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Er... anyone?
ok yeah I know it's not alcohol but anyway. Lately I've been soaking freshly grated ginger with lemon slices and some honey in hot water and drinking that. Pretty simple but tasty and I think healthy. That being said, I see an idea for a flavored syrup forming around citrus peals, ginger, spices, etc...
crdb, throw down a few accords/notes or houses or perfumers etc you want to explore... either stuff you like and want more, or stuff you haven't smelled and don't know where to start etc... I can run with something if you say I tried these Vetiver scents but want something more XYZ, or I haven't tried enough florals, what are good ones, or I like X house but don't know which scents to try first, etc...
Yep, I concur. I haven't tried the operation myself but would imagine it's actually quite a bit more complicated than it seems and would alter the fit of the pants. It's in the main area where the shape affects fit. Not like you're hemming or tapering a leg. Don't know if it would work but could try getting the pleats just stitched flat, effectively making them flat front pants. And to be honest, in my earlier SF days, I had things hemmed with no break and all flat front...
Whoa, that is eerriiieee timing... I was vintage hunting and picked up a few bottles and came here to post to see if anyone wants them and I only bought 2 things, and guess what, it's Habit Rouge and Chanel No 19. I mean that's seriously weird and eerie no? The first two posts on the page are these exact two scents and that's exactly the two I found and bought and was going to ask if you guys wanted... phew, weird.Anyway, so I did some mom/pop store vintage hunting and...
I'm at the upper limit of where I want to hold too. If most of my stocks go up around 5% I'm selling quite a bit but it would take about 10-15% drop on many of them for me to start adding more. Meaning I'm closer to selling than buying and expect/hope for some dips in the reports and sitting on 30% cash as mentioned earlier. Bought into a few new ones recently... so I'm back in airlines, AAL today bought a bit, and UAL a few days ago.
Sounds like they're being pretty open/honest about it all (though the chip on the shoulder comes through in the message)
wow, beautiful
GLF WTH. Was up 20% today, I sold all my shares, put in buy orders for the come down and have already started to buy back in a tiny bit at 6. From 5.80, to 6.60, now back down to under 6 again, all within a day. Wow. Today I added more to FB under 110, and opened positions in MSFT (at $51) and UAL (at $51)
Well then, I'm looking forward to buying some FB on the dip!
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