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Was using Beam white and Rittenhouse 100, so figured wth give it a shot. Proportions were off so it requires some experimenting. Had an ice cube in it, and at some point the water content was just right.
well, it's bourbon and rye related but this thread has more life. last night tried a couple of Old Fashioned like drinks. Wanted to play around, plus I'm Canadian, so did maple syrup and bitters, plus Beam for drink one, and Rittenhouse for drink two. It's amazing how just a little sugar and bitters really takes the edge off hard alcohol and makes it so much easier to drink.
granted, I have somewhat limited experience, but IMO HP12 is a good all rounder, perfect as a solid every day drinker for someone with developing tastes
reminds me of that scene in Demolition Man with the rat burgers
eh I've seen worse. Honestly, your £89 shoe, looks like just that, a £89 shoe, and it'll only get worse with time. It'll work, it's fine. Around here, we generally recommend spending closer to about £150-200 as a good starting point for something that's properly made and will give you a solid 5-10 years of wear. If the question is about the pattern, it's not great, we've seen worse, but it's fine. Just saying, you can do better. If that's all your budget, and they're...
Eh, if you're not going for something traditional anyway (black suit, pinstripes), then the rules are almost moot anyway. I'd say go with a light grey shirt as planned, something that'll ideally match the pinstripes and her dress. Go with simple white mother of pearl buttons or something like smokey Mop since it'll blend in and just do open collar, maybe thrown in a pocket square. Remember, you're going to look back at these pictures for many years. Have a little fun but...
Today I'm lining up a comparison between Armani Privee Bois D'Encense, CdG Avignon, and Montale Full Incense. Why do I have a hunch I'm going to just buy all 3?
Today I'm wearing a random sample that's turned out to be very good indeed. Terryfic Oud by Terry de Gunzburg. I think he does makeup. But anyway, this is a REALLY nice oud. It's got the smoking wood notes, the dry dusty funky BO side, some soft florals and berries. I will say there's a strong cumin note so you have to like that, but let's say if you like Lutens MKK, MFK Absolute Soir, and L'Artisan Al Aoud, this is worth a sniff. Very long lasting, and decent sillage.
I rarely endorse blind buying but Rach (and others into old lady french perfumes), I highly recommend reading up on Theo Fennel's Scent. If you like florals with a bit of funk, this one's pretty solid. Especially when you can get it for cheap. http://www.basenotes.net/ID26126547.html
I started reading and then started skimming. I'll keep this short and simple. OP, I mean this in the most genuine way possible... The best thing you can do right now is educate yourself. It sounds like you have more dollars than sense. Taking the time to read up on the incredible wealth of information on the forums here is the best ROI possible, and as you're starting to realize, the image you project into the world is important, so start learning the rules. You can't just...
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