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I rarely endorse blind buying but Rach (and others into old lady french perfumes), I highly recommend reading up on Theo Fennel's Scent. If you like florals with a bit of funk, this one's pretty solid. Especially when you can get it for cheap. http://www.basenotes.net/ID26126547.html
I started reading and then started skimming. I'll keep this short and simple. OP, I mean this in the most genuine way possible... The best thing you can do right now is educate yourself. It sounds like you have more dollars than sense. Taking the time to read up on the incredible wealth of information on the forums here is the best ROI possible, and as you're starting to realize, the image you project into the world is important, so start learning the rules. You can't just...
Rach, have you ever tried Theo Fennel? (I think I recall the EdP being better but much harder to find) For those not in the know, from what I remember, this was a random jewlery designer who created a single scent, modern from maybe 10 years ago and it was cheap as chips online like $30-40 but smelled like a solid old school french lady perfume.
Here ya go - http://www.styleforum.net/t/68936/clothes-for-the-short-guy-stores-brands-lines-websites Plus if you're in Toronto... I believe there's some info in there too.
So you used to be able to order from Montale in Paris directly, and could request they up the % of smelly stuff in your juice, plus I think for a 100ml purchase you could get a free 20ml atomizer of something else. Now that's all gone and done... but, I just saw that they do a great little 'gift set' of 3x20ml in a box for 75Euro, and considering how strong the juice is anyway, and how nice their packaging is, I think this is a pretty great offering! (I'm going to do...
^^^ ditto, it's on my list as well. Speaking of which, I just bought a bottle of Appleton Estate 12 year and tried it neat and with some water. I was hoping it was a sipper but didn't seem too smooth. Are rums ever 'sippers' or always just mixers? Is this considered a decent rum?
actually that's fascinating, thanks for the info! (was more a joke about their mouths being wide open)
Locally we have Black Grouse "Alpha" (black bottle, red cap) for about $35. Anyone tasted this? I think it's on sale but no point in wasting money if it's bad. oh, and just had my first taste of this... light smoke on the nose, nowhere near that peat of the Islays. Drank it neat and was a tad hot but very nice! (pulled off instagram)
Just had my first taste of this... light smoke on the nose, nowhere near that peat of the Islays. Drank it neat and was a tad hot but very nice!
why do fish always look so surprised? Like they figure hey did you hear about bob he bit on something shiny and we never heard from him again, come to think of it, that's been happening a lot lately, but nah, won't happen to me. Oh, something shiny!
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