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Quote: Originally Posted by sbbbjm . . . and that i have so much money that i can blow it on $85 fleeces. amongst the fratty types its a status item. Its frat-tastic. Pair with vineyard vines shorts for maximum effect.
If there's an F on the side, maybe its FREAKIN UGLY SHADES. LOCK.
Skull 5010xx Honestly, come on.
Never, auditing is a bitch
5'11, 130 lbs 29 waist
Quote: Originally Posted by aging in rhythm I predict them getting really big really soon. Oh wow, you're really going out on a limb there with that prediction. Boat Shoes: Nothing new. Go to any campus with a good greek life and you'll see them everywhere. On another note, I like to wear my boat shoes with my skull 5010xx's rolled up to my ankle
Quote: Originally Posted by Oh!Saka! Care to elaborate? Otherwise, your post is essentially useless. Sure: Its too gaudy, asian, *takeapicture* (peace sign) style. Find something more simple. Judging by the rhinestone belt and rhinestone t-shirt, you have a ways to go. Thats just my opinion.
That looks awful. It really does.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife Tommy Hilfiger Seriously, its making a comback. Buy only Tommy, you'll be way ahead of your peers.
This: + This: = Perfection
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