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Not really
I'm picking up what you're putting down
Fragrancenet is all good. Make sure to get one of those 20% off coupons if you can find it. They're legit, so what you'll get it real, the question is how old is the bottle and was it sent to them or returned to them already used. It's a small risk, and generally you'll probably be ok, but check the batch and wear it to make sure it lasts more than a few hours.
well, GLF had a nice little run there...
I think each look is more consistent with itself, so personally thumbs up there. Try a pinroll for the jeans to make the hem narrower
the Holts in Montreal as of last weekend has that GIANT bottle of Anbar on heavy sale for like $50-75 or something IIRC. I smelled it and liked it but was like meh what would I do with that much juice and i don't even love it
well, at least I get to buy some AAPL for a good price ANGI took a helluva hit so i bought a little opened a position on CAT. Seems like a good solid company, decent dividend too actually. Oil on the other hand, I'm drowning in it. And as usual, the (micro)chips are down.
Ah Philosykos, one of my first ever niche scents and one of the ones that made me really take a second look at 'cologne'. I personally also find it gives me only 2-3 hours of decent projection, then it's a skin scent, but I love those few hours enough that I'm willing to deal with the bad longevity. Note that there's now an EdP version of it too so that might help. Olivia Giacobetti who composed it, also did a version for L'Artisan, called Premier Figuer, which also has a...
Cool, congrats guys! Well presented
Free AND Champage! Wow, at least one of those is my favorite things!
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