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in 100% in and damn, what a day. Pretty upset at all this. I realize they're all 'tech' stocks and 'overvalued' but the numbers coming out on LNKD, AMZN, NFLX, and even TSLA are just wild. Just can't catch a break here, sigh. Oh well, who needs to retire
Damn AMZN, how come you so low?!!! also, LNKD you dog, have you no floor?!
Was planning to post here asking about BAC too. Seems pretty heavily beaten down. I read somewhere they have some sort of insurance on those energy loans anyway so much of it is 'covered' if they go bad. while it seems like a good company and very discounted price, i can't help but look at the recent history and see how every time it looks like a low price it just keeps going lower. I mean where's the bottom? I had some FB, bought in around 90-100 and when it popped I...
^ I've been meaning to get a bottle of that actually! Was at Hong Kong duty free and they had a bottle for about $120 and then remembered we have it locally for I think about $100 so will grab one for sure at some point. Instead i picked up a bottle of Laphroaig 18 for about $125 Canadian, ie about $90 USD. LCBO doesn't even carry it and they have the 15 for $180 or something so seemed like a good deal. There were a few other items of interest like Hibiki and Glenfarclas...
I don't know for sure who stocks that particular model but in terms of general people who carry Filson that might have that model, check Oliver Spencer, Te Koop, Uncle Otis, and I think there are another 2-3 places with Filson stuff too.
I read all that and at first thought eh a bit harsh, but honestly I probably would have given the same advice. I like the idea/spirit of aging your own but in the end it just seems like a bad idea. It seems that people have had some success adding little "accent's" like maybe some vanille, orange, simple syrup, etc to say bourbons as a base for drinks. Maybe getting some sort of sherry stave and putting it into a scotch bottle? Basically I'm +1 to the above guys. Just...
Jesus this pain seems to never end. I mean even my Canadian index, like the entire market is down 3-4% in a single day. So many companies down hard wow.
OZM had a nice pop there. Not that I'm touching it. So as I'm looking at my holdings here... I've stuck holding the bag on TWTR, yes you can say told ya so. I'm at average cost of 25 and as soon as it's at 25-30 (if ever) I'm out and never looking back. I'm stuck in MU and QCOMM, both of whom I assume will eventually recover but I'm down 25% and 15% respectively on these and have been buying down but man have they kept going down. Again, probably good long long holds...
was walking through a shop killing time so naturally I found myself at the Guerlain counter and doused myself with Habit Rouge
Yeah sorry, meant BX. Typed REIT first becuase was researching a bunch of those and was going to ask about one of them. I meant BX just as an equity. Are they basically like an aggressive Vanguard and a safer OZM? They're banking/consulting world right? I see fat yields and low historical prices and huge market cap so looks pretty win all 'round.
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