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going to try starting to post random fits. still need to find a good lighting spot [[SPOILER]]
hey, I've done this thread before on another forum and it produced some excellent responses. Seems to be being overshadowed by huge brand/affiliate threads. May move to General Chat? http://www.styleforum.net/t/403622
I am currently wearing a Davis slim fit from maybe 2 years ago and agree that the new ones are slimmer, not a crazy amount, but a bit more taper. BTW the Conner's a completely different cut (duh). I accidently bought a pair of those since they were in the same color pile at the store and the same size was way too tight.
So, an idea that's been going through my mind, probably like an old man on his deathbed equivalent as I prepare to taper off my time here and move on to other hobbies... I wanted to present a question to you all and hopefully this can be a very genuine, thought-provoking discussion. I've gained so much through this board, whether it's knowledge, friendships, killing time, a helluva lot of clothes, etc and I feel a strong sense of ownership/stewardship towards the forum....
I think there was some in-store sale but it's usually like 30% maybe 40% here or there. The online one was 50% off clearance which was pretty sweet. Final sale though. And the merch is different to what's in store in some cases.
^^^ nice, I LOVE that blue bottle, it's a shame they repackaged it. Another example of an accord I usually don't care for, Iris. And yet, suddenly I love Lutens Iris Silver Mist. Well it's a toss up between that and the Hiris. I like the Hiris for the blue bottle (don't laugh) and the Lutens only comes in those annoying bell jars... any thoughts (anyone?) on the two scents and a preference? Re: MPG, I've got RdV and it's meh (was a freebie), Racine, which is actually a...
Yesterday - MMM Untitled (original one) - Do you guys ever have a scent that despite majorly disliking a certain note or even category, there's just this one that you technically should revile, and yet you really like it? Well MMM Untitled is like that for me. I really dislike sharp green scents. I really dislike most florals. And I generally don't like galbanum. So the combo is a major no-no. Carnal Flower, Grey Flannel, Chanel no.19, any sort of indolic jasmines, etc......
edit - just searched and saw a comment above. Looks like I'll flip through a few episodes dunno if this one's come up but anyone watched that Ricky Gervaise series Derek? I added it to my watch list but if you say it's junk I'll skip it
Maybe it's just being sold on consignment so the shop has nothing to lose by putting it out. Will just give it back to the owner if it doesn't sell.
I will say that I've seen mixed reviews about Spiros. I guess it depends on what style you prefer both in terms of suit and relationship. Works for some, not for others. So my assessment shouldn't be taken as a negative review of them, just a larger than normal warning to do more diligence before committing with them. also forgot off the list, Harry Rosen's themselves. I had assumed they only did MTM through their various vendors but looks like they have their own...
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