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Last week I had a friend who wanted help getting ready for a wedding on a reasonable budget, but like most normal people, anything over $300 for dress shoes was inconceivable, so I really had to rack my brain for where to look. We ended up going to Suit Supply first and it was an absolute win. Shoes were like $250 or less I think and looked great and seemed pretty well made, especially for the price. Their suits too, I was VERY impressed to be honest, especially at the...
Testing through my collection. Today it was Sycomore and yep, it's still fantastic stuff. This bottle is staying for sure. Damn L'Inc, I've basically closed out this TF decant shop and only have a few random ones left, including NdN and sooo want to move the last of these bottles out so the deals can be solid... if you guys want Noir de Noir or Neroli please let me know!
I had a bunch of those bottles from ELDO. My understanding was that they were the original 100ml tester/display bottles and last I saw them was about 4-5 years ago I'd say. I recall at the time that the retail bottles were the same as current, meaning square glass with sticker and matte finish top and white box etc but those were the 100ml's they used for testers and the tops came unscrewed (refillable). I don't think they were ever sold like that.
Thanks for correction. What would my French teacher say, oy.Also, so a point about MKK as a general idea here which I'm sure I've mentioned before... I think sometimes you have to look at a scent within the context of the TIME it was released in. Lines like Serge were out there, as 50ml for $150 in simple packaging, ie 'niche', doing pretty extreme scents at a time when everyone was doing aquatics and fougeres. Are there 50-100 other good musk scents out there now? Sure....
this evening I stayed at home so doused myself in Lutens Musk Kublaii Khan. Non, Je Ne Regret Rien!
This evening it was Diptyque Oud Palao from a decant from one of our own and I rather enjoyed it. Good projection for an hour or two then settled down. Little dirty, little powder, some floral, etc. Not sure how much Oud is going on here but it's an interesting scent and I'm happy to have some finally. Still on the look out for a decant of Volutes too at some point since it reminds me of Fords Tobacco Oud.
I mean I picked up the phone and texted her up, does that count? It's like a voicemail of sorts right?
Peasant Mime Ronald McDonald (edit - not you Regis)
I dig! What's the company/item name? Thanks
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