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oops, forgot to sign up to that Van Winkle lottery thing! I did get a tip from one of our very own local SF brethren about Weller 12 at Summerhill ($45) and picked up a bottle. Pretty good stuff. Will have more to say as I get into the bottle...
isn't there like a "sin" stock index you can just buy?
Gravity Pope here in Toronto also sells some Churchs. Actually for casual wear, I'd say they have one of the best shoe selections in the city. Seriously, lots to look at there. Queen and Ossington. They might do sales/discounts on shoes like Churches since it isn't their usual buyer.
Todays Buys: AXP BIDU NBG LXP HIMX AMD Edit - and some PCP! (grrr at 202, then it dropped to 200 at the close) a few pretty risky ones in there... Let's see how I do!
for perfume solids, yeah Diptyque is good. ByKilian has discontinued his but they should still be out there for sale. Does Serge do solids? I thought it was only his samples that are those wax things
Re: TSM, I've got some HIMX and a LOT of MU, so I guess I'm sort of in the chip game. Don't own any TSM but I do recall quite recently that a bunch of these guys all dipped and I chose to buy more of the same instead of new ones though I think TSM might have come up on my list. Re: PCP, yeah I've been scoping that one out too. I think I owned some at one point and sold it off. Will buy a few tomorrow and get back in, looks like a good price to me. BtW, it was probably...
Today it's a new day and a new bottle to retest. Givenchy Pi - there's a muted candied orange or tangerine/clementine with a dry powdery vanilla like base. I get some very light dry herbs or spices too in here. This is pleasant, fairly generic, and a little one dimentional, although actually quite enjoyable. Easy to wear. A bit too synthetic but still very wearable. Doesn't strike me as 'great', but better than average. I don't think the fact that it's a little boring...
I'm coming 'round on my bottle of Elijah Craig 12. Had some last night. Also retried my bottle of Eagle Rare 10 and I'm really liking this one. Will see if I can get my hands on a 17 (I know right, nice try)
holy Avon! rumors of a takeover and up 15% in a day
hey Frog, I have a hunch your JCP (you still holding?) is going to see some nice gains there... did you see that note about a leaked email to an analyst saying same stores sales are up 6% instead of expected 3-4%. Might be indicative of a good upcoming report overall...
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