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Oh did I already mention this one? SPI I think they're solar? I keep seeing big % swings. Anyone know about them or have any opinions? Thoughts on MCC? Very small cap, very high yield... I'm thinking of going in under 7 and taking a fuller position around 6.5 or under (if it goes there) - http://seekingalpha.com/article/3985570-high-dividend-investing-13-reasons-buy-18_3-percent-yielder
Hey if someone's buying, I'll take one too! SOTD, wow was it ever hot and humid today. Decided I needed to smell fresh clean and soapy. So it was Prada Amber (totally misnamed). Metalic powder floral talc, clean soap. Like a modern man's Chanel No 5.
Pretty much all green today, seeing some pretty decent recovery here. Sold off a few positions and trimmed a few others. Looks like it's very very close to where I'd like to start getting money back out. I'm feeling like this thing may have another push or two more up before is starts coming back down again. I expect to start selling next week, whether everything goes up 5-10% more or even if it starts dipping, either way, I'm pulling some cash out.
That being said those lapels are pretty skinny and overall from what I can tell of the fit it looks a bit big and shapeless on you. But colorwise, sure, looks good.
Wore Hermes Jardin de Monsieur Li today. Kept getting whiffs of eau de merveilles of sorts, a warm metalic floral amber musk type smell, even a few hints of oceanic salty fishy Mugler Womanity vibe in there too. Feels like part of the Jardin series, none of which really do a whole lot for me. I like the Toit the most but even then not by much.
So... anyone else buying GILD around these levels then? :-)
Day started quite down and then seemed to level off by the end. I trimmed a few things in the morning since I thought we were going to get a Brexit aftershock but so far not too bad. Airlines came up a bit earlier in the week but are back down now. I'm running out of spare cash. I bought HIMX on Friday and sold it Monday/Tuesday. Bought at 7.7, sold at 8. OK it was a small position and only a 5% return but for a two day trade eh I'm ok with that. Every little bit here and...
All reds today. GLF and CHK down fairly hard. I added a bit to MU and a decent chunk to GLF. Hoping GLF and CHK go lower so I can double down at these levels. TSLA came down a bit but not enough for me to want to add more. Airlines, same thing. BKD down like 6% today, what gives. Seems random.
I quite like coffee as a note and I have a few around that accord. New Haarlem is one of them. Ava Luxe Cafe Noir is an indie and you might quite like it. Not as sweet and would also layer nicely with your Bois D'ascese. Montale does one called Cafe Intense. On the cheapie side but actually very good is one by Sebastien called Espresso Royale. There's also Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe which has a bit of a coffee vibe along with vetiver. Off the top of my head that's what I...
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