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I left the house wearing Lomani AB Silver (an Aventus clone), then a few hours later went past a perfume shop and smelled some EDLO's, and quite liked (and liberally sprayed on) Remarkable People. I really can't pick out any sort of individual notes/accords on this but I'm sensing a powdery leather floral perhaps with some sort of nutty sweet candy tone. Hard to describe off hand.
could be part camera angle but I agree, looks like too much taper for the body type. Maybe reshoot the pics with better light and from a waist-level camera angle
SOTD with a few reapplications was Tam Dao edt square bottle. Also was walking around town and smelled some DS&Durga's and put on some Bowman. Sorry to say I don't much like this line. I find them a little raw and unbalanced.
Insta-loved that one. I'm going to work through my decant but I'm pretty sure it's on my to buy list.
yeah was just going to say the same thing... I mean ok coolish pants, but basically khakis with a front pocket and some knee re-reinforcements. Look nice but $550 CAD seriously? I'm not criticizing you for having spent that or whatever you paid, but personally I find around $200-300, any sort of basic item like pants gets into diminishing returns territory pretty quickly. I liked them enough to follow the link too, just er damn, that's way more than I was expecting.
For NYC there are quite a few good shops... I have been to Aedus many times and usually get rather standoffish service so I don't go there any more. I regularly check out MiN, Osswald which hasn't been mentioned yet, and then there are a few other places like Bergdorfs and Barneys that carry a lot of good stuff too. With Bergdorfs, not that you need to go to the womens store downstairs and Barneys has a newish facelift with several almost hidden rooms so walk around. But...
Tried it a while ago just on a spray card becuase I had heard of it. I think I got a sample from MiN a while back and will rummage around and see if I can find it. A few winners in the Montale lineup but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.You saw my reply above right? As for similar to that one, nothing that comes to mind for me that's really quite close. TF Oud Fleur maybe but I don't personally like it much and I think it might lean more fem side.
I have, and own a decant of it. There are a ton of different ouds out there, but I think there are a few too that are quite different, not necessarily better, but different and worth trying. Creed's Royal Oud and AdP Colonia Oud. I think they're both examples of something a little 'different' from the category. Now I'm trying to think of a few others but drawing a blank. Hmm, even Tom Ford's Oud I find is rather warm and nutty and oily. Most of the new ones, like Polo...
Looks like a normal cuff. Second picture makes me think they're a bit short. j/k
I actually quite like their Supreme Oud scent believe it or not. Was just on eBay today scoping out minis
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