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Today I'm wearing Tom Ford Azure Lime. It's ok, longevity is lacking...
+1. I've been scoping out Ernest Alexander bags and Wolverines for a few years now. They will occasionally mark down 3rd party items but discounts never apply.
womens clothing to me is about fantasy and role play, and IMO of course over the years they've pulled in menswear 'elements' but have usually twisted them so far that they're just fashion fun. I see women trying to wear pant suits and their sleeves hang over their hands, they have soft collars, and pull their collars over the jackets like 1970's greasy chain wearing balding dudes, etc. Example of dos and don't. It's one thing to have a wider trouser leg to accommodate...
god can we stop with the fcking derailment guys? resist the urge to type irrelevant shti. There's actually some real potential for this thread and an academic discussion with pictures. Do menswear and womenswear have different goals? (function versus fantasy/fashion) Should women take traditional men's silhouettes or adapt for their body types? (wearing actual menswear versus being inspired by) etc...
shoulda watched it while eating cake
Today I met up with a fellow perfume junkie and sprayed on some Vagabond Prince. Delicious but too short lived. Great scent but I just can't do it for the price they're asking.
Advanced - cool shorts. Shoes are vomity. Lokesh - nice stacks
pretty! I know you said Kimono, so Asian (Japanese?), but my impression is actually more like hippie/bohemian, like something Anthropology would sell or some indie hippie store (in a good way). I picture straw hat and sandals
yeah we're having a 30% off everything sale this weekend here in Toronto, so assuming that applies to Canada. also, not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet but the webstore stock is quite different from store stock. Sometimes even the promotions/prices. So just because it's sold out online doesn't mean it is too in stores. Also, all stores can check the stock at any other Canadian store and I believe for $7 you can have anything sent to you from any store. One of my best...
search for the 'in praise of grey' thread. you'll find many ideas for shirt+tie color combos oh, and don't wear a skinny tie. don't argue. don't do it.
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