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send me a private message? that ought to do it :-)
Alrighty guys... I'm 5'6, 130lbs and usually fit into s-xs and size 28 pants. A few items here I'm really really looking to move out so will take any reasonable offer on them. Mostly casual items, some more formal. The 'asking price' is a ballpark so shoot me a reasonable offer. Thanks.Starting with pants and jeans.... all pretty much slim size 28 (ie 30 inch waist):~ LOT of 4: Club Monaco Davis Slim Fit Chinos ~ Size 28: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Custom Green ~ Asking for...
+1 Change up the shirt for a basic t-shirt, turtleneck, sweater, anything really, and good to go. Boots jeans and trucker jacket are saying rough casual weekend. Shirt and ew undershirt are saying office. I don wanna see your undershirt even in business wear Jeans are casual, button up shirts like that with a solid light color are formal, so please don't tuck into jeans, just doesn't really make sense. Maybe if you had a sleek boot/dress shoe, and put a cardigan or...
You mean the Peugeot of pepper mills?
Lol. I'll simplify then. I'm saying that based on the stuff I own and am following I'm feeling like things are pretty high and I'm getting ready to pull out. Unless there's some big thing coming that I don't know about and you guys do, I think we'll see some strong pull back within a few months, like early next year.
not necessarily. I meant that at least in the sectors and stocks I'm following, I'm feeling like they're reaching the upper limits and I'm taking that as a sign of the market in general. There's sector rotation, so one of you could have pointed to other whole industries that are down, or some impending catalyst unbeknownst to me that would push this further. All I'm sharing is that I'm already in cash and only about 5% away from selling off a lot of my holdings and waiting...
Ah great, thanks. Couldn't for the life of me make out the name. Hmmm, mixed reviews. Oh well. Thanks for the info!
Got a bit of a mystery shoe here.... mostly because I can't read the hand writing. These are from my brother and I was assuming they were from some regular NYC shop like Barneys, Saks etc but he did travel to South America at one point, so maybe from there? I'd like to know the brand name particularly and the maker is a nice to know.
Anyone? I mean if you're interested, shoot me an offer. Basically 100+ samples of various things for around $1-1.5/sample. Happy to pass this along and let someone else enjoy these. Shoot me a PM with an offer!
One of life's small pleasures right there
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