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Haaa, I just came here to post that NFLX is looking good and I'm picking some more up if/when it hits 100. Am I the greater fool?
whoa, wth is that? got it too
more like 'griddled' cheese would be a more accurate description, but nobody calls it that.
I'm around the $2-3/ml as well. I do have a few very rare exceptions, I think maybe Puredistance M or something but most good niche is only around $200-300 for a 100ml anyway, so splitting it at that size or larger, adding in packaging and shipping, really shouldn't come out to more than $3/ml based on my math. Even 50ml for $200 type bottles, I really can't even think of any. Mostly Parfums / Extraits. With Fords I heard that Azure Lime and maybe Shanghai Lilly(?)....
ditto. Some nice drops coming in. LULU, NFLX, so far for me. At one point XLK was down 9-10% but couldn't get an order to close, damn.
Had a wedding to go to so took a browse through my collection and thought, ok, what's classy, elegant, and relatively safe/reserved, and guess what I chose - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. It's a good solid all-rounder scent. Gets very high marks from me!
Those guys at CCP are great, good solid resource. For Canadian content... here are a few I read through. I'd say Jin / moneygeek is one of the better ones. Not much content, and writing isn't the cleanest, but it's good honest...
Are you a remarkable person? SOTD Bois 1920 Sushi Imperial
A small dose of Garth Turner's blog is all you need. Diversified portofolio yes, horny house hunter no.
I was going to say don't hold your breath, but from what i've heard about Sunshine you may have to! Agreed on Memoir, one my more recent purchases I'm really happy about Yesterday, did some comparison testing of Dior Homme, Intense, and Parfum. They're all quite different actually. Surprisingly I think I like the Intense the most, but that's just me.
New Posts  All Forums: