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I'm at about 35% cash overall now. Just nothing on my watch list at the right prices to buy. Any sectors or specific companies you guys are looking to open or add to at this time? I was sort of looking at airlines again but they're not low enough yet. Sold off my TSLA stock a little early at 250 but I'm ok with those gains. will start picking it back up from 230 down to 200 if it can get to that range. Also sold off my SCTY position at about 26-27 and will buy back in...
Just left for a 3 week trip to Cape Town and in my hasty packing simply forgot to bring any fragrances. It's almost a little weird that it slipped my mind. Was running around grabbing everything I could think of to pack and somehow totally skipped the fragrance cabinet. At DF on the way over I tried a few things. Varvatos has an Oud, go figure. It's decent to meh but nothing exciting. Believe it or not I've tested out Polo's Supreme Oud scent a few times and actually find...
everybody just wants to be-long
whoa, nice. how's the Jicky smell?
Maybe you've never seen them because they're hidden? I'm just being snarky, but I do sort of have a point haaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGu2a2_RP88
Got an opened but basically new bottle as part of a cologne swap so not much into it and that was the option. I'll keep an eye out for the 15 in future.
^ it would appear we have similar tastes!
Just got a bottle of Bowmore 12 and tried it. Little sharp and sweet for me, better on the long finish. Anyone have opinions/thoughts on this one?
I've smelled Sova a few times and have a sample. All I get from it is syrupy dried fruit/prunes and old bananas etc. I found it WAY too thick and rich for my tastes. Interesting and a bit innovative, I'll give it that but I didn't find it too wearable.
that sounds pretty tasty, and fairly nerdy !
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