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I'm rockin' the old Kilian Taste of Heaven today. Seeing as how I have about 250ml of it . I'm hosting a split by the way so if any of you guys like this stuff let me know.
well they're not too slim
DrChili - good stuff buddy! welcome back (to posting), keep it upTagut - I suspect you already know what's going to be said... [[SPOILER]]
Armani Privee Bois D'Encense, for a cool summer evening patio party
er, you do a lot of jogging in your sleep? I usually lie down and then don't move for about 8 hours... maybe a bike ride is in order?
edit - didn't even read what he wrote, just typed this up. IMO, and I realize this is sounding repetitive, Breformed has done it the way I personally like, which is there's a fun element there (red pants and even laces), but the rest of it is neutral and restrained (white shirt, beige sportscoat). The obvious thought can be seen with the shoes still matching the jacket, which means it was planned a bit, and implies he has enough items in rotation to be able to make that...
can i just go for a jog on the treadmill in these things to accelerate the stretching?
^ agreed, I think the sweater color and jacket look too close. If the jacke is actually more like brown then I think it's ok but in the picture it looks more orange. So orange jacket and red sweater clashes. Either way overall, I think it's a good start to working with good fits first, then solid neutral color blocks, and eventually patterns and brighter colors. A neutral plain navy sweater for example would have brought it all together.
It was explained to me at hebrew school that choks are choks, and there's a danger in trying to explain them. If you have a specific 'reason' why you think it's being prescribed, then when you resolve that reason you might think you've resolved the chok. There doesn't have to be an explanation for why it's a rule. Most of the talmud as I understand it is explanations of how something will happen/be applied, not whether or not it makes sense to follow the rule. all that...
huh, I dont know about that. Maybe there's been a change. I bought my PS's this fall winter, so within the past year or two max (even if they were made a year or two ago). Just trying to add another data point. If there's new measurements and sizing etc then great, so be it.
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