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Those guys at CCP are great, good solid resource. For Canadian content... here are a few I read through. I'd say Jin / moneygeek is one of the better ones. Not much content, and writing isn't the cleanest, but it's good honest...
Are you a remarkable person? SOTD Bois 1920 Sushi Imperial
A small dose of Garth Turner's blog is all you need. Diversified portofolio yes, horny house hunter no.
I was going to say don't hold your breath, but from what i've heard about Sunshine you may have to! Agreed on Memoir, one my more recent purchases I'm really happy about Yesterday, did some comparison testing of Dior Homme, Intense, and Parfum. They're all quite different actually. Surprisingly I think I like the Intense the most, but that's just me.
I'm trimming off stuff now actually... things could well keep coming up but I'm cautiously optimistic so I'm selling off whatever extra I dumped in when this stuff dropped way down just to get the money out and keep some cash reserves incase there's a downturn coming. Getting close to my original (comfortable) holding sizes. Wish I'd gotten in on Netflix (NFLX) at 100 but bought in at 106, sold half my position today at 116 and will rebuy if it drops. Bought some...
My guess is yesterday started with the market choking, then it snapped to attention with a 'recovery', which extended into today becuase people are hopeful that was the bottom, but my opinion is it's not and it was just a dead cat bounce which it played out over a day and a half so my prediction is that things have started to flatten out end of today and will start coming back down tomorrow and it could die in it's sleep aftermarket. From here either we'll flatline a while...
My vote is for the Parfum version. Canadian Duty Free here in Toronto has it so you might be able to get it coming out of Vancouver too. Best of them all. I found the original a little powdery and soft (I may have a 50ml bottle with box for sale if you're interested), and the Intense was more chocolate and toned down iris, which I preferred.
Whoa, I just wore that yesterday! And I've got a couple of hundred bottles to choose from and spent a while looking through the collection before settling on it. Huh, nice
I don't know of anything but it seems to have these fairly 'consistent' cycles of going from 20-24, more recently down to 16/17/18. Not sure if/when it'll pop again but in the meantime I'm happy to buy at 14 and sell at 18 if that's the new cycle.
New Posts  All Forums: