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huh, damn that was a good sale. Picked up a few colors of Davish chinos for $10-15.
ditto, though I wonder if it's something about the cut or maybe just a particular body shape and movement
today finished off a sample of Boucheron Jaipur (EdP) which was actually one of the first group of samples I ever got many many years ago and have worn a few times recently to finally decide what I think. It often gets compared to Rive Gauche PH, and I don't think they're totally dissimilar. It's creamy and aromatic and spicey. A good scent but a bit sharp so there's something just a bit offputting for me. If you love RGph and want something similar but different, check...
^^^ lol you going to the Parade? (I think that's today)
remember, there's more than one way to skin it
Phew, ok so just did a few hours of research online and through old SF threads too. Here's my list of MTM, bespoke, and general tailors... hope it helps: Trend Custom Tailors (Don Lee) - 306 Sherbourne Street (Sherbourne & Gerrard) - comes up a lot. Pros it's full bespoke. Cons its expensive and Don may be hard to work with (an 'artist'). Fifth on King / Garrison Bespoke - 26 Wellington Street East #101 - Hong Kong, Michael's the man. Pros it's clean modern client...
I've had the same feeling myself. There are quite a few other lavender+herb-vanilla scents out there so try a few - ELDO Antiheroes and maybe Eloge du Traiture, Guerlain Jicky, and By Kilian Taste of Heaven just off the top of my headyesterday I wore Mona Di Orio Vetiver - again, I was immediately impressed. The level of mastery and refinement comes through right away. It's like a highly polished stone, smooth, well rounded, and as you look closer you see the swirling...
^^^ thanks guys
wow, that indigo ruboff actually looks pretty rad!
I have sourced out a large container (150ml) of By Kilian's A Taste of Heaven. Usually people buy 50ml and split it into 10ml's, whereas this split will be for FULL 50ml portions. Kilian only sells 30ml and 50ml refills normally, and they almost never go on sale since it's a premium brand. Here you get the same item, in a nice atomizer shipped to your door. In this split you'll receive a full 50ml of juice, in a nice atomizer with label, for only $115 USD including...
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