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so you can both hit the bottle at the same time!
while my first reaction is to say, look it's off the rack clothing so it's made for a bell curve and if you're off the curve then deal with it, so hemming pants or shortening shirt/jacket sleeves is a pretty standard operation, but of course if you're way off the curve then when you hem you might end up losing some of the taper and end up with wide openings, so sometimes you have to take it in, not just shorten.
hit the gym and added 5-10lbs for every exercise I did last week. Realized my body can do it no prob, it's all mind of matter then went and had a pint of Heineken and 1.5lbs of hot wings
seems like a good place to drop this off....
Atelier Bois Blond. Meh, basic watery wood scent.
Bateman pic needs explosions in the background...
so... "coming to an Etsy shop near you soon"?
Amerika, fuk yeah ? is that the feeling that's gone?
damn, I still want to find a bottle of Mac cask strength one of these days... I'm not crazy desperate, just want to spot on in the wild sometime and grab a bottle. LCBO here locally had them for $99 which is a bit steep but more importantly it was before i was even interested in this stuff and now they're gone. recently drank a little bottle I've had for a while of Auchentoshen 3 wood. Really good stuff! Now to find a bottle...
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