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Damn you MU!!!! on the other hand, here's a chance to lower my cost ?
yeah, yknow basically a few months ago when I first got into RDS, I was looking them up and saw a few different series and noticed that the B's seem to be a little more volatile, and I don't think I'm going to need to use the A versus B difference ever (voting? are they going out of business?, etc), so I figured if it was dropping and I was buying in I'd rather take the B's which dropped faster. At one point I owned both and then decided that didn't really make sense.
I was born in CT and also spent about a month there a few years ago so here's some general ideas of things to do depending on what you're into...As a general caveat emptor, please remember, these guys don't play by the same rules as we do. They'll shoot first and rob you second.Don’t walk around alone (day or night), Don’t take any public transport especially taxis, Lock doors, hide valuables, etc. Don't wear anything to attract attention, even things you think are...
anyone have thoughts on GMCR? I bought and am holding and this thing keeps going down down down to no end. Recovery eventually or just a dead dog? thinking of selling, even at a 12% loss and just moving the money somewhere else My airline stocks seem to be coming back up and I'm looking forward to making some $ and moving it off the table... I recently opened smallish positions on EPD CPG XOM POT CVX Constantly adding to GLF COS.TO RDS.B CNX (damn, what a bad day)
some good deals here! http://www.opumo.com/sale/brand/filson.html
How are we NOT talking about EPZM?
IMO Creeds really bloom in the heat. In cold weather they really fall flat. I find body radiating heat makes them open up. And I'm not even a Creed fanboy, but when they work they really do work.
I've smelled probably 1000+ scents, own and have worn a few hundred, and used to work at a shop selling the various lines and I can honestly say that there's something about Aventus that attracts a huge amount of comments/complements. There's some sort of chemical, or I don't know what. Also maybe partly the smell becuase i find it has a dry sharp rawness that cuts through the air, sort of like Tuscan Leather actually, and then there's the fruity sweetness when you get...
wow, that shirt looks fantastic. Awesome!
wow, fantastic read. Subscribed!
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