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the trick is not to try and pretend to be indifferent and easy going. You actually have to BE indifferent and easy going. Swallow hard and let it go and move on and remove any expectations about what might happen (eg like hope). Emotions fill the gap between expectations and reality. For as long as you build up a hope/dream/belief about what might be, and the reality doesn't match it, you're going to feel a negative emotion.
finally cracked open my Mac 12, first time tasting it and compared to the heavy smokey ones I'm used to, this was like caramel. Sweet, fruity, fairly smooth, and very pleasant to drink. Quite enjoyable and easy drinker. I think I'm going to enjoy this. How different is that special bottling of the Cask Strength (red box)? Worth getting it to compare?
^^^ nice, one of my favorites. IIRC I have 3-4 bottles of various ages.
well some local bars with good selection. You may pay quite a bit for a glass but it's still cheaper than blind buying the bottle..http://viaallegroristorante.com/spiritshttp://www.scotchblog.ca/scotch_blog/2012/07/college-street-whisky-strip.html#more
I know this is a movies thread, but just want to say if you even liked Ender's Game (the BOOK), then I recommend skipping the rest of the Ender's series and reading Ender's Shaddow, a sort of parallel storyline with the character Bean. One of my favorite books, maybe even better than Ender's Game (though it gives a lot of background/context)
i like squares 1 & 6, maybe 5. That geometric tie is really bad. The one to it's left with the heavy crisscross pattern is terrible too. Your navy grenadine replaces both of them.
^+1, wow Cleav now that's a pair of socks!
just dropping this in here. I have a pair of snuff brown suede (rare color?) Bel Air's in 7.5 in pretty good condition for sale. If anyone's interested please let me know. It's a solid semi-brogue wingtip blutcher in an unusual color.
I have nothing of real purpose to add, but just wanted to say I've lurked this thread and have found it fascinating. Part of me is jealous and another part is sooo glad I'm not in the business (whether for personal use or flipping). I'm going to keep living vicariously through y'all
yeah, I would also say it looks like a bad choice of leather there. The point of buying into a 'brand' is that it's supposed to imply a certain level quality control, but they do make mistakes and i would agree this looks like one of them. How they handle the situation will also be telling of what kind of company they are...
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