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actually that's fascinating, thanks for the info! (was more a joke about their mouths being wide open)
Locally we have Black Grouse "Alpha" (black bottle, red cap) for about $35. Anyone tasted this? I think it's on sale but no point in wasting money if it's bad. oh, and just had my first taste of this... light smoke on the nose, nowhere near that peat of the Islays. Drank it neat and was a tad hot but very nice! (pulled off instagram)
Just had my first taste of this... light smoke on the nose, nowhere near that peat of the Islays. Drank it neat and was a tad hot but very nice!
why do fish always look so surprised? Like they figure hey did you hear about bob he bit on something shiny and we never heard from him again, come to think of it, that's been happening a lot lately, but nah, won't happen to me. Oh, something shiny!
as for Malle, I sold the stuff for a couple of years and I have to agree. I respect them, but don't really wear too many... I own Dans Tes Bras and Musc Ravageur and have a decant of PoaL and small decant of Geranium and Bigarade, but would I have bought them as a customer? Probably not... If I had to buy them, I'd say I would only have got 10-30ml decants of those ones above and that's it. Whereas say Ford, on principle I should like him less, and yet I probably have like...
Oh well that's a pretty glowing review. OK, I'll retest it but looks like I'll try and snag a 125ml bottle. Shame about the price increase though. I already have Leather Oud and Ambre Nuit. Next on the list is Oud Isphahan and maybe the Vetiver. I agree too about Coeur, and got a 100ml bottle NIB off Fragrancenet with coupon for about $55-60 so great deal. Though I find it darker and sort of jammy. Honestly have only worn the sample a couple of times then just bought the...
out of interest, in the USA that Belvenie 21 Portwood is about $150-160. In Toronto at LCBO they wanted about $350 for it. Go figure... (http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo-ear/lcbo/product/searchResults.do?ITEM_NAME=THE+BALVENIE+PORTWOOD+21+YEARS+OLD+SPEYSIDE+S&ITEM_NUMBER=&language=EN)
yeah was just going to comment about the belt too. blech. jacket looks good though
I love my vetiver and have quite a few... (Guerlain Vetiver, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, MPG Route de Vetiver and Racine, Sycomore and Encre Noir, etc)... I generally prefer them mixed in or sharp but somehow I find say Malle's Vetiver Ex a bit boring... what are your guys' thoughts on the Dior Privee Vetiver?
Oh hey I wore this a couple of times from a sample I received from a friend and was really impressed. I'm not a rose guy but I like saffron and soft stuff occasionally and really really enjoyed this one.Actually the part I like most about this (agreed, the rose isn't much to speak of) is the black current sort of jammy note in there.today CBIhP Soaked Earth. Interesting smell, almost no projection as usual. Like most CB's, conceptually interesting but useless, practically...
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