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I don't speak from experience, having never tried any of these, but I did a few hours of digging around for recommendations on the main liquor categories, and amongst the list a few recommendations for absinthe came up. They are: Higher End - Kubler, Tenneyson Absinthe Royal (Blanche), Vieux Carre Absinthe Supérieure (Verte). Budget - Herbsaint or Legendre Herbsaint Original Liqueur
spent quite a while decanting some Lavender Palm today, so that's pretty much all I can smell right now. I'm covered. My desk is covered. My room is full of this smell. It's everywhere. (Kirk voice) PAAAALLLLMMMM!!!!!!!
Good response, I get the logic. Doesn't always come through in the pics though. For a solid dark zip-up like that, I'd say the pants have to be mid tone to dark, so nothing super light wash. Sleek and slimish. And for a shirt, either a v-neck or low crew neck tshirt or something.
lol, you MC guys are ridiculous sometimes, I almost have to assume you're trolling the guy. OP, go spend $15-30 at Uniqlo and worst case another $15-20 at a tailor to make it perfect. Wear your shirt, enjoy your life, and read around for the next few years to learn more and save up some $ for when you're ready. OCBD's are the t-shirts of button up shirts. I buy tshirts at GAP, Uniqlo, H&M etc. Why bother buying $300 gucci tshirts knowwhatImean?
Acute - too many patterns there bud. Example, lose the socks and stick with a solid and swap out the shirt for a solid blue ocbd and then you've got enough going on... it's just too much! Dockers - I still maintain that the zip-up isn't bad, it's just not congruent with that type of fit. Shirt says beach, pants are workwear-ish, and zip-up is sleek urban, all give or take. Meaning wear that zip up with white tshirt and jeans, wear that shirt with looser linen type pants,...
hey guys, just a head's up... I'm doing 50ml portions of By Kilian Taste of Heaven and Beyond Love incase anyone's interested. 50ml of juice in a nice atomizer, shipped to your door (North America) for $120. www.styleforum.net/t/388238/north-american-spring-split-rare-opportunity-full-50ml-by-kilian-a-taste-of-heaven-beyond-love
STORY - I have a rare opportunity to split these two ByKilian scents. Usually people buy 50ml and split it into 10ml's, whereas I can get larger containers (250ml of Taste of Heaven and 150ml of Beyond Love) so these will be splits for full 50ml portions. Kilian only sells 30ml and 50ml refills normally, and they almost never go on sale since it's a premium brand. Regular retail prices on these would be $135 plus local taxes, and your ability to find this niche line or go...
Uniqlo they have regular and slim fits usual price is $29, occasionally they go on sale for $15
lapels are too skinny for your frame jacket is on the short side either chest is too small or button point too high or too much waist suppression, but basically chest is bowing out I think the shoulders are fine, slight overhang but nothing major overall looks rather 'snug' instead of fitted now all this may make it seem like this is a 'bad' suit, but overall it's still very passable in my opinion. You're way better off than most, though in all fairness that's not...
Was using Beam white and Rittenhouse 100, so figured wth give it a shot. Proportions were off so it requires some experimenting. Had an ice cube in it, and at some point the water content was just right.
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