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well, please tell us what you really think!
In my opinion, and it's only that :-) - I think Plum and Tobacco Oud are amongst the best new releases from the house. - I'd also say give Costa another few tries, it may grow on you. - Sounds like the Cafe Rose, Noir de Noir, and London were amongst the winners? - And Cypress, if I could only own one from this line, this might be it!
What stock?HDP all over the map today, wth.
well I figured since you like Cassie which always struck me as a rather musty dry spicey floral, the other thing of note about Fennel's is that (I haven't checked recently) but it used to be pretty dirt cheap like $30-40 or something and it's very well composed considering nobody's heard of the guy and it's so cheap. I think it may have had some discussions on BN about 6-7 years ago and has now fallen off the radar.
L'Incandescent - ever tried Theo Fennel Scent? (http://www.basenotes.net/ID26126547.html)
haaa I've been shaking my head over SHAK for the past couple of weeks. This thing is like a Yo-Yo with (at least to me) no discernible reasoning. IMO it's like JCP, just too damn unpredictable so I avoid.
I just saw something that said the story of Van Gogh's ear, the one about him cutting off a piece to send to a woman he was in love with is actually a bit of a myth that he made up. From what I heard (see what I did there?) the real story is that him and Gauguin got into a fight at a bar and he was injured and the two of them made up the story for the police so Gauguin wouldn't do jail time. here are a few example articles I found -...
KPTI's been doing nicely today... GMCR on the other hand, blah. Any thoughts on these guys? At least compared to moving averages (50 or 200) they're way down, and they're now below their 52 week low too.
someone to replace them or in addition to them? (I meant is the dude someone they've sublet to and they're gone or is he someone staying with them as an addition)
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