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So since we're on the subject, Chipotle (CMG). What to do... I bought in after the big dip, so I'm holding it now at a cost of about $650 or something... It's kept dropping and now at like $610. It's a damn expensive stock for me, so I only have a few. I could buy a few more to lower my average cost, but firstly I just don't want to hold that much of any one company and I'm in as far as I'd really like to be, and secondly, I just don't know how low this thing is going to...
will add them to the list. I nearly bought a Glenfarclas but ended up with the Aberlour instead at the time, it's on the list. Which age?
the pic, it's L'Air du Desert Moracain duh lol. Or Terre D'Hermes, but I suspect it's the former yesterday, the last time I'll wear my ELDO Antiheroes decant. It's not bad, just not great, so into the swap pile it goes.
Yeah I'm not a big drinker, but I'm working on that! Thanks for the tip about the Dolins, they're both open. I figured 'wine' was ok to store opened at room temp... is this like a better than or must do tip? (I have a shared kitchen so limited space and thirsty roomates)
http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2015/05/31/what-is-the-smart-money-telling-us-about-oil/ that being said I just bought RDS, looks good at these prices... thoughts? I also just added a little more to my airline stocks
cross posting just for fun... Bar update... been collecting for maybe a year or more at this point... (still needs some rearranging) Bottom Shelf: Beam white (handle) Eagle Rare 10 (no vis) Willet 8 Redemption Elijah Craig Four Roses Single Barrel Bookers Weller 12 Small - Makers Mark Black Grouse Alpha Johnny Walker Double Black Macallen 12 Highland Park 12 Auchentoshan Aberlour Aberlour A'bunadh Talisker 10 Talisker DE Belvenie Double Wood Cragganmore Ardbeg...
Bar update... been collecting for maybe a year or more at this point...(still needs some rearranging)Top from left to right: [[SPOILER]] Middle Shelf: [[SPOILER]] Bottom Shelf: [[SPOILER]]
I know this has probably been covered so sorry for asking... I'm 5'6, 130lbs so not a really big guy. At one point I had a 257 but found it too heavy and bulky, though I appreciated having the space. I've since switched over to the knapsack for daytrips and a tote for a daily commuter. I recently saw the small duffel and really like the look. Would you guys say this'll be good for say a weekender bag, like 3-5 days? by the way, I know this may sound crazy, or you're...
^^ PM sent, answer is YES! Everything you see listed above is AVAILABLE AND READY TO SHIP
Haven't tried it sorry!
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