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I own bottles of both and +1 there. I rarely wear the Leather Oud but really enjoy the Oud Ispahan
Ooohh, very nice!
I mean isn't the stock market basically 10% fundamentals and 90% hopes and dreams? :-)
If you're talking about TWTR, well, I'm holding it already, I'm in the stock anyway. I won't sell and lose money. I'll sell and either break even or ideally make something. If I'm committed to the stock since I'm holding it and it drops, I'll buy more and lower my average cost, lowering my breakeven point. So I would have prefered it go up and I'd sell and am out, but it went down so I added more and whenever it comes up I'll sell it and move on. Churn and burn. If you're...
^ Maybe? :-) I'm not holding TWTR because I know anything about or care about the company, I'm just in it to make some money on the stock. Hopefully it'll come back up and I can get the hell out and make a little money in between. GLF dropped a bit today and I doubled my position around $3. Planning to sell these shares at $3.7.
At this point I'm just buying down so i can get closer to getting out with a breakeven or a bit of money. Average cost is about 17 at this point so if it comes up from this drop I'm planning to sell right where it was before the report and I'm out of this one. Probably my longest holding, hell. Started buying it originally in the 40's then sold and rebought in the high 20's. MU - tough call.... I sold my QCOMM at 55 and thought it would come back down to around 50 but...
I'm still holding a small TWTR position from back in the day. Just added about 50% to it post market around 9-10% down. Do I think there's a real business here? No, I don't, and I don't care. I play movements and buy and flip. There's always going to be some business here to be had and I assume that it'll recover a little and eventually there'll be some sort of buyout rumour and I can make 10-15% on it. I don't care whether it's profitable or not, it's just a flip. Sold...
Seems like a fairly easy way to make money non? Where are they being sold like that? Grab a case, go there, give to someone to sell at auction and profit!
I've heard of rubbing a pencil over the zippers to give off some graphite dust and make them run smoother
NFLX - I sold off a large chunk of stock today... bought it all around 83-85 and sold it at 92-93. Still holding plenty but felt this was a little extra overbuy I did on the drop. Quick turnaround and 7-10% return on the money in a few days and I'm ok with that. These are the kind of gains I like. The story I read was a few insiders did some heavy buying. Normally I'd wait for a slow steady regain once the dust settles, but if there's some big one off jump of 5-10% in a...
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