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said after a Hirsh post, damn
Yesterday I went with a light shpritz of Guerlain's Songe D'un Bois D'ete and it was as magical as ever. Sharp dry woody spice incense with a hint of warmth. Uber potent and smells solid. Don't think I'd even need a bottle or more than 10ml honestly.
for those who liked Bobs burgers, check out Bojack Horseman. It's a light chuckle plus some of the same voices.
love love love that opening. It's serine
anyone seen or felt these in person? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-heavy-gauge-cable-crew-neck-sweater-132105.html#68|/men/tops/sweaters/other/| what's it actually made of, and is it all scratchy like? decent fit? etc...
yep makes sense. Also keep in mind I'm talking about ETF's not individual stocks so my logic is by their nature they're already diversified, so even when they're 'down', long term they'll always recover unless literally the entire market stays down which is unlikely, so with ETF trading (or rebalancing through adding cash), the idea is to sell of what's up and move the cash to what's down and keep cycling that way because whether it's stocks (Canadian, USA, International),...
dunno if this is simple to answer... so obviously I'm a total newb. As mentioned I'm just doing basic ETF trading. My strategy is just pick big bucket funds with low MER's (ie ETF's), and diversify into 5-7 to cover all markets and every few months insert cash to rebalance, meaning sell off the wins and back the 'losses' with the assumption that they're all generally growing. Now i've just logged in and looked at my Questrade for the first time and putting in buy orders is...
er it's been a while since I shopped retail but pretty sure you can find these around for like $150 new give or take. I've bought pairs new with tags for closer to $120-130 or sometimes even under $100. Check eBay too since often guys buy with no return policy and have to sell them like that.
Eh SOTD Live Jazz again. Finally finished a decant of only 10ml. It's nice, cheap and all that but whereas a few years ago I would have just spent the $20-30 and bought a bottle, I'm now seeing how long it took to finish even 10ml and I don't love it. Life's to short for ad perfume. Wear the good stuff and often!
Re: Dali, so funny I was just thinking about thy scent a few days ago. I've always perceived it as a really dark spicey tobacco scent. Only worn it once though but have a small bottle I've sniffed a lot. I wore Amouage Opus 6 and thought the two had a connection. Re: Cuir Cannage, it seems to have pretty solid reception but personally I tried it twice and really wanted to like it but instead of the dirty sharp Leather Oud direction, it ends up more like Chanel's though I...
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