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wow, rough rough day so far. Biotech, solar, and oil/gas all way down for me. Numbers I've never seen before. And I'm now out of cash to buy down more. Phew, just hanging in for the ride at this point.
more like infamous!
whatchoo talkingabout L'inc
Based on your fit of a 29 PNS, to me they were for sure too tight and the wrong shape. My exact recommendation would have been what you tried, a 28 in NS and a 29 in PS. I found the PNS were too tight on my calves and the PS were fine so that makes sense to me that you found them a more comfortable fit. I'd say both the PS and NS look ok, maybe on the tighter side. In a way, if you're going for a snug look, then to my eye the PS is better because the whole thing is...
hey accordion, deets on the plain white Tshirt?
Wow, anyone looking at biotech today? I've been buying up IBB as much as I have the cash for. Also my price alerts went off for BIIB, EPZM, etc. Also, SUNE is pretty down too, I just bought in. This one jumps around a lot.
Nice scent, just not great longevity. It's also pretty one dimensional. I like the bottle and the perfumer and I really like Cassis so honestly I'll probably go buy a bottle despite the poor performance.
Enchanted Forest - Vagabond Prince
^ was going to ask the same thing. I see a few different share offerings for VW. Can anyone explain the difference please?
Red across the board today In all seriousness, despite ethics and lawsuits etc, is VLK a good buy at this point? I mean 20%x2 drop in two days, you think it's going lower or not going to recover most of that within a few weeks?
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