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HiM isn't a bad scent. Sweet and spicey. HM is really just sweet syrupy stuff and too much of it. If you're a college kid, eh, you can be forgiven, but not for someone who's been down the scent road.
I'm sure you're joking and pointing out the futility of trying to predict things. That being said, what I said was, my 'prediction' is that the market will level off and start to come down within a week, two at the most and blow off 5-10% of the over zealous upswing we've just had since I don't think it's based on anything real, given that there was no real major news and some of the big guys haven't really moved anywhere. I think it's just people being tired of watching...
That's the spirit! In all seriousness, if I had to pick a prediction, I'd say this will level out for a few days and then come back down 5-10% and settle there. Unless something big happens within a week, I don't see how this can keep going higher, and many of the 'majors' like AAPL, GILD, etc are still basically going sideways. This bull is based on a few randoms going crazy. That's my sense. I trimmed off quite a few things this morning and happy to be waiting with...
I keep wanting to like and respect it and all that but eh, I can totally live without this stuff. Plenty of other stinkies that are better.
I'm seeing my stocks either barely up or starting to come down... my hunch is it's levelling off and everything will either take a pause and keep going up, or more likely I think things are going to come back down 5-10% and level off. My sense is unless there's some big upward catalyst, this was a strong run but has to pull back now.
Haaa, like people who keep saying they smell rose in Hermes Pamplemousse Rose. Pretty sure they just meant pink grapefruit?I have two bottles, one is the white bottom newer one and is ok but not great. The other is a few years older, silver bottom and definitely smells funkier and better. That being said even my 'older' bottle couldn't be more than say 10 years old at a guess. I can check the batch code and let you know. It's not super old vintage or anything. Will likely...
I'm working from home as usual and today I remembered I can wear whatever i want! So I gave several big sprays of Kouros. Damn it feels good to be a man. Andddd I now stink. OK it's going in the sell pile lol. Will wait until I have grey chest hair then buy it again.
Wow, pretty big day in the markets, at least for me. Overall TFSA up about 3.5% today! Airlines leading the way big time. Just trimmed off AAL and nearly there on DAL and UAL too. At least all the stuff I bought at the Brexit drop. Nearly there to close out my positions on a few others like TWTR, MU, etc. A few others like FSLR still hanging low, and others like DIS and AAPL and NFLX still taking their sweet time to go anywhere but sideways. GILD also came up a hint but...
(I'm also a fan of CdR extrait/parfum), though I currently only own a decant of the EdT/C
Oh did I already mention this one? SPI I think they're solar? I keep seeing big % swings. Anyone know about them or have any opinions? Thoughts on MCC? Very small cap, very high yield... I'm thinking of going in under 7 and taking a fuller position around 6.5 or under (if it goes there) - http://seekingalpha.com/article/3985570-high-dividend-investing-13-reasons-buy-18_3-percent-yielder
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