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I mean I picked up the phone and texted her up, does that count? It's like a voicemail of sorts right?
Peasant Mime Ronald McDonald (edit - not you Regis)
I dig! What's the company/item name? Thanks
^ Will do! There's a bit of a waitlist for these already so I've made a note about you. Thanks!
Oh wow, maybe I'm out of the loop? I mean had never even heard of it and saw one random eBay listing so did some digging and assumed it was someone inside selling one early. They keep launching these things so fast it's hard to keep up.
Looks like quite a dent in that Springbank already! :-) I have the same one and rather enjoy it. Looking forward to getting a few older ones too at some point
I occasionally scan eBay for fake Fords out of Russia and Turkey but every once in a while I see a legit source with something I've never heard of which ends up being a new release, WAY before anyone's even heard of it. So apparently there's a new scent coming out called Ombre Leather 16?
2nd looks more like a traditional poofy MA-1 cut. I prefer jacket #1.
Ohh, that sounds interesting. Will keep an eye out for it next time I'm at a Diptyque store.
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