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I had a bunch of XIC (Canadian market) that hit the upper limit and sold the position. Originally I bought it on the way up from that big dip last month and cleared 3-4% on the transaction. Redistributed it as follows: 1A. a chunk of EWC at 30.5 to hold for a little while, something Piobear mentioned a while back and looks good and safe, or at least better returns than just bonds. 1B. Bought some VWO at 41.65, a big chunk away from USA and Canadian markets that seem to be...
hey L'Incandescent, I for one appreciate the humor and little ditties and such, keep it up
went past Astors yesterday and saw Uigedail for $75. Got a bottle last time and even with taxes and exchange rate, it's like $85 CAD and LCBO sells it for $170(?). Was tempted to get another bottle but had already spent too much $$$ so just got some Elijah Craig 12 and New Amsterdam Gin to round out my bourbon and gin collections. (
my mistake, was thinking of ULD ones. I wear my vest all the time and would def pick up a few 'jackets' of the ULD for layering.
yeah I've got a bottle of that double black somewhere in the collection. Didn't find it particularly interesting but hey it's good to put out for guests that don't know anything beyond JW red so they're impressed and I'm just happy they're not touching my single malts.
aight I may catch flak for this but srs question... IMO there's such strong groupthink aesthetic going on here. Look at the past 5-10 pics. It's all the same damn thing. Slim fit leather jacket, drapey tshirt, skinny stacked jeans and baller sneakers or minimalist leather boots. Am I going crazy or does everyone look pretty damn similar. I'm not saying it looks bad, but jeez some diversity peeps, come on. So real question is, is this a great look and that's why...
for what it's worth, just went to Uniqlo for my annual pilgrimage and here are some thoughts: Their heat-tech stuff is great, the jackets, vests, long johns, etc. Their ultra light down stuff for the most part is great. Just note that some of them like the square quilted ones are really really shiny. Can't say enough positive stuff about the vests and ULD jackets. For winter coats, I thought the peacoats were ok, but not really warm. That wool blend bomber type thing...
Just drove through the Cad/USA border and picked up a 1 liter bottle of Cragganmore 12 for $57 CAD. (LCBO sells the 750ml for $85 so seemed like a good deal)
thanks! Hmmm, will give it some thought then. Might just be better off sticking to scotch in NYC and getting the standard 4RSB here.
I've worn Amouage Opus 6 a couple of days in a row now and it's sort of underwhelming. Smells ok, has some complexity, but I just have no idea when or where anyone would wear this. It smells expensive and exotic, but basically just for a guy with only a couple of scents. It's not bad, it just doesn't really seem to have a position in any way.
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