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I could see it more likely with a linen loose sportscoat, or even one of those jersey 'sportscoat' type things, but overall not easy to pull off. I find it's not only the combo of the jacket and shorts but also the dress shoes and bare ankles.
Is there a better solution? My parents house has a concrete garage floor and it gets dusty and has cracked along one of the edges. We were thinking of either an epoxy floor or some sort of rubber mats, etc.
Yeah all my linen shorts are Club Monaco (or Uniqlo) and would imagine J-Crew does similar type stuff too. All for $20-30 max.
That's so good....
I'm no vintage hunter and was browsing something else but this came up... is it anything special or are these sort of vintage Guerlain items fairly common? http://www.ebay.com/itm/EAU-DE-GUERLAIN-BY-GUERLAIN-PARFUM-EAU-DE-TOILETTE-3-OZ-VINTAGE-1970-RARE-/371669273143?hash=item5689370a37:g:Ki4AAOSwvg9Xc72Y Is this just some old EdC or something or is it some sort of discontinued guerlinade type scent or what?
all I got from Sova was stewed prunes, and old bananas in syrup
Haaa, and I now own a bottle of Dzing! which I believe I purchased off Thomas many years ago, so looks like I've got the rest of your portion there :-) Speaking of which, the guy's been on for nearly 10 years, has nearly 30K posts, and then suddenly just stops posting some time last year. Good news or bad news or just 'normal'? I always wonder when it happens
Damn, I gotta go try it now. Haaa.
Am holding NFLX... started buying near 100, then bought a lot at high 80's, then it was up to almost 100 and I should have sold some but report came in, dropped a lot overnight and doubled down at 83-84, now it's back up to 88 give or take, meaning all in all I'm pretty much at breakeven on this thing. Hoping it comes back up within a few months. DIS - been moving sideways forever, I'm getting a little annoyed. Will trim at 100 more or less and hold the rest for 110-120...
Kiehls used to have a set of 7ml roll on's, including one called pear that smelled exactly like a Bartlet (?) yellow/brown mushy pear. I believe it was done by Christopher Brosius. Note that it's the mushy yellow kind. The retail was about $30 and you may still be able to find them somewhere like eBay. I'm comparing Bond No 9 Central Park, a lime leaf fresh scent, with Jo Malone Sweet Lime Cedar, a more sweet savory anisic scent with a hint of lime. One's fresh and crisp...
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