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Also noticed the nice shoes on the mannequins and was going to ask the staff if they knew the make but figured since they don't sell shoes it would be some random cheap specially made ones or something.
Tried an MA-1 (navy) from the U line here in Toronto since they had it about a week ago when the store opened. The fit is almost like the Alpha Industries one, so pretty classic. Shiny thick nylon and lined so mid-weight. Definitely traditional fit so slightly cropped and big arms and body. The regular line MA-1 has the added pocket, is a thinner material, and more like a slim modern fit with MA-1 styling (but not fit). Also, the regular MA-1 is about $50-60 and the U line...
Ha, sprayed some Russian Tea on my gf yesterday and I went with Jicky. Could smell it all day on her. Lovely stuff!
I'd say more like one heaven of a weekend!
Today it was Jicky edt. I have the parfum as well but wanted to try the edt out to test if I was going to keep it. I'll check the parfum to compare soon. Both nice and I remember the edt being a little more open and easier to wear. Got a 30ml decant so I'm not sure it's even worth selling anyway.
I don't know what all is in the IBB (biotech index) but it just dropped 3% today and has come down from 300+. I sold off some at 301 and was going to sell the rest at 310, now it's back down to below 280 again. Damn. Added a few more shares now at 280 and will add more at 270, 260, etc. I mean on the bright side, with an index like this I get the volatility that lets me make money in between without the risk of any one company just dying.
Could it be that the counters, walls, etc have expanded over the years with moisture or settling? So it was snug getting it in but now is too tight?
That makes sense. Will crack open this Bunnahabian in the next few days and let you guys know what I make of it.
Sarah was very knowledgeable but not hot. Correlation? Ended up going with the Bunnahabian. In truth I'd already bought it and come home but then figured I'd post up here just to see in case you all said something radically different like get the Glenfarclass or something else. So the Hibiki, is it just called Japanese Harmony? Is that the standard expression? Because I thought I saw one that was called Hibiki 12 that was quite a bit more expensive and then a cheaper one...
BMY, of which I'm holding after the last drop just took another big hit today... this sucketh. Oh well, will hang in there for a while.
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