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I know my fits aren't super but I'm just trying to get into the habit of actually posting. I've got this dark but sort of neonish purple shirt (and a pair of pants this color) and find it really hard to match. I generally do navy or mid grey but find it generally such a tough color to work with. Suggestions welcome. Casual bar wear: purple H&M polo blue nudie slim jims black Wings&Horns shews
Breformed - may seem like a duh but just incase I'll say it anyway. Jeans are not dress pants, or chinos. They're ok to bunch up / stack, in fact it's really one of the nice parts about jeans. Assuming the hem is slim enough, unroll them and let them bunch up on your boots. It makes the whole thing feel more casual. boots are nice, maybe a bit 'sleek' for the outfit but still works just fine. Welcome to the 'dark' side (I see you're already wearing black:satisfied:)
primary color randomwear yellow cotton (H&M) folding lines were gone after a few minutes of wear blue paisley linen (Uniqlo) red leather (Sperry)
I've probably said this before but somehow I feel more comfortable paying $$$ for oud, incense, leather, etc and when it comes to 'citrus' or whatever, like say Chanel EdC, I'm sure it's excellent quality but feels hard to pull out my wallet. TF NP is one of the few but it's got so much amber base and is long lasting so works for me but I generally go cheap for citruses.
will probably stretch a bit behind in the thighs, also wear a belt, also maybe they're just lower rise (in which case that won't change)
Hey L'Inc, I've got a bottle of Al Oudh... have you tried MFK Absolue pour le Soir and any comparison? Also I have the Ford Urban Musk and Lutens MKK so any comparison there? I feel like I have the category covered but was considering getting a decant of MFK Soir or do you think it's redundant? today I wore Taste of Heaven, which is nice but more importantly I retested Hermessence Marine Epice and I will say the same thing, which is that it's nice, but too short lived...
it's win win. either the bomb gets deactivated, or it gets detonated and there's enough cooked bacon for everyone at the funeral
forgive me if this is too big a question to answer or it's obvious, but what's the difference between 'worse' and 'better' whey powders?
Yesterday I stopped by the Guerlain boutique and put on a drop of songe d'un bois d'ete and oh baby was this ever good. Dry smokey spices, gave great projection off a couple of arm drops and I can faintly still smell it the next morning. Some seriously potent and good juice. Now is the smell all that unique, eh, there are a lot of light spicey wood scents, but still a great release. I'll try get a small decant of this one for further testing.
I've got a pair of Conners in purple size 28 BNWT and want to sell off for cheap cheap cheap. PM me if interested
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