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I strap my feet to a couple of large steaks and walk around tenderizing them (the steaks) all day. As per above, add a little pepper et voile, by the time you're home, dinner's halfway ready! That, or I get topys put on and cover up that beautiful leather.
sometimes it's batch variations. sometimes is application method (dab versus spray). sometimes it's volume (drip versus 4 sprays). sometimes it's seasons (testing versus bottle). and in my experience, often it's expectations. you test something, get a small sense of it and begin to idealize the idea and then when you finally buy the unicorn, it's less exciting than you believed and you get bored and go chase the next one.
TSLA was a nice jump there, I managed to sell a few shares I bought this morning at 147 right at 164 so that was good. Still, was only a few shares I just happen to pick up this morning out of desperation. Still down fairly hard on the whole position since i started buying it at about 220... TWTR, damn, saw it go down about 10+% and didn't buy any, now it's basically back to regular numbers. Weird.
damn, I'm holding MU and QCOMM too. Haaa, it's like every single stock I own has gone down the tubes. Here's hoping TSLA and TWTR can pop a little so I can trim since i'm pretty over weighted on both.
Yeah I saw those postmarket numbers last night and was like wow... I really thought I had picked a few solid stocks and out of all of them, I mean all seem to have dropped a lot. From DIS and AAPL a little, to NFLX, AMZN, etc quite a bit, and then SCTY and LNKD both took massive hits. Crazy. I'm down around 15-20% in my portfolio overall at this point I think.
Maybe L'Orpheline uses some adoxal? There's a ton of it in M/M Ink
So, how about that CHK action yesterday, wow. Rumours they hired a firm to 'restructure' their debt and it dropped 50% temporarily.
not going to lye, that looks like it's going to be tasty!
Also nearby is Gravity Pope which I maintain has a great shoe selection and generally good staff and they're at 40% off now for sale stuff. Their website has more to offer but unfortunately you have to prebuy to have something shipped in from another store and there's exchange only policy (ask me how I know this, lol)
I'm 100% in and damn, what a day. Pretty upset at all this. I realize they're all 'tech' stocks and 'overvalued' but the numbers coming out on LNKD, AMZN, NFLX, and even TSLA are just wild. Just can't catch a break here, sigh. Oh well, who needs to retire
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