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Cola, whatever you did last fit, that was good. This looks closer to your 'usual' ways... those jeans are just bad bad bad, sorry mang but basically it's all over the place... you've got a leather that's baggy, a horizontal stripe sweater (makes you look 'wider' duh, though not actually all that ugly), terrible light washed summer jeans, and boots which maybe are ok but look stubby since your jeans are puddling over them. ditch the jeans for sure, rework the sweater...
I get it, it's an oldtimers joke!
. Up for sale is a Filson travel kit (AKA Dopp and Toiletry bag) in Otter Green color. Like new condition, used 2-3 times max. Bought a different one so this is extra. If you know Filson then you know what this is. It's build for life. Retail was $120 plus tax ($135) at Nomad and it's in basically brand new condition. I have expensive taste in clothes/accessories and bought this and pretty much never used it, so my loss is your gain! Asking price is $85 plus $10...
I'm scoping out HIMX. Nearly ready to double down on it.
Had a few tonight, including Springbank 10 and Abelour (soooo good).
playing around - mixed 2 resposado tequila with .75 white dry vermouth, shaken with ice and garnished with a lemon round. Sort of like a Martini variation if you will. Later added a splash of Sake for experiment's sake. It's was ok, not great, but worth trying.
Every time i travel to a new city and go perfume smelling I try to get a few of these. Samples add up to something yo! I've acquired most of the Hermessence line, so 4ml x 10 and sold several sets of those for about $125+$10 shipping on eBay. I sold 5x4ml Mona Di Orio samples for about $85, 17x1.5ml Byredo samples for $90 (5-10 sets of those) etc... Hell I even had a few discontinued 4ml samples of Ford that sold for like $100+. The Chanel Exlusives, 4mls go for about...
well plus $45 versus $70 seems like a big difference but add to that $45 shipping, risk of breakage or a 'bad' batch, risk of getting confiscated etc etc... that being said I'd probably take a bottle. Levoosh I don't know your guys/crew here but I'd always pick up a bottle for the heck of it.
Overall a pretty positive day in the market, finally! HerbaLife's been jumping quite a bit, good recovery I guess but I still just don't like the company ha! hey I wanted to ask you guys what you think of COS (.TO). From my understanding oil sands are a viable source when the price per barrel is high enough to warrant the extraction cost, and I'm assuming that the prices went from $100 to $40/50 and will end up coming back up to somewhere, maybe 70-80 with enough time,...
I can work on putting together another one of these. Probably in the next month or two once the weather in nicer. I'm open to suggestions for location. Could be anything from a nice bar/restaurant patio to a particular retail store to host us. Keep in mind it's a mix of MC and SW&D so needs to work for both groups. Tao, message me with your email address and I'll add you to the list directly.
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