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well, active investing within a much much larger context of index funds... I suspect that's the case for most of the guys here
Still smelling lingering Amouage Opus 6 from yesterday's application
I bought a little more TSLA under $200 also put like $75 into NBG lol currently circling around LL too. This may be a disaster of huge opportunity.
I'll repeat what i've always said. I think Benes has a bigger upper body, especially traps+neck area, so wearing many layers and stuff with visual bulk (chunky scarves, turtlenecks, epaulettes, etc) just draw attention to that. add in tapered pants and a little camera angle and you end up with a top heavy look. Needs looser pants to balance it out. The low tshirt neckline and minimal cardi without neck area stuff is a good move.
I've moved past the artistic appreciation stage, and past the I know better because it's niche stage, etc and come full circle back to the does it smell good and it would be nice if other people liked it too stage. B man, you've got to admit that you (and California? and Rach, etc) do wear some stuff that's usually considered feminine by the masses, come on, am I wrong? I wear no.5 and I'm happy. I wore Shalimar and I was self-conscious. There's a line somewhere that I...
I thought JCP was going to do it's 13% down premarket, then everyone was going to freek and within a day the slowpokes would call their brokers and keep selling it off to 15-20% down and I'd pick it up around 7.5ish... So far hasn't happened. (not that I wish ill on Mr. GF there, I'm just avoiding betting on earnings from now on). ANGI (not that I own it) is like a frickin rollercoaster. NBG, should I get some more, should I, should I?
Huh, sort of a random mix in there.Aventus, so there's the green crisp apple, sweet pineapple, and the dark fruity black currant.. and then there's the sharp smokey wood. Something like Green Irish Tweed is greener, sweeter, and more floral, without the smoke or dark undertone. Himilaya will give you some of those berries plus a cold metalic tea note. Virgin Island water is all coconuts lime tequila etc. Trust me the novelty wears off. Original Vetiver gets you the fresh...
yo notwithit I'm gonna need some details (SC = Uniqlo?, and shoes? but basically everything plz, I like it all!!!!)
Thanks. I've added them to my list.Haaa, not even that long. I think in the fall I was organizing the info and made my first buys in mid November or something, exactly the morning right before that huge drop. Then came the energy drop in December/January or something?I had a broad range of funds for CAD, USA, and International, and some REIT and that was it. Then international moved up, I sold and Canada shifted down and I doubled into it... so now I'm holding way too much...
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