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I love the incense+saffron combo of Incense Oud. And yes, I have a bottle
shirt is a fine shirt, just not for you. it's a size too big (see how the shoulder seam goes past your shoulder line?). Also, general theme but the shirt says business/office (it's plain white so fairly formal even though it's a button down). Shorts say it's summer and I'm hot. Shoes say I'm running around town doing a bunch of errands or I'm off to the gym. Unless you have nothing else, pass the shirt along to someone else (sell/donate), and keep the shoes and shorts but...
they look too tight from the knee down in particular. I could be wrong, but personally I found PNS had more of a taper from the knee down than the PS. If you're going to spend $200 and wear these for a few years, at least find a way to try on a few sizes and cuts to make sure you get the right pair!
Not that it's the same, but if you like the tea vibe of SMW, minus the cold aluminum and berries and Creed prices, try out Gucci Pour Homme II (chunky square bottle with light blue juice).
haa, good luck, and be prepared ($). Do some reading too since it's not just the old bottle, there are vintage and regular versions of that too (I think red versus brown)
that guy's got a promising future!
well there's the vintage version, then there was a reformulated version, it's a whole long mess of a story. The good news is the re-release called Oud Absolute is actually pretty solid and worth checking out too. It's a good scent, plus there's some Ford era nostalgia factor.
Dreamer (et al), Malle now offers those 10ml's individually for sale so you don't have to buy a set of 3!
If you can help me find a venue I'll see what i can arrange.... probably needs to be somewhere with a good amount of space, mix of MC and SW&D, probably single shop/owner who can make the decision, etc
the badness continues. damn. KPTI, up 7-8% yesterday, down 5% today. These things don't even make sense. EPZM zooms to 27-28 etc, then drops to 21ish, then jumps back up 18% to 24 or so again, all within a few days. Today I kept pumping more and more into my oil and gas stuff. CNX, CPG, GLF, etc, you name it. Some serious downs today. I'm running out of stuff to sell to get more money from. Hell even big guys like XOM and RDS and CVX are looking good at these prices...
New Posts  All Forums: