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Looks like quite a dent in that Springbank already! :-) I have the same one and rather enjoy it. Looking forward to getting a few older ones too at some point
I occasionally scan eBay for fake Fords out of Russia and Turkey but every once in a while I see a legit source with something I've never heard of which ends up being a new release, WAY before anyone's even heard of it. So apparently there's a new scent coming out called Ombre Leather 16?
2nd looks more like a traditional poofy MA-1 cut. I prefer jacket #1.
Ohh, that sounds interesting. Will keep an eye out for it next time I'm at a Diptyque store.
I remember him saying that in the book that musk was one of the first synthetics and got dumped into most detergents etc. It can be a 'dirty' smell but it's also sort of creamy and fatty and rich. Not really 'clean' but it gets that association. Then again when people say they don't like 'musky' scents, they're often referring to something like leather, incense, spices, etc.
er, hook up with a sales associate like the rest of us? :-)
SOTD is Frederic Malle Outrageous! A Barney's exclusive. Smells like citrus, fruit, and tinny white musks and cold steel. It's ok but feels more like a starting point for a scent than a complete design, and not that namesakes have to be accurate but it's pretty far from outrageous.
Wow, I really like that Bottega, nice one!
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