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as in... you're the guy who's thinking of buying that? you're the model? you're the guy who designed the item? ....
@Horns, note that IFRA regulations going into effect end of this year meant that many co's like Malle had to do some reformulations over the past year or two to comply. There's an interview with him about having to tweak like most of the line. Meaning I'm sure PoaL is still excellent, but might be different from what you remember. (was this discussion here or BN's? I can't remember)
visiting family in CT, either of these a 'must buy'?
Hey all, few quick things... 1. If you're interested in Dior Private Collection, 30ml decant in atomizer of either Mitzah or Oud Ispahan please let me know ASAP. I'm in NYC just for the weekend and Bergdorfs has the 125ml sizes and I'm debating getting them, and will pick them up if someone wants a 30ml off them. Getting the Oud anyway, but debating about the Mitzah. 2. SOTD Dior Vetiver. Smelled this a few times and wearing it all day now. Well, it's a good solid...
Alrighty boys, this is the BIG one. I've got a whole load of Tom Ford Private Blends fragrance available for sale and they're selling off fast so get 'em while they're hot! What you'll get: You'll receive a full 50ml of juice, the exact same 50ml that retails for $200-250 and the only difference is it's in a clear bottle instead of the black Ford one, and for that difference you'll only pay half the price. High end Tom Ford juice at mainstream designer prices. I don't...
you thought right
check Basenotes split board, there's probably one happening. 50ml for about $125 shipped. I have like 5 of these over the past few months but all sold out now and no plans to restock. There's also places like crystal flacon etc
^ retail bottle, decant? 50ml, 30ml, 10ml, 4ml?
huh, I could have sworn Sheldrake did one of the Fords. Maybe I was wrong.
interesting connection btw, I believe Sheldrake is credited with Amber Absolute, maybe he did some others for Ford? and also in a way, when you look at Chanel Les Exlusifs, you think of Rue Cambon, Bois Des Iles, EdC, Cuir de Russe, etc and then wham Coromandel... well it was done by Sheldrake, so there you go
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