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so far my best advice is to echo Pio's. every relationship is different. you don't compare them. also, your emotions are occupied with this memory and time, the usual method, hasn't separated them, so I recommend instead to focus building (redirecting) your emotions on a few new relationships and it'll help you 'move on'. You'll remember, you'll wish and want and all that, but the emotions won't keep your attention coming back to it all. and there's always this....
I only own a few Malles and DtB is one of them. It's weird but I find it compelling. On my it's salty sweet, and other stuff I have a hard time describing. More of an aroma I suppose.
lol bon chance
pants look a bit short but otherwise great!
^ that's one I just never really related to. Seems more like the perfumer's indulgence than something commercial so I'm really surprised it even made it to retail. Basically a dark bitter green rooty smokey plant thing. I never cared for it, although on rare occasions when someone wanted something vetiver like but darker I showed it.
huh, I quite like those. it's clearly still 'fake' predistressing but overall a nice color and good fit.
avec plaisir. Aussi, petetre vous pouvez avoir le contact avec L'agent de Gosling? Je sais que c'est peu probable
(mon francais est terrible alors je suis desole, et je n'ai pas boucoup d'ajouter) le 1930 LVC la est plus longue, le stomach est plus grand, est le décolleté est similar mais pas le meme (plus petite)... voirez-vous le note sous le lien qui suggester couper des coutures?
have you guys checked out the Summerhill location? Just went there and started looking closer and they have a pretty good selection, especially of specialty beers but yeah agreed the older scotches and stuff are considerably overpriced compared to the usa. just incase anyone's interested, I'm a little OCD about this, or maybe I have more time than money but I've got a self-compiled list of bourbon, scotch and general liquor and the prices at LCBO and 2-3 NYC stores for...
yeah the basenotes split boards are pretty active. plus there are new methods like facebook groups and stuff and there's always crystal flacon etc.
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