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I heard something about Yahoo going up because of the Alibab IPO. Honestly I'm not even in the markets right now but was flipping channels and saw some people chatting about this saying Yahoo stock should gain (recover?) becuase of it
^ yeah that's the thread. what I mean about shoulders is my chest is 37-38 inches, waist is 30 inches (size 28 pants), so you'd think I'm a 36s, but I need like 16.5 width shoulders, and those are impossible to find on a 36s, so I end up sizing down to 34s's and the pants and chest are a little snug. 36s does work for me in a few brands that are slim cut like say Prada or Dior, and softer bodies like Armani Collezioni, and even Theory in 36s but Burberry in a 34s is...
hey check the thread I started on 'clothes for the short guy' or something like that. I'm similar stats to you. I think it'll come down to shoulder size. I'm 5'6 130 28 waist (true waist 30) but like a 34s or at best a 36s, but it's only because of small shoulders. Depends how and where you carry your weight.
suit's fine, ok maybe a little too fashiony but if you're set on it, at least get it in navy instead
from earlier... wait, what? at the risk of you telling me to just go google that, what is this? I've never heard of itA few mini reviews from sniffing some random vials on my desk...Slumberhouse - Sova: Stewed fruit, particularly prunes and bananas. Thick syrup and cinnamon. Yep, old bananas in a crepe flambée or the prunes and stewed fruit in tea and syrup my mother used to make for desert (70's throwback?). Very rich and thick. Gourmand in an unusual way. Certainly very...
yes jeans will rub off onto it I know these things are built to last and all that and are supposed to look better with 'patina', and IMO the tan color really looks great with the brown leather and matches so much clothing, but I'm a guy who likes to keep my stuff looking clean, and having indigo rub off, and dirt pick up, etc it made my tan 257 look dirty and it bugged me. I've got a green tote, doesn't show dirt, and I'm much happier with it. maybe it's like growing out...
because it's 'trench-coat-like', hence 'goth'
so that's short for 'not yet'?
eh throwing down again, just 'cause I'm in a posting mood [[SPOILER]]
Have you tried Miller Harris Feuile de Tabac and Sonoma Scent Studios Tabac Aurea?
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