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Nobody can help me decipher the sizing code or direct me to a decent reference?
Hi all. I was at Harry Rosen picking up a new Zegna Roma and threw on a pair of the store's Ferragamos to check the pant hem. They were 9 1/2 E. I currently wear A & E Sohos and Hawthornes both 10 1/2 D. I would love to buy some of the great deals on B&S but am Leary to do so as each brand seems arbitrary. Knowing what I have listed above what can I do other than buy only A&E 10.5 Ds???? Your help is appreciated.
This is a GREAT deal. i am assuming the traditional Navy Blue would be best. Question for sizing. I am a 42R in a suit what size would I order a coat like this? Upsize or same? Thanks.
You can get them at any shoe shine shop. In Canada... Moneyworth & Best have em. $2.39
I have to agree with those on the side of technology. I am in the financial field and a PDA is not required in my office. We still have several guys who will cling desparately to their agendas. Funny thing is, the older guys (I am almost 35) are often the ones embracing the new technology. I currently use a Treo and Outlook and an outside PIM called Pocket Informant 2007. I can keep in touch with my clients via phone, set up Appointments, send PHYSICAL confirmations...
Shoe...... where are your 10.5 Ds????
I am a recent Pantherella convert. Awesome fit and very comfortable
Try ULTRAVIOLET by Paco Rabanne. I wear this often and I get TONS of comments from Ladies. 100Ml for $90 CAN
Very nice! What is not to like? Nice lines yet simple and elegant!
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Yes, Hugo Chavez is not particularly well-liked here. Funny! I recently bought a Boss suit from Harry Rosen. As you said the cut is very contemporary and it fit beautifully off the rack. I have a question though. I have an older Boss suit. The material of the suit is in Great. I have noticed what appears as fine threads that are emerging from the suit arms. Is this the material that has been...
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