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Jeebus the markets are just DYING here. Like every day 2+% drops. EPZM just dropped 7.5% this morning, for no damn reason. Good buying chance I guess, it's below even it's 52 week low.
Random warez. indigo crew roll neck knit - Club Monaco grey khakies - Uniqlo white Purcells
Today I'm wearing/testing Dali Homme, the black bottle with the lips cap. it's a spicey dirty tobacco scent. I was afraid this would be too twisted/weird or offensive or something and probably too mature but I've got to say I actually quite like it. It's sort of like Tobacco Oud as it's base but a lot less pure as an accord. There's more spice, earth, etc. It's a gritty texture and dark brown with black flecks. Reasonable projection, longevity I'm only a couple of hours in...
straining is hard, on your back
so I sort of agree... In the case of merino, I think things have changed in the past few years and it's a decent fabric that's come down in price. I have a few ~$40-50 merino sweaters and they work fine but I do find them pretty thin, a little stiff, and they ALL develop 3-5 little holes all over the place. So better than blends and cheap cotton, but still not really great. As for the 10x$20 versus 1x$200 perspective, well, that's a personal call and I think we've all...
maybe it's something like Vicuna? Also, it says Italian Camel Hair, so if my assumptions are correct (and they usually are) then these aren't just any camels, they're Italian camels, and I mean, there can't be all that many of them. It's a Pitti becuase, like most Italians, they're quite sprezzy and they really know how to hump.
I'll say this again, and it's just my opinion, but I've learned that there are some items I will go cheap on like t-shirts, polos, heck if the cut and color is right even jeans, but when it comes to anything like a sweater or a scarf etc where it's a knitted fabric, avoid blends and avoid cheap wool and I even have a bias against cotton in general. Guys like GAP, Uniqlo, H&M, etc, some of their basics are fine, but with the knit stuff like sweaters, the quality (or lack...
^ exactly, I don't even think they're going to mess with the formulas anyway. Just more exposure, and it's still a tiny company relatively speaking. They've bought up Le Labo, Malle, and I'm sure will take on others. Look at Ford for example. Sure it's become more widely accessible and all that and some (ok most) of their newer releases sort of suck, but overall the brand is doing a lot more than if it was just within the Ford portfolio.
I decided to go a different way about that... I purchased some Lauder stock instead. For every niche buyer who's going to lament reformulation (and by the way they're all going to back backups with also will give Malle a temporary sales bump), there'll be 10 new customers who want something 'niche' and cool and hip and expensive etc. Malle will get way better distribution and if they reformulate then better margins too. As a scent enthusiast it sucks, but there's still...
all black errythang and it feels nicelynice. PS - jacket's making me look fat [[SPOILER]]
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