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Bought more SWHC today around 21.5-22 Bought more HIMX around 6.8 Bought and sold LULU within a half hour. Bought at 54.5 and sold at 55.5. Made a few bucks, figured why not. Reset my buy to 54.4 I've got fairly large buy orders on TSLA and GILD if they go down 3-5% from here. Already holding very large positions on these but will add more.
Ha, funny, i've got the same one at home. I bought it pretty cheap when the Galiano thing happened and everyone steered clear of him. I believe Diptyque dropped all the products so I got my room spray for pretty cheap. I intended to use it as a personal spray but have found the birch tar a bit too sharp for my liking. Forgot I even had this one. I mostly use Feu de Bois as a home scent now, when I use anything at all.
Yeah I've always liked the Davis. Slim enough but not skinny. Ain't nothing wrong with 'em, except half the colors they pick.
I toyed with the idea of making Scotch an investment at one point. Sort of like a buy one case each month instead of saving $10-15K a year. Get a case of 12-24 of your $100-200 bottles and somewhere around 4-5 (or 10?) years later start flipping them for 2-5x the money. I was thinking to go with all the limited edition / special releases, so for example you wait until the reviews come in and then of the 5 various Arbeg and Laphroaig variations, you pick the top few and...
I find the oregano note in the opening of Interlude really hard to get past but after that it's totally worth it :-)
SUN had a pretty nice run today. I sold some of my stock a little early (when it was up 8%, it finished around 12% up iirc)
I find Santal 33 more like a warm spicey scent, like slowly burning wood and a spice cabinet. A little synthetic and high pitched and huge projection and longevity. I find Tam Dao sits much closer to the body and is cool and smooth and creamy. So about as different as two sandalwood scents can get really.
I found a few interesting old items at Chatuchak market earlier this year too. Bought some Valentino and Golden Goose sneakers for like $15 and sold them online for $150.
Personally I like Philosykos (a woody creamy fig scent) and think it's a pretty decent blind buy. Tam Dao as mentioned is a cool creamy wood scent, which I find has a lot more of a cedar vibe than sandalwood. Also, easy to wear and enjoy. I wouldn't say it's powdery, but it is sort of creamy, so depending on what you mean by 'powder'. I've always liked L'Ombre Dans L'eau which is a very vegetal mulchy mossy scent with rose and black currant, but you said no rose. This one...
For MfK.... they're all pretty well done. Personally I always liked APOM (mens) above the rest and I really liked his Oud line, probably the 'oud' and also 'silk mood' but those ones are a bit less approachable for a newbie to the line
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