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I was going to say David Spade
I've tried on the raw black and raw indigo a few times and found the same thing. I sized one up for the faux noir / black ones. Also note, as I've mentioned several times that sometimes the indigo ones offer a 1-2% stretch which makes a huge comfort difference but the same black pair don't for some reason.
Are you looking for recommendations from within the Ford line to check out? Or just in general? (in which case which lines do you have access to?)
Whoa, nice word use there. I had to look that one up. New word acquired, thanks!
been going down for a few days now but a few nice little wins. SWHC has been interesting. Last week it came down and I bought it at 21.5, then it popped a few days later and I sold it at 23.5... figured hey I think I see a story here. Now on Monday and yesterday I added more at 21.5 and then today they did their quarterly report. Analysts were saying there were a lot of gun registrations the past few months so should be a good quarter, etc and I saw something about a 9%...
Today it was Annick Goutal Eau D'Hadrien, as I have worn a few times over the past few summer weeks. While I enjoy the fresh citrus and herbs, I find it all to short lived and end up forgetting I'm even wearing anything. I like the idea of this but I think I may end up selling it.
well I believe it's more or less a remake of it. That being said I find Polo to be an excellent scent but of the few times I've tried it I find it's a little hollow and whispy and the burnt note is a little too sharp. Sort of like charred dry pine. IC I find much richer and thicker, like with a yellow sap in there and more prominent spices (I like the cinnamon note), and I find it takes a while to evolve (which it doesn't do much of). I used to think of IC as a modern...
looks like a candidate for a dye job
It dropped from the 200-230/240 range and I was picking it up around 160-190 until the recent report when it dropped to 100-130 and I just bought and sold as much as I could between 115-130 to lower my cost. I think I made money by the end but have to check the numbers. Assumed it was going to bounce around from 120-130 for a while as it had and never really thought it would ever get back to 175-200, or at least for a long long time... total fluke on this one and it just...
Oh wow LNKD. So MSFT just said they're buying them, for about $195/share... Stock just shot up nearly 50% premarket from 130 more or less. Damn. I was playing around with this in the 120-130 range and sold it at 131, and was waiting to buy back in at 120-125. Seemed to have fluctuated around that range... oh well, would've been a very nice upside if I still had it. Also, I was holding a bit of SWHC, bought at 21.5 a couple of weeks ago and was holding out for 24 but...
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