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Drunk? dude it's 4pm anyway, look it's a general idea. I used to wear polos (2-3 buttons) with button up cardigans and realized it's visually distracting. My point to the guy there is having a bunch of buttons running up/down both your cardi and your shirt can sometimes get a little 'messy' when you look back and forth between them. The lines are hard to follow which makes the look harder to 'read'. My suggestion is to either button up the cardigan, or wear it open with a...
Read your comment 4 times and still don't understand what you're saying. I never said anything issues with cardigans and winter.
jeans + tucked in button up shirt = no go (generally speaking) shirt buttons + cardigan buttons = too many buttons taking the time to tuck in your shirt, then pull the shirt through the cardigan, etc it makes the whole thing look too contrived, too much effort. A tshirt, thrown on cardigan and dirty jeans, no belt and broken in boots, that says I'm well put together naturally, instead of I had to rework this 'outfit' several times to get it just right.
switch button shirt to tshirt or something, lose the belt. also the colors don't really go... white pants says summer, chunky long grey sweater thing says winter. dark blue button shirt and belt says poor office casual.
yes, that does sound good. But have you heard about the 3 wolf t-shirt? It does more than miracles.
huh... If you smell the new Sauvage Parfum, there seems to be strong elements of Eau Noire in there. Now by the sounds of Misia I'm getting a strong Dior Homme impression... seems like Demache is cross pollinating between the mainline and the Privees, perhaps?
Love No.22 too. Don't wear it personally, but I keep trying to find someone around me who loves it (GF, mother, etc). Hmmm, an incense heart buried in there would be most excellent
, although that Amazon connection might help... I think everything I own is red today. 1-3-5% across the board
saw LULU dip about 5% today just becuase one of the IBanks moved it from a buy to hold. Bought in finally. Still higher than I'd like. but I'm doing a bit of a Buffet strategy. I just really like this company and thing they're going to keep kicking ass long term. I'm still hoping Lauder drops down so I can buy more, I really like these guys too.
doing a little tasting through these
New Posts  All Forums: