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looks like a candidate for a dye job
It dropped from the 200-230/240 range and I was picking it up around 160-190 until the recent report when it dropped to 100-130 and I just bought and sold as much as I could between 115-130 to lower my cost. I think I made money by the end but have to check the numbers. Assumed it was going to bounce around from 120-130 for a while as it had and never really thought it would ever get back to 175-200, or at least for a long long time... total fluke on this one and it just...
Oh wow LNKD. So MSFT just said they're buying them, for about $195/share... Stock just shot up nearly 50% premarket from 130 more or less. Damn. I was playing around with this in the 120-130 range and sold it at 131, and was waiting to buy back in at 120-125. Seemed to have fluctuated around that range... oh well, would've been a very nice upside if I still had it. Also, I was holding a bit of SWHC, bought at 21.5 a couple of weeks ago and was holding out for 24 but...
My understanding is that this is more of an after hours lounge / bar type scene here. And like most of the the people here are under 30 give or take, whereask AAAC's average age is like 70, 80, I dunno, just guessing :-) Basically frat boy meets Wall street versus Monopoly man.
Did you buy the Sycomore unboxed? Could have been some light exposure. As long as it smells fine it should be good. Also, it you look at something like say Dior's private line, they used to just make them whatever random color they came out, but then they actually started adding more color to make it more of a gradient/rainbow effect. So I have to look at Chanel's line again but I think they may have done the same thing so at the store there's a clear range of color to...
Bought into some JD this morning (21.5) and will double down if it goes closer to 20. Also bought some BIIB on the drop, at 255, little higher than I wanted (was aiming for 250) but if could go lower. Bad news on a promising drug. I'm hoping it was an overeaction and it'll bounce back some so I can get out quick with a little winnings in between. Wish I'd bought more GLF. Had a buy order around $3 and it touched $3.01-3.02 but didn't quite hit and now it's back past $4....
I know of Simons in Montreal and I remember hearing they were going to open in Toronto. Are they here already? Where abouts?
(my) airlines are coming back up today, hopefully they keep going Bought some SWHC yesterday at 21.5 and another buy order at 20 if it hits there. Not a business/industry I'm much interested in or knowledgeable about but it seems to move around enough to make money along the range.
I could be wrong but I think the Rescue was gone years and years ago. Even the New Cure, I think may be around but I'm not so sure any more.
^ hey hey hey... message me about a split! I've got 50-60ml portions of it available for like half the retail price.
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