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the badness continues. damn. KPTI, up 7-8% yesterday, down 5% today. These things don't even make sense. EPZM zooms to 27-28 etc, then drops to 21ish, then jumps back up 18% to 24 or so again, all within a few days. Today I kept pumping more and more into my oil and gas stuff. CNX, CPG, GLF, etc, you name it. Some serious downs today. I'm running out of stuff to sell to get more money from. Hell even big guys like XOM and RDS and CVX are looking good at these prices...
IF, by Rudyard Kipling
looks nice!
I'm not even that handy but have changed plenty of light fixtures. It's really really simple, like 3 wires, that's it. Hot, Cold, and Ground, twist together, screw on cap, wrap with tape, and put the fixture on, screw in bulbs and bob's your uncle. And then buy insurance. My parents will sell their house soon so I took on little weekend projects like these... This work is all pretty simple, cheap, and a little time consuming but really not that bad, and in the end for...
huh, I only own a few Amouages and Memoir is one of them. You can get these for about $150-200 online pretty easily so I don't think they're too expensive really, at least compared to the $300+ retail. That being said if you don't love it, don't get it. I've quite enjoyed wearing mine. Honour is also on my hit list but I suspect it's too simple for that price. Opus 6 is also high up on my list for consideration.
IIRC Edition Blanche is the one that's sort of a warm lemon scent? Try Hanae Mori or whatever it's called, the edt is pretty cheap, the edp is better. It's really simple, just a warm sweet lemon scent. Otherwise actually picture Edition Blanche plus some ginger and greens and try Chanel Blue, same family DNA
Re: Borneo, well basically Lutens only does export for a scent for a limited time, like a year, and they come in the usual 50ml bottle with sprayer+cap and box, which at least for me is the same format as all my other bottles. and Borneo was a while ago so partials are almost impossible to find now, not that there's much demand or that it's 'rare' in a sense, just that it's on my wishlist and doesn't come up too often in discussion. I was in Paris and could have bought the...
if anything I'd say someone like Cotton Dockers does a very good and pretty approachable version of MC casual. Well put together, comfortable, good quality, not flashy, etc... Check out his WAYW album http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/542173/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/ And since he just commented, but also pretty relevant, someone like ManofKent for directional inspiration could work, though different setting and body type etc I think.
yeah was just going to chime in with that. yesterday after hours they did their quarterly report. analyst projections expected them not to be great but they were a little worse than that, plus more general issue of weak pc sales and therefore lowered guidance for the rest of the year too. couple of specific IB's I think Morgan Stanley downgraded them too, so starting yesterday aftermarket they were down about 12-13%, then today dropped down to 18%. Interestingly, I guess...
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