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Geoff, if you're into frankincense and Catholicism, I suggest checking out Comme des Garcons Incense series, particularly Avignon, and for the accord with warm spices around it, Tom Ford Sahara Noir and Amber Absolute. Also Armani Privee Bois D'Encense for more of a eucalyptus black pepper addition.
Regarding Amouage, Interlude is certainly well loved. I'd also suggest sampling Jubliation XXV, Memoir, Lyric, and Reflection. I own 3/4 of those (not Lyric).
I feel like that takes a LOT of work to prep....
Jo Malone has too many scents and most of them are entirely boring. It's for people who want to 'own/wear' perfume but not really. They're more about beautiful packaging that you can give as a gift or feature in a magazine. Pretty pictures with almost no substance. In contrast to say Guerlain (old Guerlain) which did have some level of packaging and brand presence but probably had more substance than you'd realize . I feel like Guerlain keeps giving you more details with...
I've got at least one scent for each of the major citrus notes and for Lime the two I ended up with were Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar (now discontinued), and also one of only 2-3 I own from the house, Bond #9 Central Park which has a lime blossom or something.
Made it about halfway through the stories but I can't go any further. I'm browsing SF while waiting for dinner to heat up and now I'm not sure I can eat.
NR is one the few scents I find rather repelling. Something about that super green bitterness, the wet cement, I just find it so unfriendly. Nice bottle though!
Huh, I just received my bottle of TF Arabian Wood actually and was about to post it up on the decant thread. Weird timing. Yesterday's scent was testing an old vial I made. Mugler's Angel, Taste of Fragrance series. I think I just find the whole A*Men series too rich and heavy. They certainly perform so that's good I guess, but there's not much nuance. This miniseries/version added in some sort of chili/gourmand layer, again not too shabby but I think the original is...
WMT stock had a nice pickup today. I'm nearly at breakeven. I think I'll wait to make a few % and sell and move on. Not sticking around long term. I'm sure it'll do fine but I want to trade and was hoping this was oversold and would take a few days or a week to come up a few % and I'd just flip it. Instead I'm holding and I don't want to.
what do i know I'm already as drunk as a skunk
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