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I can work on putting together another one of these. Probably in the next month or two once the weather in nicer. I'm open to suggestions for location. Could be anything from a nice bar/restaurant patio to a particular retail store to host us. Keep in mind it's a mix of MC and SW&D so needs to work for both groups. Tao, message me with your email address and I'll add you to the list directly.
Just bought into HIMX and came here to post about it (bought just under 7) And double down on MU (at 27.5) Yesterday opened a position on RDS.A too. BAD just jumped 14-15%, for no reason I know of. Still not really worth much at least in my portfolio but it's quite a jump
cool, thanks guys. I'll do some research on these.
ah, yes yes, boredom. it's really the silent killer. watch out kids! (you look good!)
any particular stocks you guys have recently purchased or are eyeing?
today I'm wearing bottega veneta, and not the mens, the "womens" one. I've used this sample probably 3-4 times now and I still find this just really really pleasant. It's above harmless, nowhere near my usual offensive, and it's just a tad womanly, and yet, I just really enjoy wearing it. I'm pretty tempted to get a bottle of this. It's sort of what I was looking for but didn't quite click with in Daim Blond
hire slowly fire quickly. I buy in chunks all the way down and then sell it all off when it comes back up. that's my strategy anyway. re: EPZM, sure longer term like the past 1-3 years they've gone way higher than this, but most the past few months has bounced between 18/19 and 23/24, so IMO I sold now and if it keeps going up to 30, 35, fine, my 'lost gains', but I'm happy with making a little scratch and will keep an eye on it and assume it'll come back down within...
haaa, this is crazy stuff. So I originally bought in at about 22.4, today just doubled down at 19.5ish, and seeing it at 24.5 just say screw it and sold everything. Knowing when to take the money and run. I'll wait until it comes back down to 18-19 and buy back in. Originally was hoping to wait it out until 30 and 35 but hey, whatever I'm happy with that little gain!
yo, I'll just send you a sample pack for free. PM incoming
saw that too. Bought some more when it was down. Wasn't fast enough to catch it under 19 (gf was chatting to me on the phone lol) so instead of high 18's got it at around 19.5. Just averaging down on this position.Also bought some more COS under $10.Still staking out SCTY and TSLA if they go low enough, will add some more.Lumber Liquidaters (LL) made a nice big jump back up. Hey it's nearly where I bought it oy. Long term I don't think these guys will get over what just...
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