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I'm Canadian, so if I was just buying TSX listed funds and stocks, then I'd only pay the $5 transaction fees. But when I buy NYSE listed stocks/funds, I have to buy them in USD and currently we have a bad rate so I'm paying a lot more to buy them. If we get back to close to par for the currency and I sell these off, even if I had a 20% gain, it would have cost me 20% to have exchanged the currency anyway. I think that's how it happens? Re TWTR, personally I like them...
I use Questrade so ETF's are free to buy and $5 to sell, and stocks are $5 to buy and $5 to sell. Speaking of which, I'm really happy about this free to buy ETF thing. I'm going to add a few more ZPR today I think. Under 13's where I like this and lots of room to grow and nice dividends I think. I'm pretty small potatoes, so for me a possible buy to sell difference has to be at least say $100 or more of value to be worth my time to look into and track the stock or...
so.... I went completely crazy and bet on double zero (00) on the wheel, totally wild and crazy. Bought NBG. I threw like $100 at the thing. Either it'll go to zero and I'll have had my fun, or maybe it'll double $3, or triple to $5, or one day, like 20 years from now, make it back to $500-700 and my little $100 will become $50K. Shit, who knows. I assume this will just go bankrupt, pull out of the EU and we'll watch for rampant inflation, but hell, sometimes you gotta...
second one? whatever, I'm just happy to be here
totally just depends on what sort of smells you're into. If you give some info like age, location, lifestyle, etc. and then other info like budget, do you care about brand names and packaging, and do you prefer high or low projection and what sort of longevity do you want and lastly do you want a few all rounder scents or a few for specific type of events?
almost forgot about this. Threw together a couple of fits for fun... Uniqlo black denim shirt, club monaco white vneck tshirt, blue nudie slim jims, wings and horns leather+suede shoes club monaco indigo dye roll neck knitted sweater, black club monaco quilted bomber, faux black apc petite standards, wings and horns leather+suede shoes
couple of nice choices there boys. SOTE yesterday was Jubilation XXV
^^^ keep in mind neither do I Hey Kellogg (K) didn't do so well... I'm hearing mixed but generally positive reports expectations for Kraft (KRFT) and I think they announce tonight. I'm tempted but i think it's high already. Even a month or two ago this was under $60 and now it's $66, close to it's all time high. I'm looking at it but not going to buy. Buy low sell high, not buy high sell higher.
Yeah I was eyeing it but not over 200. Just bought in at about $199. Could keep going down to even low 190's at which point I would buy in more, but I'm ok at this level to buy in and I'll sell it off if it hits $230-250. I saw your post above and was surprised you jumped in right then and there. But even from there, it'll go somewhere, I wouldn't worry too much.Same thing that happened to me with GILD. I wanted it under $100, bought in at $107 expecting a jump, and...
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