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Clipper - looks good but jeans need to be hemmed some. they're too wide to stack nicely IMO
yeah EWC is down for me too. I've actually got a lot of Canadian stuff and it's moving slowly... I've also got XIC and ZDV
just get 1-2 books, read through the forum archives, and follow the regular WAYW and MC casual threads... give it at least a month or two and do NOT rush out to buy anything. Google a few 'must have' lists, see what forum members commonly wear, and maybe even consider getting a good SA or personal shopper or a fashion interested friend or colleague and asking for pointers.
Bene sweater fit is good. no more of this lumpyness stuff
had a nice boulevardier last night. Also cracked open my Springbank 10 and Abelour A'banudh and both were excellent. The Aberlour was sweet and ran a little hot, the Springbank is fairly different from my usual Islays, relate able but new to the palate
I find with a slim hem (PS has a pretty strong taper), and the way APC's are cut, that the stacking works pretty well. I'd say wear 3-5 times unhemmed and take it from there. I've had various pants at long lengths but something about the way these are cut they seem to stack nicely. by the way WANT TO BUY - if anyone has new or newish PS's indigo only (I have black) in size 27, message me
uh, probablement personne sait? avec des objects comme ca, c'est difficile de savoir exactment, c'est tres specifique... moi je ne sais pas, encore bon chance...
duh, who doesn't. I already had a sip of mine and damn if it ain't yummy.
^ I've only tested that once but thought it was really really nice
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