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it's weirding me out man! AAS - madrass sportscoat with pink shorts fit - colors work well, could be camera angle but I think doing shorts and sportscoat is actually very doable but one of the tricks is a shorter sportscoat, otherwise it's like wearing shorts and a trenchcoat, so a more cropped jacket would work with the proportions seeing as how the 'pants' are cut in half (now shorts), so the sportscoat needs to be shorter too, otherwise it's imbalanced.
I just wear em as tshirts basically. Half my tops are polos because I liked the fit and price and bought a bunch, the rest are crews and V's. I never really thought much about it, other than that they're as casual as a tshirt so never to try and 'dress one up'. I'll keep playing around but probably won't post too many around here unless I think it's working. Or hell, could be a new challenge for the WAYW' @Parker
I know flat front pants are sort of 'in' now but honestly I think that for guys (of all waist sizes) who have thicker thighs or backsides would really do well to have even a single pleat. When the pockets are flairing out and there are strong horizontal lines across the crotch area, it's a sign the pants might be too snug. of course it doesn't apply to jeans, or most khakies, etc, and yes, I even mean it for guys like me at size 28 waist, it's more about the body shape....
k thanks guys. Regis good stuff in particular. I did pick up a couple of uniqlo 3-4 button ones and have other sleeker jeans so will rework with those. To some extent it's hard to drop an item when it's a core piece, like I have 5-8 of the same polo in different colors so it's a strong part of what I wear. and hell I know this subforum hates hates polos because you're all in this multilayer drapey ripped colllar/hem tshirt phase but rewind a few years ago and americana...
^ you mean light blue and silver stripes? that's the women's one, you know that right? which there's nothing wrong with, my mom has worn it for like 30+ years and it smells nice. But's completely different from the men's version which is a brown canister with silver and black stripes and smells like a creamy aromatic (spices)
I've met Fishburne a couple of times. I used to work at a high end dept store in Toronto and he liked one of my products. Wife was/in town shooting with Suits so he'd pop in occasionally and buy stuff. Nice enough guy and pretty non-chalent about being 'celebrity'. I think most of them are just normal people who just want to get through their day without a hassle. Imagine you're just an accountant and everywhere you go people are constantly like oh man I saw those...
So I was going out for the night and sprayed like 5-7 shpritzes of Kilian Pure Oud... it was from a sample so not huge sprays but anyway it was WAY too strong, like I was on the subway 5 minutes later and people around me were coughing, and the woman sitting next to me got up to go stand by the door etc. I was a little hot/sweaty so radiating heat and man, it's a beautiful rich smell but my heart was thumping and I was so embarrassed. It was a long train and bus ride. Hell...
I know my fits aren't super but I'm just trying to get into the habit of actually posting. I've got this dark but sort of neonish purple shirt (and a pair of pants this color) and find it really hard to match. I generally do navy or mid grey but find it generally such a tough color to work with. Suggestions welcome. Casual bar wear: purple H&M polo blue nudie slim jims black Wings&Horns shews
Breformed - may seem like a duh but just incase I'll say it anyway. Jeans are not dress pants, or chinos. They're ok to bunch up / stack, in fact it's really one of the nice parts about jeans. Assuming the hem is slim enough, unroll them and let them bunch up on your boots. It makes the whole thing feel more casual. boots are nice, maybe a bit 'sleek' for the outfit but still works just fine. Welcome to the 'dark' side (I see you're already wearing black:satisfied:)
primary color randomwear yellow cotton (H&M) folding lines were gone after a few minutes of wear blue paisley linen (Uniqlo) red leather (Sperry)
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