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I was at the Diptyque store in NYC, a standalone store, and they had a bunch of items I've never seen anywhere else like at store within store / counters inside of various retailers so it might be something only sold at their boutiques or certain doors.
I think it's too high contrast with the sweater and turtleneck, also you've got 2 'things' happening at the neck area (turtleneck and v-neck) while everything else is fairly minimal. The cropped pants shoes interaction are fighting with the neckline action so eyes keep bouncing up and down. That's my first impression.
Sebastian, if you like Guerlain's Vetiver and want a cleaned up streamlined simpler version, then the TF Grey Vetiver will work. If you want something deeper smokier and dryer, then Malle's VE or Lalique Encre Noir I'd say, and if you really like the Guerlain, then I'd recommend trying some older versions of it, from the ribbed bottle of the 90's to early 2000's to the older square gold border splash version... Anyone know where I can get that Ellena book? Amazon...
For saline notes, I've got a few that might be of interest. There's James Heeley's Sel Marin which is pretty simple and direct and quite wearable. Creed's Miliseme Imperial has a fair amount of salty like notes. Then The Different Company's Sel de Vetiver has a sense of a salt in there. And if you're looking for ocean air and the beach, there's Christopher Brosius's At The Beach 1966 which captures it so perfectly it's almost scary. I believe Yatagan has a bit of a celery...
I remember that sample sale!
I'm at about 35% cash overall now. Just nothing on my watch list at the right prices to buy. Any sectors or specific companies you guys are looking to open or add to at this time? I was sort of looking at airlines again but they're not low enough yet. Sold off my TSLA stock a little early at 250 but I'm ok with those gains. will start picking it back up from 230 down to 200 if it can get to that range. Also sold off my SCTY position at about 26-27 and will buy back in...
Just left for a 3 week trip to Cape Town and in my hasty packing simply forgot to bring any fragrances. It's almost a little weird that it slipped my mind. Was running around grabbing everything I could think of to pack and somehow totally skipped the fragrance cabinet. At DF on the way over I tried a few things. Varvatos has an Oud, go figure. It's decent to meh but nothing exciting. Believe it or not I've tested out Polo's Supreme Oud scent a few times and actually find...
everybody just wants to be-long
whoa, nice. how's the Jicky smell?
Maybe you've never seen them because they're hidden? I'm just being snarky, but I do sort of have a point haaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGu2a2_RP88
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