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(especially if you started buying at 160-170 ). Eh, c'est la vie. It's just money right? So probably emotional bias but I like LULU, and at around 50 I think it's a good buy. Just incase y'all looking for new companies to check out.
for my 2 cents, I thing the green backpack is better. Darker so matches with more and won't show dirt over time, one solid colorblock versus the 'patchy' multicolored tan. As Filson is becoming more ubiquitous, I'd rather have a navy or green one, more subtle. Also regarding that particular backpack, in my opinion it's a pain to roll and buckle it every single time. I went with their 'normal' backpack in navy and enjoy being able to just zip it and go. Same reason I sold...
Working through the collection, currently going through my gourmands+orientals. Today it's another long ago loved scent. Bond #9, New Haarlem. Hmmm, maybe a little simple but still quite enjoyable. I have several coffee scents so need to see how exactly this one stacks up against them. It's a little on the powdery side versus burnt side so will have to rewear it and test again. I have a few other related decants like Ava Luxe Cafe Noir, Sebastian Espresso Royale, Jo Malone...
so.... VRX. Fuck? My single biggest holding by far just dropped 30%. Some short selling investment firm just claimed VRX was falsifying revenues by selling product to one of their own subcompanies. I guess good news is I bought more around $100, bad news is I started buying this around 160-170 and have been buying in disbelief every $10 drop. Now I'm way overcommitted. Blah, this sucks.
Those were XS slim fits... so I'd say next to try would be S in slim fit, or XS in regular fit. Also note different labels (summer/winter) have slightly different fits so depends which one it was. Uniqlo is fairly consistent in their sizing but they do have little adjustments here and there. For example some have a yolk on the back and others don't which changes the feel even if it's the same 'cut'.If you're down in NYC ever that's where I do my uniqlo shop and inevitably...
more than you know I'm in the process of organizing a get together actually so stay tuned (I'll PM you with details when I have things confirmed)
I've read one place telling me insider sales is the best source for indicators, and another source saying no no, often it's just part of their pay and/or there's some contractual release so they sold it as soon as they could and it happens to just be X date etc.
(don't shoot me) fit them on locally and buy online. back in the day guys like context and other online affiliates would sell these for like $150-175 or something. Locally I've seen them for $200+ and the 13% HST so it's a no go. Also keep a look out for end of season color sales and stuff. I once picked up the raw blacks for about $100 over at Nomad.
Today I bought lots of VRX and SCTY and added more WMT, CAT, SAVE, NFLX and MU. All my leftover oil related stuff is coming down quite hard the biotechs seem to be doing ok.
I was feeling a little raunchy and it's cold out so I went with Malle's Musc Ravaguer. I think I'm going to keep this bottle. edit -12+ hours later and still going strong!
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