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So I was a bit stinky today to begin with and figured I'd add insult to injury and doused myself in Lutens Musc Kublai Khan. Grrrr, it's lovely and dirty.
I'll throw in a few points here I guess. While philosophically I agree with the idea of finding the 'best version of something', I also hate to 'make a mistake' but committing to an item which I'm not sure is going to work for me, or I'm not sure if I've found exactly quite the right version of, especially when I have limited resources, whether they be money, space, etc. So one of my techniques has been to use fast fashion, ie Gap/H&M etc to buy a simple basic version of...
My gf kept correcting me saying there's no such word as 'irregardless' and it is in fact just 'regardless'. We looked it up and she's more or less correct. Irregardless is just a colloquially used phrase but it's a redundant double negative so instead just say regardless.
I trimmed off a bit here and there today. Sold some LXP (was way overweighted) and allocated it to NLY for if it come down at some point (loving that NLY yield). Trimmed off some CPG and put in more orders to buy if it drops again. Have so many stocks that are just itching to be trimmed... Just need 3-5% gains on a few and I can take some money off the table... DIS, AAPL, TSLA, etc. That being said I'm now about 30% cash.... I guess it's a better feeling when things...
I always thought it was "boot air oh" ?
ramdomthought - deets please! I'm digging everything about that... (particularly the vest)
I like the last two, but what do I know about design
Allen Edmonds Manhattan right? I had a pair of those back in the day. Nice coloring!
Stanly VB, def got those fits/proportions dialed right in. Some great progress there over the years. Good stuff mang.
I tend to look at places like LuckyScent for modern available niche stuff and places like Surrender to Chance for vintage or hard to find stuff. Even if you've tested something 2-3 times from a sample, unless you know you love it and will wear it, I would still encourage people to get just a 10ml decant, or at most a 30ml and see if you ever finish it. If you blast through a 10ml, sure, go buy a 100ml bottle, but I have a huge pile of 10ml's I've never finished and would...
New Posts  All Forums: