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you'll have to ask her boyfriend
By the way, I almost forgot to take pictures so I literally only snapped a few right at the end of the night but here's a little idea of what it was all about:
Hey, great chatting with you and the gang, thanks for coming out!Ah, that's a shame. Feel free to PM me an email address and I'll send you a direct message along with the other peeps next time we do this.
^ definitely appreciated, thanks!
yeah, but I tried to counter it by basically showing what a smartass I am with my beautiful market insight that'll let me somehow beat the odds. huh, should probably go ask someone for professional advice. Maybe I've misunderstood this, but my idea of rebalancing is really about shifting funds (or adding where needed) between the asset classes, but my understanding was it's generally withing one group like say the equities portion. I never thought people meant shifting...
mixed up something random but made sense to me. Cassis, lime juice, and smokey scotch, mixed with lots of ice. Sweet with a hint of sour and long smokey finish. Don't worry, I didn't use any of the expensive stuff
well, that de-escalated quickly....
guys, I'm pretty new to this whole game and don't really plan to become a day trader here or anything, so admittedly I know basically shit all, but serious question here about my fundamental investing strategy... as I understand it, not to be too simple, but basically you make money either with asset change in value (buy low sell high) and/or receiving dividends while holding. Now my plan here has been to look at the asset changes in price and I've said, instead of the...
I was at a few NYC stores and asked the same thing and nobody had ever seen an XS. I'm usually an XS in everything so was worried these would be too big but they're just fine. Got the grey tapered sweats in S and all's good.
hey look if you hear otherwise lemme know, especially about employee discounts
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