$$ but get what you pay for. I just organized a SF meetup at the store actually last fall and plan to do another meetup some time this summer, maybe there or somewhere else. I'll PM you guys whenever I have time to get something set up. Also if anyone has suggestions for meetup...
I was watching a youtube video about bitters and they said that mixing them with some salt neutralizes the bitterness and makes it actually taste sweet or something. Is this like a widely known thing I just learned or is this news to you guys too? I haven't tried it but will. I think they said add a little salt water to some bitters and you can taste them straight up better.
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