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Wow, this should be interesting...
Re: Ford Patchouli - I find it very 'chaotic'. My impression is gasoline/glue and charred wood. That rainbow of colors when gasoline/oil sits on a puddle of water in the street. This one has a lot of colors and keeps moving and shifting. Makes me uncomfortable. The other day I wore for probably the first time in years, my bottle of Byredo Accord Oud and was surprised actually that I didn't enjoy it particularly. I recall this being like a smokey leather scent but all I...
Some questions on Laphroaig... So I own the Quarter Cask, i like it Have heard the 10 year is very good so that's on the list. What else, there's the 18(?), what's the word on the street about this one? Special editions... So I just bought the P/X cast (Solera / Madeira ? finished) for about $100 USD which I thought was pretty good I just saw An Cuan Mor (white oak), a duty free exclusive, which seems to have good reviews, for $85 CAD, was considering picking it up,...
Goomba, I think you were smart about this one. As a newish gambler I mean investor, I think I bought up stuff too quickly instead of waiting longer for the drops to keep coming. Kept plugging in day after day, too fast it seems. I think it was @otc who mentioned OZM, which at this price looks pretty good. huge yield too. Thoughts?
it's only opportunity if you have extra cash to keep piling in. sigh
I believe they're doing limited release (6 months?) of some of the discontinued ones, though early reports of AA say it's still good but pretty heavily reformulated
Hey guys I'm heading to NYC for the weekend. Probably can't lug a pair of shoes back but if anyone wants me to proxy stuff for them within reason, message me and I'll see what I can do.
never heard of it. is it new? I heard those guys don't like to shower so, makes sense.
I always start with the plunger.
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