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I've been mulling over some REITS too. 1. Can anyone please help me understand why these have been dropping steadily for the past few months? 2. I've got NLY, LXP, and had HCP and am scoping out a few others like VTR, AMT, HST, SKT, etc... What are you guys (Mr. Shapiro too) scoping out?
SOTD is Dior's Vetiver. Ok, so I really WANT to love this. One of you lot says it's perfect, I love vetiver, I love Dior packaging and have a few, and it's discontinued so sort of rare.... but honestly sure I think it's good but just too boring and safe and even with 5-7 sprays on a hot humid summer day I nor my girlfriend can smell this within 3-4 hours, it's just gone. Will try it again to be sure but so far I feel let down
oooohhh so exciting! You've picked a few of the best ones up front :-)Once of my favorite scents from the original lineup! I think this one is really under appreciated and has a LOT going on that takes a while to deconstruct. Rich, complex, mature, projects well, lasts a good solid amount of time... I can see myself wearing this for the next 20 years. Wear it a few times to check for that rash thing, but barring that I'd say it's a good solid scent.I've been so...
wait, are you calling me an asshole? Yay, opinions! oh wait, ok maybe let's all be nice. Fine. You win
everybody's so goddam polite. Jeez, just say what you think and stop apologizing for having an opinion.
It's true. A turdle once stopped me to ask for directions but I only speak English so couldn't really help him.
so UBNT... I saw it drop premarket, bought in first thing at 25.7, an hour later I sold it at 28.7, could have held out for more but was like 11-12% gain in an hour, peace out, and sold it. Crazy ping pong stocks oy
Yeah nice pop there on BABA. It's done that 100-120 range before, then it was 90's, then fell and seemed to bounce around low to mid 80's. I bought some around 78-80, and sold first thing this morning at 88. I know it could go higher, so I'm certainly not suggesting anyone else sell, but IMO when I see a jump like 10%+, how much echo is left tomorrow? I sold and took my profits and moved them elsewhere.speaking of jumps... YELP!, wow, so far 25% up for the day. I sold mine...
Great job on those cordovans there!
anyone own the twill backpack? (not the rucksack)... thoughts on it as a run around town / overnight travel bag?
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