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yeah exactly. It's always brought up as an example of trust your own taste etcSOTD Kilian Rose Oud - wow, rather beautiful but too short lived. I reapplied to enjoy that opening though.
so... GLF just dropped. And SUNE is down pretty hard so far too. MNKD also hit pretty hard.
today it's sunny but cool. working my way through the decant collection, and currently in the oriental/gourmand section. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havanna. Hmm, feels sweet and a little musty, almost like a younger punchier TF Tobacco Oud. Pretty decent, I'd say 7.5-8/10. Not great, but still pretty solid and a good flanker. Will I keep this? I'll wear it a couple of more times to decide but so far I'm a little indifferent. It's good, just not great.
As I've started to sort through my collection, Fahrenheit is one of the few I wore a couple of times and pretty quickly realized I totally dislike and should have never bought but was a little swept up in the 'collecting' aspect and it's 'such a classic' etc. It's just not me nor do I even like the smell haaa. Anyway, I've got a pretty new bottle ready to be listed up for sale now.
Shoulda offered him the SF inner circle handshake to check. If you don't know how it works, I'm not at liberty to say and, well, I've already said too much.
So little surprise... I managed to get my hands on a flacon of Japon Noir a couple of weeks 'back and have been meaning to list it up for split. If you guys are interested PM me. Only have 4-5 portions. I think it's fantastic and lament that it was discontinued. I find Plum Japonaise more like a sweet sour fruity suede or soft leather whereas the Japon Noir is definitely a little sharper and darker, more rounded than Tuscan Leather and not as charred as Extreme. I think...
I'm assuming you actually meant Noir, the rectangular black bottle with ribbed cap and silver TF on it right? Because there's 2-3 versions of Noir, then there's Noir de Noir in the private blends, and then to confuse you there's the discontinued Japon Noir, along with the recently made exclusive to UAE Sahara Noir.... but assuming you meant Noir and the edp black bottle, I found it a weird neither masculine nor feminine scent. Sort of a barbershop talcy scent with some...
CNX had some nice movement today. Bought a little in the morning and sold it off by the afternoon. As usual wish I'd bought more but c'est la vie. MNKD briefly hit $3 and I didn't buy any but I'm keeping an eye on it.
SOTD (vintage) MPG Route de Vetiver. Deep rich thick rubbery and green. Will need time to let this open up and see where it all goes. It's one of those bottles I have probably more so because you gotta have it as a collector but now I'm really looking at it to see if I even like it enough to keep it.
even a hot wash ain't going to do a whole lot of shrinking. Like maybe a cm if you're 'lucky'. Either tuck 'em in or hem them. I'm on the shorter side so I hem and they usually charge about $15 give or take. Depends if there's a middle placket or gussets etc. Or find a friend / mother with a sewing machine since it's a pretty simple job but tailors will always overcharge because they want to make a minimum on any operation.
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