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I didn't think they had a lot of international focus. I had always assumed it was a more upscale version of mexican food essentially but done along a nonGMO/organic etc trend line. Ie hipster focused. I wouldn't imagine them doing particularly well overseas, I mean like someone in France or Italy isn't going for burritos...
Haaa, wild thing! I just bought some TWTR in the low 40's. Gulp I missed the bottom and caught the bounce at 43. and +1 for leaking the news, ON Twitter! Also opened a position on SVU with room to play in case it goes down
haaa, yeah I took note and waited for it to drop to a point I was willing to buy in. I've still got some room in my allowance if it drops closer to 26.5 and I'd double down there. CMG's been hammered... I bought too high but for anyone else, might be worth looking into
it was a blind buy based on the notes and general positive discussions.... so firstly the version I have is a roll-on, so it has somewhat limited projection. Really good longevity, but it's not that present after a few hours. As for the smell, well it's a lot of rich smells of oud, leather, scotch, etc, all very strong smells, but to be honest I've worn this now 2-3 times and I'm more or less indifferent to it. I find say Amouage has somewhat repetitive themes, etc but at...
at these prices I like the following.... KPTI BIIB HIMX AMD AXP MMM
Heard about it through a Cramer article. I bought some at market open at 403 (gulp) and saw it drop. Added some more at 390 so average cost at 396 and I'm ok with that. Expensive stock but I think there's a lot of room to go up. EPZM however, goddam, was doing so nicely and then bang right back down again.
TSM - had an alert set for it to drop a little more before buying... guess I missed that boat TSLA - Trimmed a little, also bought some more AAPL - accidentally bought double what I meant to (forgot to cancel my premarket order). Here's hoping it goes up... Today Overall for Me: Added a tiny bit - AXP, NDLS, COS.TO Added a some - TSLA, YELP Added a lot - AAPL Rebought - SCTY Opened new position - BIIB (and then it dropped more, sigh)
SOTD is Blackbird by House of Matriarch
The Noodles - Taper the jeans from the knee down. If you're going to wear such a snug t-shirt you need more definition. Not meant as an insult, just saying a little gym action would probably go a long way there
I guess my main point is this. 90-95% of the money is the capital and the rest is gains. I'd rather put in the money when it's gone through a sharp drop to a low point, and gain 5% becuase of a 'recovery', plus there's an option to gain another 5% if it keeps growing, than to buy in at 'even' and risk 5 up or down and not know which one it's going to be. I could miss out on 5% up true, but there are a lot of companies out there to invest in and I'd rather buy losers than...
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