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I always thought it was "boot air oh" ?
ramdomthought - deets please! I'm digging everything about that... (particularly the vest)
I like the last two, but what do I know about design
Allen Edmonds Manhattan right? I had a pair of those back in the day. Nice coloring!
Stanly VB, def got those fits/proportions dialed right in. Some great progress there over the years. Good stuff mang.
I tend to look at places like LuckyScent for modern available niche stuff and places like Surrender to Chance for vintage or hard to find stuff. Even if you've tested something 2-3 times from a sample, unless you know you love it and will wear it, I would still encourage people to get just a 10ml decant, or at most a 30ml and see if you ever finish it. If you blast through a 10ml, sure, go buy a 100ml bottle, but I have a huge pile of 10ml's I've never finished and would...
Note that those are all splash bottles, and it includes some of the popular ones but also ones like Jasmin, which sure some guys wear, but leans pretty feminine. And Neroli which is good, but again, slightly more female in my opinion. I'd say better to just order 1ml-5ml samples online from somewhere like Luckyscent, test 'em all 2-3 times and then go get 30-50ml decants of the 2-3 you actually like. Also, I have a few of those available as decants if you're interested,...
I rather like the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain bottle. Sort of hunk of glass but smooth and solid to hold. The straw covered in cloth, the large clunky cap with the scent name on it, etc. It's interesting, I'll give it that. The smell, quite nice too, I just didn't feel like it served any particular purpose I could think of, rather a general pleasant scent overall. (not my pic)
Had a few tastings of my Laphroaig An Cuan Mòr. Found it actually pretty easy to sip neat, not much bite. Quite salty, a little sweet, and a long long finish. Fairly well balanced. Clearly I'm new at this haaa. Overall a nice drink, didn't amaze or excite me but certainly something I'll enjoy. Now at the $55-60 I paid for it, or even the $75-85 I originally saw it at, it's a good DF blind buy, but at the current $120+ I'm seeing it for, I'm not so sold on it. At least for...
About that 4 year 43% loss (I'm assuming because of heat?), it reminds me of how Laphroaig Quarter Cask is only like 6 years or something but because of the cask size it 'matures' quicker. So there's a case to be made for moving away from age statements because so many factors can influence the taste and a simple number of years statement is such a weak indicator. It's like using chest size, one single number, to fit a suit. Makes no sense. I was originally really against...
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