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whoa, pretty rad. nice one!
Good deal here - leather tote down from $825/$900 to $300 with free shipping: http://www.backcountry.com/filson-leather-tote
Haaa, I just came here to post that NFLX is looking good and I'm picking some more up if/when it hits 100. Am I the greater fool?
whoa, wth is that? got it too
more like 'griddled' cheese would be a more accurate description, but nobody calls it that.
I'm around the $2-3/ml as well. I do have a few very rare exceptions, I think maybe Puredistance M or something but most good niche is only around $200-300 for a 100ml anyway, so splitting it at that size or larger, adding in packaging and shipping, really shouldn't come out to more than $3/ml based on my math. Even 50ml for $200 type bottles, I really can't even think of any. Mostly Parfums / Extraits. With Fords I heard that Azure Lime and maybe Shanghai Lilly(?)....
ditto. Some nice drops coming in. LULU, NFLX, so far for me. At one point XLK was down 9-10% but couldn't get an order to close, damn.
Had a wedding to go to so took a browse through my collection and thought, ok, what's classy, elegant, and relatively safe/reserved, and guess what I chose - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. It's a good solid all-rounder scent. Gets very high marks from me!
Those guys at CCP are great, good solid resource. For Canadian content... here are a few I read through. I'd say Jin / moneygeek is one of the better ones. Not much content, and writing isn't the cleanest, but it's good honest...
Are you a remarkable person? SOTD Bois 1920 Sushi Imperial
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