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Here's my data dump, though an edited version of the list... I didn't include any casual menswear on these lists... And no need to argue, but I'm open to adding ideas or if you think something is trash then lemme know. Just a random collection of ideas [[SPOILER]]
yeah was going to say that I know we have a Chinatown and all but my favorite asian food here in the city has been Thai, Korean, etc, and other ethnicities like Indian. Khao San road is one of my favorites. It's 'street' Thai so much richer and thicker stuff, also note that it's really noisy (my parents complained). Indian, yep Banjara looks like nothing but is very solid, I live right near there and walk over pretty often. For Korean, million places here in Koreatown on...
my hunch is the inset around the sink is for splashing so it drips back into the sink instead of on the counter/floor and that the cutting board there slides out further.
I have nothing to recommend for winter boots but have to say Roger my man wowser that's just an amazing collection of boots there. Truly beautiful stuff!
damn, idabe drunk allthetime! [[SPOILER]]
today I felt green and smokey, so went with Amouage Memoir which since the moment I first wore it I've loved every time. It's not overly complex but it does wear really nicely. Good solid scent IMO. Pretty sure I'll keep this bottle in the collection.
Damn, some of my oil related guys are really going down hard... GLF, CHK, and CNX (ok CNX just had a bad report). I'm still amazed that a stock can go down like 6-8% and then do it 3-4 or more days in a row. Also, SAVE. Damn, this one keeps going down. Honestly I think it's way oversold and they'll be fine, but again, I'm still amazed how low it's gone. Lastly, discussion point. So someone (otc?) was talking about OZM, which from my understanding was just some sort of...
Was just testing it last night and chatting with someone about it. We both agreed that one has a bit of an offputting opening, weird pimentos and musky poopy flowers, but after a few hours it dries down into a more earthy mellow dark wood and spice floral, almost a bit like the Tobacco Oud I think. Smelled a whole stack of (old) samples yesterday and the two that are still standing out in my mind were MFK APOM and Malle Dries. Something about those two that I want to keep...
not offhand, but check websites for guys like Klaxon Howl and Dutil since it seems like something they'd carry, and then I guess the usual Queen West places like Nomad, Working Title, Oliver Spencer, Sydneys, Gravity Pope, Jonathan & Olivia, Lost & Found, etc.
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