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Got an opened but basically new bottle as part of a cologne swap so not much into it and that was the option. I'll keep an eye out for the 15 in future.
^ it would appear we have similar tastes!
Just got a bottle of Bowmore 12 and tried it. Little sharp and sweet for me, better on the long finish. Anyone have opinions/thoughts on this one?
I've smelled Sova a few times and have a sample. All I get from it is syrupy dried fruit/prunes and old bananas etc. I found it WAY too thick and rich for my tastes. Interesting and a bit innovative, I'll give it that but I didn't find it too wearable.
that sounds pretty tasty, and fairly nerdy !
well, obviously yeah. It was at 246 this morning and 146 a month or two ago... Having bought it all the way from 220 down to 150, I've sold off most of it now at a reasonable profit. It may very well go to 300 but for me I'll sell the rest if it can hit 250 and wait to rebuy starting at 220 downwards.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that people who like wearing new fragrances are generally more open to new experiences and enjoy taking on the perspectives of another personality, meaning I'd assume most of us have an artistic side and are 'emotionally intelligent' or at least rather emotionally active.
Haaa, Taffer article has already been edited regarding the Mescal point.
Well, yeah. I figured Loding was a bit closer to home
GLF which went from the $3 range to over $7 within a week or so is coming back down and is now at around 5.3. I just bought back in with a little nibble. If it goes back up to 6-6.5 I'll sell this little portion and if it keeps going down I'll start increasing my buys in theory all the way back down to where it was if it ever gets there. I'm just riding these ups and downs. I'm rather overextended into MU and TWTR and I've decided to just buy my way out instead of selling...
New Posts  All Forums: