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Trimmed off some DIS at 101 and will buy quite a bit more if it ever goes back down to around 95. Not selling the rest of this until 210-215 then the rest around 220-225. Sold off the last of my AMZN shares at 630 (damn, was a little early). Bought these ones at 570 or so and I'm ok with that return. Will start buying back in if it hits 600 and under. Opened a (tiny) position again on FB at 110 and will start buying more closer to 105 and 100 etc if it goes there....
Of course, but isn't that the fun? I mean jeans bleed indigo everywhere, including onto Filson bags rubbed against them etc. Denim shows another form of patina.Looks nice. I'd be curious to see how the leather is breaking in on those. That's more or less what I had in mind, except for with the usual dark brown leather.Just googled the pics, meh, right idea I think but I don't like the execution.
technically, the chance from R to S should only be about the length, but I would think that there's some 'scaling' so even if the waist is the same measurement, it's going to sit higher or lower on the body. That's my hunch
Was at the DF airport in Zurich and picked up a bottle of JW Green label. Not generally much of a JW fan but figured I'd give this a shot since it seems different from their usual offering and has a lot of positive reviews. Will post details when I've opened it. 1 liter bottle for $65 CAD ($50 USD) so not bad I think.
Went through duty free and sniffed the usual stuff. Put on some liberal sprays of Chanel Egoiste and on the next flight a combo of Hermes Eau and Concentree D'Orange Verte
Good points thanks. I tend to think more about upside than downside and forget that things like cash and bonds tend to anchor/keel the portfolio and stabilize gains/losses. I think I’ve just been fairly lucky with the various classes like REITS or whatever so was thinking why not park cash into them but yes of course they do swing up and down all the time.Thanks, and makes sense. I keep not looking at cash as an asset class and rather some state of static money that’s just...
I've been into off the cuff a few times over the years too. Eh it's a mixed bag. A few decent items, mostly outerwear I find and plenty of dusty window display items. Feels small and cramped and you have to look closely at the stuff to make sure it's in decent shape in the details. Feels like Tom's Place. So my opinion is either go with low expectations during a 'sale' or only swing past if you're in the area anyway. Related note, I've recently popped into some nicer...
Would be cool if Filson made a version of all their bags with some USA based high quality slubby denim so you could see it break in and fade etc. with the brown leather that patinas, brass joints/rivets etc and shades of blue of the denim I think that would look pretty awesome.
I only tried one Glenrothes and only tried it once but also found it rather forgettable. I will admit that I don't generally like that summery light fruity (lowland?) style of Scotch so have a general bias against this type, but erm yeah, didn't find there was much to work with there. Special editions might be nicer?
it's only 2% stretch and the same cut so seems to me to be pretty much the same really. I found the stretch ones were way more comfortable when I tried them on. I believe only on indigo too, not black.
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