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so that's short for 'not yet'?
eh throwing down again, just 'cause I'm in a posting mood [[SPOILER]]
Have you tried Miller Harris Feuile de Tabac and Sonoma Scent Studios Tabac Aurea?
more like porn went into her! amirite?
it's weirding me out man! AAS - madrass sportscoat with pink shorts fit - colors work well, could be camera angle but I think doing shorts and sportscoat is actually very doable but one of the tricks is a shorter sportscoat, otherwise it's like wearing shorts and a trenchcoat, so a more cropped jacket would work with the proportions seeing as how the 'pants' are cut in half (now shorts), so the sportscoat needs to be shorter too, otherwise it's imbalanced.
I just wear em as tshirts basically. Half my tops are polos because I liked the fit and price and bought a bunch, the rest are crews and V's. I never really thought much about it, other than that they're as casual as a tshirt so never to try and 'dress one up'. I'll keep playing around but probably won't post too many around here unless I think it's working. Or hell, could be a new challenge for the WAYW' @Parker
I know flat front pants are sort of 'in' now but honestly I think that for guys (of all waist sizes) who have thicker thighs or backsides would really do well to have even a single pleat. When the pockets are flairing out and there are strong horizontal lines across the crotch area, it's a sign the pants might be too snug. of course it doesn't apply to jeans, or most khakies, etc, and yes, I even mean it for guys like me at size 28 waist, it's more about the body shape....
k thanks guys. Regis good stuff in particular. I did pick up a couple of uniqlo 3-4 button ones and have other sleeker jeans so will rework with those. To some extent it's hard to drop an item when it's a core piece, like I have 5-8 of the same polo in different colors so it's a strong part of what I wear. and hell I know this subforum hates hates polos because you're all in this multilayer drapey ripped colllar/hem tshirt phase but rewind a few years ago and americana...
^ you mean light blue and silver stripes? that's the women's one, you know that right? which there's nothing wrong with, my mom has worn it for like 30+ years and it smells nice. But's completely different from the men's version which is a brown canister with silver and black stripes and smells like a creamy aromatic (spices)
I've met Fishburne a couple of times. I used to work at a high end dept store in Toronto and he liked one of my products. Wife was/in town shooting with Suits so he'd pop in occasionally and buy stuff. Nice enough guy and pretty non-chalent about being 'celebrity'. I think most of them are just normal people who just want to get through their day without a hassle. Imagine you're just an accountant and everywhere you go people are constantly like oh man I saw those...
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