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unless it's a calculated preppy/trad look like tucked polo and madres or khaki shirts etc, you know what I mean, to me a tucked in t-shirt or polo is a pretty chump move for a young guy or how-to-look-like-an-old-man-101 for anyone over 40. It's not a completely perfect 'rule', but I'm going to stand pretty firm on a general recommendation here.
Has it really come to this, chinese spammers outsourcing to india now?
usually I'd have the time to wax on about this in great deal but today I'll keep it short. I tested, not just sniffed, but actually wore some Mona Di Orio Oud yesterday and was REALLY impressed. I've smelled quite a bit of oud, and also tested so many scents its rare that I find something that really blows me away and this Oud was fantastic. It was so complex, so smooth, and projected just perfectly and lasted all day and night. Had the smooth sweet side, the smoke, the...
er... guys, a polo is basically a t-shirt. There's a little collar and buttons but it's not a dress shirt, nor is it business casual. It's just a nice t-shirt of sorts. And nobody should be tucking their t-shirts into pants. It's like one of the most basic 'old-man' mistakes out there.Some thoughtsDon - the shirt is a nice color and decent fit. In general though as a 'bigger' guy try avoid horizontal stripes (makes you look wider). Also, if you have a large stomach, then...
eh, sorry. Honest. [[SPOILER]]
sounds more like the wrong shoe to me!
Is this the final solution? Any other ideas?
Free Willy now HE was sure the Prince of Whales if ever there was one
Today I'm wearing Tom Ford Azure Lime. It's ok, longevity is lacking...
+1. I've been scoping out Ernest Alexander bags and Wolverines for a few years now. They will occasionally mark down 3rd party items but discounts never apply.
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