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SUN had a pretty nice run today. I sold some of my stock a little early (when it was up 8%, it finished around 12% up iirc)
I find Santal 33 more like a warm spicey scent, like slowly burning wood and a spice cabinet. A little synthetic and high pitched and huge projection and longevity. I find Tam Dao sits much closer to the body and is cool and smooth and creamy. So about as different as two sandalwood scents can get really.
I found a few interesting old items at Chatuchak market earlier this year too. Bought some Valentino and Golden Goose sneakers for like $15 and sold them online for $150.
Personally I like Philosykos (a woody creamy fig scent) and think it's a pretty decent blind buy. Tam Dao as mentioned is a cool creamy wood scent, which I find has a lot more of a cedar vibe than sandalwood. Also, easy to wear and enjoy. I wouldn't say it's powdery, but it is sort of creamy, so depending on what you mean by 'powder'. I've always liked L'Ombre Dans L'eau which is a very vegetal mulchy mossy scent with rose and black currant, but you said no rose. This one...
For MfK.... they're all pretty well done. Personally I always liked APOM (mens) above the rest and I really liked his Oud line, probably the 'oud' and also 'silk mood' but those ones are a bit less approachable for a newbie to the line
well now I know where the 'obscure' part comes from
SOTD was Masque Montecristo. Hmmm, I rather enjoyed this. The opening had this clove cigarette vibe that reminded me of Serge Lutens Noir a lot, then it moved into a sort of oily fruity patchouli tobacco type of note that I recognize exactly from Byredo's Baudelaire. I quite like this, but given that I have Baudelaire already, I'm on the fence about if I need this one too, or as a replacement. Definitely a line worth exploring / getting samples of!
I totally respect the kind of work you do and the clients you do it for. That's what it should be, really. I pretty much own almost nothing that's branded in any way. Most of my closet is Uniqlo, Club Monaco, etc, sort of mall level brands, and I add in a few more expensive items here and there like jackets, shoes, and accessories. I'm not suggesting you should change anything about what you do and who you target. When you pick at mainstream brands for not working the way...
My girlfriend wants some Gavriel Bucket bag that's all the rage. I told her why doesn't she go get a custom made one for a similar price that'll have extra features she likes, be unique made for her, may even be cheaper and will likely be better made. She wouldn't even think about it. Part of the cachet of owning the item is the brand. Partly it's about the design, the build quality, and all that, but there's a section of that decision, let's say 30-40% of it that's purely...
I enjoy both Avignon and Kyoto. When do I wear them? I dunno, usually fall/winter, cooler days, if I'm wearing something dark or edgy or whatever. I might layer with Avignon to give some smoke to something sweeter. Kyoto is naturally warmer. My dad has Wonderwood which I got for him so I don't wear it but it smells great on him and is loaded with Iso-E super which projects like crazy and lasts for ages. I've smelled Black a few times and don't own it but it's on my...
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