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Yo, incase you guys didn't see the announcement or get a PM, Toronto Meeup Up is on - http://www.styleforum.net/t/430689/the-toronto-styleforum-meet-and-greet-october-23rd-7pm-at-nicolas-menswear
. Guys, it’s about time we got our own Toronto gathering, so here it is, done and done. Come on out and meet up with your fellow Styleforum members for some drinks and good times. Date: Thursday October 23rd, 7pm 2014 Location: Nicolas Menswear, 153 Cumberland in Yorkville (next to Nespresso), (416) 966-2064. Nicolas is the fantastic owner, and his team including Justin and Andrew. These guys are friendly, knowledgeable, and low pressure. The store is big and...
PM sent, I still have a couple of testers and actually just got a whole LOT of new decants. Need to update the thread... (I've got 50ml labelled decants of: Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Cafe Rose, Italian Cypress, Tobacco Oud, and Azure Lime, and the discontinued Lavender Palm!)
ah, Al Oudh, one of my favorite scents, and bottles too. today I went to the shops and tried the new 3 Ouds from Cartiers private line (Mathilde Laurent). Pretty solid offerings actually. Now they're 75ml and $300+ and I'm just not sure Cartier has that kind of cachet, plus the packaging sucks, but the juice is actually pretty solid
aw, you two are a dorkable!
wow, guys, thanks, that's some great great info on Rums/Rhums. I love the fact that there are communities like this where the people are so knowledgeable and willing to share and stuff. I'm really just starting to get interested in the alcohol category, having come from fragrance, and I don't want to get stuck in just single malts because it gets pricey with diminishing returns and there's a lot of must have unicorns out there, so also exploring rum/rhum, tequila, bourbon,...
Trend's wearing tight jeans, he's walking slowly and breaking balls
for once was trying to 'be productive' so got everything bought by 10/11am... errr. anyway, it's all ETF's so a general buy and hold strategy anyway and all this stuff will recover but still sucks to see 0.5% drop in a day. I'm just going to leave them be and come back in a few weeks if I can stop myself from peeking. incase anyone's interested, here was my breakdown more or less: (%'s represent overall portfolio). Tried to do a more or less global couch potato with a...
huh, just invested everything I had today. Bad market timing lol?
GAP (GPS), hot damn, 12-13% drop in one hit... seems like a company that'll be around for a while and every 3-4 months there's a climb and pop. Considering the range on this I'm tempted to buy some and wait it out a few months to see the recovery. I know it's based on news that isn't temporary but still, I'm sure these guys will recover in a few months and there's a 10-15% potential gain there. Thoughts? I'm sort of talking out my ass here btw.
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