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I guess it's for holding all those tickets from the fashion police
will add it to the list, thanks
Left wrist is current formula YSL Kouros, Right wrist is an older vintage of the same. Both decent but the older one is definitely deeper and more raunchy. It also seems to meld into the skin more whereas the new one is sharper and is projecting more. Still not sold on if I can wear this bad boy at 30 but we'll see. My gf who's come to like some of my weirder stuff like oud, musk, incense etc still thinks I smell like a public toilet and her father 20 years ago.
If you're referring to an overall shape to the lapels in that they're not pressed flat as a whole, then that's probably just because it's a soft fabric like linen in which case it's fine becuase it's supposed to be a little sloppy casual like that.What I suspect you're referring to is the 'dot's along the edges, which is called by many "pick-stitching". In the old days when things were made by hand you'd actually be able to see the handwork by a tailor/seamstress having...
Bump for a good thread. Scotch and Bourbon seem pretty active so why not this one too.
Thanks guys. I've added these ones to my list and will read up on them. I'll probably do some tequila and try out mezcal.I've seen how with Scotch most of the basic stuff is good but then they get into fancy weird bottlings and the prices go up and most of them aren't even all that good, they're just unusual. I guess I'll take it easy on the price points and instead go for some variety. I currently have a bottle of Corralejo reposado and enjoy that and am hoping for...
Yeah I wanted to love it and it's a great jacket but fit wise it worked way better for you than me.
yeah was going to say that too. Based on the depth and the way the handles are positioned I think it's a shoe storage unit so unless you redo the insides, it's probably not the kind of storage you had in mind.
Haven't forgotten about you guys. Just need to rummage around and take some quick pics. PM on the way some time this week or weekend.
Oh i was just sort of joking with you about that. I find with any pants that are slim and have even a single break, when sitting they tend to shoot up pretty quickly. What I will say is that I used to get all my pants hemmed with no break and quite short but now I'm going back to more of a single break or slightly closer to double. It's just way more comfortable without being sloppy. I don't feel the need to show off my socks like I used to. Those look fine from what I can...
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