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anyone own the twill backpack? (not the rucksack)... thoughts on it as a run around town / overnight travel bag?
Good stuff!
So I'm holding a few REITS, some in Healthcare... they all seem to be dropping constantly. Could anyone please help me understand why this is happening? (interest rates?) I've got NLY, LXP, and had HCP and am scoping out a few others like VTR, AMT, HST, SKT, etc... oh and EPZM, jesus goddam, why are you doing this to me. Hey if anyone has been waiting, now's a good time to get in, seems pretty damn cheap and tends to bounce around a lot Really hoping TSLA drops and I...
yeah, good choice
ja that's a good one!
If you store it away from heat and light (use the box), generally speaking many many years. Once the bottle is about half empty or more then there's some oxygen exposure and I would use it a little faster after that, but honestly if you haven't used it in 1-2 years anyway then why worry about spoilage since it's clearly not being used too often... with 50ml you should get about 100-150 uses, so if you're wearing this every couple of days then it should be empty within a...
today I'm testing a VERY old sample I've had lying around for years... ormonde jayne woman composed by Geza Schoen (of Essentric Molecules fame) and let me say this is very very well done. It's green, it's balsamic, it's floral, it's woody, it's warm and rich and complex yet approachable, and very nicely composed. Smell wise there's nothing new or groundbreaking here, but overall it's very nicely blended and smells like good ingredients. It could be a signature scent for a...
depends on your proportions... I'm 5'6 with longer legs and a shorter torso so I'm a 34/36S. Also, at the very least the jacket needs to cover your butt
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