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Yeah, I mean I own TWTR and could quote you guys telling me a year or two ago it was a shit company and not to get involved, so pot kettle black thing, but I wouldn't touch Yahoo. I just don't like them. I think they're a dying company that has stuck around some how. I don't really like Twitter all that much, but I don't think they're going anywhere. Will they ever figure it out and start pumping up those multiples, I don't see it, but at current values and with all the...
Er... a la Nicelynice? ;-)
leaded or unleaded sir?
I think when you've finally found a groove it's ok to settle in and enjoy it for a little while... but ultimately we're only growing as long as we're changing. Stagnation is death. The only consistent thing is change. When you begin to get bored and start going to stores again and looking around at other people etc, then it's time to add something new to the mix and start experimenting again. Most of my wardrobe is comfortable and well lived in and has a certain vibe. But...
I refuse to sell at a loss. Never surrender!!!!! How do I measure success? My parents approval. (I'm still waiting)
I'm getting that sense as well.... my hunch is it's going to be a pretty bad quarter for most, or at least what was to be expected but overall we seem to be fairly inflated on a lot of stocks... LNKD on Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it. AMZN on the other hand, I sold the last of mine around 620-630 so if it can come down 5% or something, at high 500's I'll get back in. buy fear sell greed right? I'll be doing some trimming before each report and planning to buy...
GreenFrog and Apple sitting in a tree
Indeed, it's great for digestion. I don't personally eat the ginger (or lemon) since I find it too strong but I do mash it up a lot with the hot water to get the most out of it before taking it out (I squeeze it then too). But, I know that with some recipes like Indian ones, you can put the ginger in the blender to make a base for sauce and I'm sure that is even better for you.
Well, APPL's down to 96. I just doubled my position on it and will add more if it gets closer to 90. I'm ok with this. Good company, I think a little dividend action, and I'm happy to trim at 105-110 and sell at 120-130. Give it a few weeks and it'll be back to 105-110, an easy 10-15% gain. errr here's hoping. TWTR... well I sold off some stock today before the close expecting a drop. I'm buying up lots at 15.5 and assume it might open even lower tomorrow. Not that I...
Er... anyone?
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