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huh, never realized CottonDockers was so young (in a good way)
oh KORS, why do you sucketh so?
wait for sale duh. I get my tshirts from there for like $9-14 max and button shirts I don't look at until it's $29 max, often $19. Sometimes they're sold out by that point though. Even $39 -30% is pretty common though
I can only speak for the NYC Barneys, the others I don't know and honestly would guess that answer is no but worth a call to ask in case. Al Oudh, haa I smile every time I smell my bottle. So dirty I love it
Sounds like a great day! 1. Yes the Malle boutique is a nice way to experience the line away from the Barneys hustle bustle. 2. The Diptyque store there will also have some scents and candles you can't find anywhere else so look out for some unique ones. 3. MiN and Osswald are both great, different, but great in their own way. At MiN try out their new self-branded line, also look for old stock in some lines and their shaving stuff. Osswald, see if they'll let you sniff...
Today Eight & Bob - funny story though I suspect it's mostly marketing. The scent wasn't much to speak of so I literally have nothing to say about it. Entirely forgettable.
+1 to HP 12 or I'd say try something more sherried like (I could be off on these) Auchentoshen, Macallen 10/12, and Aberlour A'bunadh, maybe even some Glenfarclas
^ exactly my opinion. It's not about the FB you know right now, the social media put up your profile and post on a wall version 1.0... it's where they're moving like really targeted ad revenue and the data connections and info/stats they can sell (the next Neilson?), the cross platform additions like Instagram etc that drive traffic and sales, whatsapp and their messenger to control communications and replace texting and email, and who knows what X factor stuff like...
I think the two shades of blue are fighting each other also, those shoes... i dunno, not feelin' it. Heck even some birks would make sense there
as soon as Twitter figures out how to make some money I'm golden. Until then, fack! (yes, you warned me)
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