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it's only 2% stretch and the same cut so seems to me to be pretty much the same really. I found the stretch ones were way more comfortable when I tried them on. I believe only on indigo too, not black.
question for you guys... what do you do with spare cash? I've recently been trimming/selling off a lot as mentioned and now have a fair amount of cash sitting around. Technically it's all been 'assigned' with various buy orders but i'd rather cancel these orders and just set up alerts and put the money to work doing something in the meantime. Should I buy some REITS, or Bond funds etc? I don't want anything risky per se, but at least something better than just cash sitting...
Hadn't occurred to me to do that... I have a $130 NIKE gift card too, also available for $110. Works at the Nike store here in Toronto or any other store (online is a separate company)
I've been having a few good days with CHK.... 20%, then 35%, then 10%(?). It's only about 1-1.5% of my portfolio but every little bit counts. GLF has been going nicely too. Also trimmed off some NFLX at 110 today.
I never clicked with Chinatown personally either. Seems to be quite a bit of love for it online. I tried to like it and even wore it a few times but meh, I can't say I get it.
I was at the Diptyque store in NYC, a standalone store, and they had a bunch of items I've never seen anywhere else like at store within store / counters inside of various retailers so it might be something only sold at their boutiques or certain doors.
I think it's too high contrast with the sweater and turtleneck, also you've got 2 'things' happening at the neck area (turtleneck and v-neck) while everything else is fairly minimal. The cropped pants shoes interaction are fighting with the neckline action so eyes keep bouncing up and down. That's my first impression.
Sebastian, if you like Guerlain's Vetiver and want a cleaned up streamlined simpler version, then the TF Grey Vetiver will work. If you want something deeper smokier and dryer, then Malle's VE or Lalique Encre Noir I'd say, and if you really like the Guerlain, then I'd recommend trying some older versions of it, from the ribbed bottle of the 90's to early 2000's to the older square gold border splash version... Anyone know where I can get that Ellena book? Amazon...
For saline notes, I've got a few that might be of interest. There's James Heeley's Sel Marin which is pretty simple and direct and quite wearable. Creed's Miliseme Imperial has a fair amount of salty like notes. Then The Different Company's Sel de Vetiver has a sense of a salt in there. And if you're looking for ocean air and the beach, there's Christopher Brosius's At The Beach 1966 which captures it so perfectly it's almost scary. I believe Yatagan has a bit of a celery...
I remember that sample sale!
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