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I'm really no expert on these matters (since when has that stopped me from making a recommendation amirite) but for $10-15 y'all should buy a can of Wine Preserver, that heavy air stuff. Whether you've opened a bottle of Wine, Scotch, Vermouth, etc, if you're worried about it oxidizing, just spray in some of this stuff and it should work. It's inert so won't harm the liquid and for the $10-15 it's worth giving it a shot if it'll save a bottle that's $50 or $150
Yeah but price. $50 for mainline MA-1, $100 (?) for U line, and $500 for APC. Just guessing here.
I know this will probably sound silly, but where can I find out when a company is doing their quarterly report? I've realized I should probably mark down those dates for the ones I'm holding Also stock related, I bought some TSLA between 200 and 197, sold about half of it today just under 105 and am holding the rest in anticipation of this 'announcement' tonight. If it jumps up I'm selling it off, if it drops I'll double down and be back at my original position on average.
Some nice looking goods there... Bravo, J (see what I did there?)
Haaa, yeah that was pretty wild. I mean last quarter I had a group of shares all around the 100 mark +/- 5, then it dropped and I doubled down around 84-90, so averaging around 90. Sold that second chunk between 99-06 and was left now with original shares bought around 99. My gut feeling was that since this stock moves so much on opinions about subscriber growth and outlook that maybe they sandbagged themselves last time or people were expecting a drop etc but they've...
If NFLX can pop close to 10% I'm selling it off and putting a chunk of that money into IBB. If NFLX drops, well then I'll add in 30-50% depending on by how much. Last time it went from 99 to 84 and back past over 100 within a couple of months. Still also waiting for DIS to get out of this rut, grumble grumble. I've got a buy order at 90.5 that hasn't quite clicked yet and my average cost is about 96 at this point so really hoping we can get it moving up to the high 90's...
My best tip is for anything that won't wrinkle, like underwear+socks, pyjamas, sweaters, etc that are also a bit bulky, put them in large ziplocks and sit on 'em and flatten them out. Saves a ton of space and makes the items easy to move around in your bag. I also use one of those for my laundry pile.
I like some of those shoes...
Was going to say hot water on demand tap, how about just a filtered water tap?
Also noticed the nice shoes on the mannequins and was going to ask the staff if they knew the make but figured since they don't sell shoes it would be some random cheap specially made ones or something.
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