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boy am I glad I purchased some COS.TO on Friday... I'm sure there's still room to come up with and oil price recovery but I sold off my whole position today. Figured I'd take the gains and wait for the enthusiasm (takeover bid) to wear off and maybe buy back in. bought into two new ones... not sure if they were the right call though. GILD at around 99 (will buy more at 95 and sell at 110-120) and VRX around 165 (will buy more at 155 and sell at 220/240). Also bought back...
Up for sale is an XS Uniqlo sportscoat. Worn 2-3 times and in mint condition. Slim fit, 2 button, wool blend, grey and black herringbone pattern, easy casual wear or for the office. I remember the retail price being about $120 or more actually I think. This was from their wool collection a few years back. Asking price is $60 USD plus $10 shipping or make me a reasonable offer. Paypal only please. I’ve been around here for many years and have done over 250 transactions so...
so funny, was just thinking of that scent this morning. I wore L'Instant De Guerlain Extreme last night but was choosing between it and Baux.
damn, I only hesitated slightly before clicking on "for those with no life whatsoever'
honestly, I smile every time I sniff my bottle of Al Oudh. It's just so deliciously dirty. Wore it a couple of weeks ago and loved every stinkin' minute of it haaa.
thanks guys I was even going to comment about how amazing AA is and then was like eh they've all heard it before
well it is optimistic Friday, didn't you hear? Phew, MU and SUNE and a few others had a good run there!
well, an 'optimistic' friday for once. Did a lot of trimming off today to take some gains. Heck, even bought stuff this morning and sold it off this afternoon and made money. Up like 4-5% for the day, then again still down overall about 15% or something. I'm not failing as bad as I used to!
SOTD Amouage Reflection Man. Have a full bottle, haven't really worn it much. Yeah pretty decent, don't love it, but it's good.
went past several marshals and winners locations yesterday. they actually have a few random nice items. I mean some of it's gucci and z-zegna, but i saw some corneliani and cucinelli and other stuff. most of it still rather overpriced but at least the stuff's out there. Gucci black turtleneck only $400, same price as a Dior dress shirt, which seems like a steal for a compare at $1000 lol.
New Posts  All Forums: