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suggestion.... let's add a box that says remove this user account as spam or something like that. I've got the hall monitor status but when a spammer/bot is on a roll and they're got like 10+ posts, there's no way I'm going to mark them all. So how about a button/option somewhere that says hide this ACCOUNT and hold for moderator review or something. Where/how I don't know. Maybe under 'block this user', or in the popup for report spam in the pull down tab, etc... that...
SOTD By Kilian Prelude to Love. A pretty decent EdC style scent, and crisper than one of my usual summer scents Neroli Portofino (non of that warm ambery base). Plus I put on some PURE Iso-e super which is extremely potent and going strong about 12 hours later now
I haven't checked into the MC WAYW for a few months and gotta say wow DonCologne you've come a LONG way since you started posting. Your fits are much better, colors (generally) way more coordinated. Basically a huge improvement from where you started. Great job!
my GF is always bugging me about using the word irregardless. Apparently there's no such word. It's just regardless. maybe confusion because regular versus irregular?
oh cool, I just bought a bottle of that! Found a 75ml bottle for about $15 here locally so blind bought it. Read the reviews and gave it to my dad.
SOTD, Monsieur Balmain (current formulation). Gone after a few short hours but nice solid lemony herb scent. 100ml bottle was like $30 or less. Don't let the low end packaging distract from the good smell.
I think I had the Lag 16 distillers edition, maybe some sort of select barrel or something. The one with the navy box and some sort of white swirls or something. Thought it was ok but actually not as nice as the regular 16. Don't know anything about the 12 but have heard it's good stuff. Waiting for other opinion chime in's since I'm a rather newb at this anyway
(working through sample pile) SOTD: Etro Palais Jamais. Hmmm, At first I hated it, now, well I still don't like it but think it's a good creation. What I'm smelling is a dry green woody scent. I feel like I've rubbed my hands on an evergreen tree. It's that green woody smell, a bit menthol/eucalyptus and hints of pine, plus some oakmoss and dry birch tar smoke. There's also some really dry vetiver in here like say Malle's. I'm getting green smokey swirls with black, it's...
SOTD: Quorom (2013 version). Eh, I smell like my dad in the 80's (70's?). It's one of those aromatic fouger types a la Azzaro but greener and more mossy. Fine stuff but just smells dated, and also too old mannish on a 29 year old (moi)
Just had my first taste of Black Grouse Alpha edition. Actually pretty decent! nothing unusual, but has a little smoke, smooth taste and clean finish. Very drinkable. And best part is, locally they're selling it off for $35 (CAD!) a bottle... Considering even getting another one of these as a backup.
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