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blah can't cut a break. Sold off my airlines and now they're ramping up hard. Thanks Warren.
Speaking of dirty french ladies (I meant the perfume, not your gf lol), have you tried Theo Fennel's Scent? was a bit of a basenotes darling many years ago, like 10, and is a sort of dry cuminy floral. Let's say somewhere between Cassie and the old Miss Dior.
Is that ribbing along the hem and cuffs going to wear out long before the jacket?
SWHC doing nicely today. :-) I'm nearly at breakeven :-( Bought some more AAPL and TSLA today. TSLA at 180 or under to me looks good. Some downside potential sure, but we've seen this 180-190 range before and it usually finds its way back to 220-230. So I'm willing to be down 5-10% for a chance to be up 20-30% AAPL keeps dropping... I was buying at 115-118 so kinda sucks for me. I'm holding more than I'd like and still probably average 110-112 cost. Will keep adding...
Yes, a minor problem
I've smelled quite a few of them. I have the original Untitled one which is a very sharp green crisp scent, sort of like Chanel No 19. Heavy on galbanum. The other few I remember was the Jazz Club one, which was light but a sort of sweet tobacco scent and then the barbershop one which I think reminded me a bit of YSL Rive Gauche. Oh and then there's the Beach one. All smelled decent, nothing really stood out to me as must haves or innovative, but all fairly pleasant and...
I know this is all probably 'duh' territory but i remember someone saying you should let the scotch breath for as many minutes as the age on the bottle. Which is a long long time... I know I always jump right on my dram and it's gone before I know it but I find if I leave it sitting for 10-15 minutes, it really opens up and tastes better. A splash of water goes a long way too. When you hit those 18+ year old ones I think they're a bit dense and need time to open.
Testing out more samples here... Montale Intense Cafe - sweet, syrupy. I wouldn't say coffee was actually my first thought. More like maybe just a sweet gourmand. Doesn't smell that fake/synthetic. I'm actually getting more of a sweet rose vanilla vibe here. Yeah it's definitely a sweet rose. I'm blowing on the wand to see if coffee comes through at some point. I thought this might be a replacement for TF Cafe Rose. Feels a bit simple. Nicely done but it's just one solid...
I think the tote keeps the weight closer to the body but I find it keeps slipping off my shoulder or I have to hunch a shoulder to keep from slipping
I can't believe how much SWHC has dropped. It was around 29 and I started picking it up around 24 and have been buying down to 22, sort of assumed it was going to go down but wow, it's like -30% or more and doesn't seem to be slowing down. I was assuming this was an overreaction and some sort of terrorist attack, or legislature, or anything really and this'll bounce right back etc. I haven't been following the platforms but is Trump very anti-gun? Was Hillary anti gun so...
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