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my parfum is pretty stanky. got it about a year, year and a half ago.
so I'm sure you guys are all more experienced, but I'm just starting out... went with a buddy to a bar yesterday with a strong scotch+bourbon list and tried a few firsts. They had Old Rip 1oz for $10.25 (bartender ended up undercharging it at $9.50) and all I can say is wow wow, really solid juice. I know a little about the Winkle hype but I don't go in with any expectations and even if I'd have known nothing, I would have been impressed. Sweet caramal, full mouth, warm...
in Rich Dad Poor Dad, he makes the point that it's only by taking (calculated) risks that you really get the rewards. playing it safe and doing wide diversity really just gets you a weak return. personally I think it makes sense to do both. I invest a large chunk in stable stuff and then have a small bit for playing around to try and up my average return. at this point, I'm late 20's, just starting out, so i'm basically building a 70/30 portfolio trading ETF's (buy/hold...
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have the packaging/tube for Dior Vetiver 125ml? and while we're at it, I'm looking for BOXES for these below, anyone have these? (I'm happy to pay/trade for them) 50ml Tom Ford Extreme 75ml and 125ml Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme 90ml MPG Route de Vetiver 100ml Givenchy Pi 50ml Guerlain Mitsouko EdT 100ml Bois 1920 Sushi Imperial 30ml Fresh Cannabis Rose
was excited to see the book deal, but despite the 50% off, meaning only $105, they want $70 shipping+handling... ah, hello!?
yeah there's that joke I just heard recently: how do you get a Canadian to say sorry? step on his foot. we're generally pretty polite, enjoying lining up for things, and say sorry constantly.
space4lyfe, yeah all the stores mentioned above carry. Uncle Otis, Oliver Spencer, and Nomad. Sometimes the Nomad and UOtis guys will give like 10-15% off if they like you. Say you're from forum and you like the item etc and would normally get it online for way cheaper but would rather support local stores etc can they hook you up with any small discount etc....
generally speaking our stuff is a little higher, like $15-30 per bottle depending on what it is, but for anything special/limited it can be significantly higher. I price shop and given limited budget and how much I can bring back each trip, I really work the differences to the max to get the best price differences. There are plenty of $20-50 bottles where there's only like $5-10 difference, but even at that price there are a few where there's like $20-30 difference on a...
oh ooh, polo haters gonna hate! (ok in all fairness, with good reason in this case.) and belt is pretty questionable too @Willy, haven't seen you post here in a while (?). Nice shirt, I've been eyeing that one for a while. CM is doing 40% off this weekend and just saw it a few hours ago at the shop and am on the fence about pulling the trigger... @Chet, why you gotta hem those pants so short?
Astors SA kept saying that their 4R Single was highly recommended and I ended up going with Willet instead to round out the collection in terms of tastes/styles. Hmmmm, oh well, good enough reason to go back and visit (assuming stock still left). picked up Ugedail which I'm excited to try out. $75 at Astors, $175 in Toronto so even with the exchange rate ($85?) it's still excellent IMO
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