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for APC sales in the USA, check Steven Alan, a few items now on sale for 30% off, plus SPRINGFEVER for another 15% off (note - they have NS, PNS, but no PS)
speaking of pipeline, I've been reading JnJ says they've got a LOT in the works that will come to fruition next year. Today I bought UAL, NTAP (see below), and LULU Added a little to COS.TO and TWTR to lower my average costs on both. interesting read - http://www.forbes.com/sites/investor/2015/05/21/invest-like-the-best-7-buffett-and-lynch-inspired-stock-buys/
I think she'll be fine, at least compared to the leather bags and buckets and totes mine uses, it's no heavier. BTW anyone interested in my green tote for sale there? It's in mint condition. And so far no nibbles... what's the prob guys, price, condition, etc?
== 30% + 15% off with code SPRINGFEVER at Steven Alan: http://filsonsale.us8.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=ccab91ba49913f39fd3a1be26&id=a0bd1f2aef&e=5bb3fd762b some pretty sweet deals. I finally bought the twill backpack, retail $348 and I got it for $208 with free shipping
I'm a trader, not a holder. 2-3 months is mid-long term for me. just bought AAL, LUV, and SAVE
waisted? whey-sted? w-eh-stad way..... stud!
I've been scoping out a few to buys like AA, WMT, YHOO, etc. Today I picked up some TAN...
Stichy looks like the pissed off principal waiting outside the school for you to come in late after skipping for a cigarette"oh, so glad you could join us..." [[SPOILER]]
well, please tell us what you really think!
In my opinion, and it's only that :-) - I think Plum and Tobacco Oud are amongst the best new releases from the house. - I'd also say give Costa another few tries, it may grow on you. - Sounds like the Cafe Rose, Noir de Noir, and London were amongst the winners? - And Cypress, if I could only own one from this line, this might be it!
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