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I'm confused about GILD. They had sales way over market expectations for Q4, they've given conservative sales projections for the year, announced they're going to start issuing a dividend for the first time next quarter, and added $15B to the stock buyback program (previously was $3B)... oh, ok fine "bad news" they're lowering the price on one of their big drugs slightly to remain competitive... and that results in dropping 5-6% value?
yeah I saw that
lol, you guys. I'm waiting to see what happens at 4:30 when they do the announcement. It's 1% of my moneyz so up or down however much, it doesn't really matter all that much. This is just to add a little excitement in my life.
good items Stitchy I will concur though that pants and jacket/cardi thing and boots are more like SZ while shirt is more like modern minimalism/workwear(?). All good pieces, but doesn't quite push in any one direction/look enough. Pretty damn close, so it's just a minor nitpick. I think a simple long sleeve crew or turtleneck or something with a little drape etc would work well.
her whole items listed page is good for a laugh. I like the one entitled simply "Axe"
noted. I'm probably only in for a short term bump then out.Oh and to follow up on:I stand corrected then. I thought it was just about a good report coming. Looks like oil is getting back some stability. Let's see if it's a temp recover for the beginning of the full recoveryXIC has done well for meEWC is by far my biggest loser to date. Really hoping Canada doesn't keep lowering interest rates, and the oil prices come back up. I'm in it for as long a term as necessary, but...
Alright, just opened a position on GILD. It's higher than I'd like but I am hoping the Q4 was better than expected. Come on red 23!
Just read it but not really interested. A&F seems like it's way past it's time and now trying to scramble for relevance. Flash and then gone and good riddance. I'd much rather go for more lux stuff. I own Lauder (EL) and have been looking at something like LVMH or a few others. Mostly just because I know the space a little so am more comfortable in lux goods and especially cosmetics.it's on my radar for sure, will try to get it when it's lower though. Again, i prefer buy...
and am I crazy or is she preggers too? WTF
Yo Bene, do it like this:
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