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Is that for some special editions or for all of them? Is this of interest to anyone? - www.ebay.com/itm/272209200688
D2 Potion. Which again, is a total cheapie more or less and somewhat designer but this is my kind of version of Gucci PH I. I find it's a nice warm nutty wood scent, fairly simple but feels pretty cozy to me. Something I've been meaning to get a bottle of for quite a while actually. If you like sandalwood scents and are at the local mall, give this one a shot.
NFLX just dropped about 12-13%. They said they expect subscriber growth to slow down as they raise prices and see competition. I'm still betting long on these guys. Doubled my position this morning around 97-99/share and will add a lot more at 94 and 89 if it hits those prices. Set to trim most of it at 110-115 and will sell it all at 120-125 if it goes there eventually. Edit - just bought more this morning (4/20) at 94.
(shyly posts) SOTD is Lacoste Essential. You know those scents you don't know why but you just like? This is one of those for me. I remember taking the sample and trying it a few times and thinking I don't want to like this becuase it's 'designer' mall brand etc but I gotta say it's fresh and clean and green with a metallic smoothness, sort of like Mugler's Cologne and it's working pretty well. Got a bottle for cheap in a swap so may keep it.
Those sound promising!
Trimmed off some DIS at 101 and will buy quite a bit more if it ever goes back down to around 95. Not selling the rest of this until 210-215 then the rest around 220-225. Sold off the last of my AMZN shares at 630 (damn, was a little early). Bought these ones at 570 or so and I'm ok with that return. Will start buying back in if it hits 600 and under. Opened a (tiny) position again on FB at 110 and will start buying more closer to 105 and 100 etc if it goes there....
Of course, but isn't that the fun? I mean jeans bleed indigo everywhere, including onto Filson bags rubbed against them etc. Denim shows another form of patina.Looks nice. I'd be curious to see how the leather is breaking in on those. That's more or less what I had in mind, except for with the usual dark brown leather.Just googled the pics, meh, right idea I think but I don't like the execution.
technically, the chance from R to S should only be about the length, but I would think that there's some 'scaling' so even if the waist is the same measurement, it's going to sit higher or lower on the body. That's my hunch
Was at the DF airport in Zurich and picked up a bottle of JW Green label. Not generally much of a JW fan but figured I'd give this a shot since it seems different from their usual offering and has a lot of positive reviews. Will post details when I've opened it. 1 liter bottle for $65 CAD ($50 USD) so not bad I think.
Went through duty free and sniffed the usual stuff. Put on some liberal sprays of Chanel Egoiste and on the next flight a combo of Hermes Eau and Concentree D'Orange Verte
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