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First-ever polish of my color 8 LWBs. I'll give 'em another brushing tomorrow, once the polish has really dried. But I'm not unhappy with the result.
The speed laces are a terrible, terrible decision. They're the opposite of "speed" laces. Going off or on, it's much faster to have eyeholes all the way up. Anyone who's worn Alden boots likely has an equally fervent anti-speed-laces bitterness.
Henry, have you ever polished your color 8s? I have the shoes. I have the polish. Wondering whether to put them together or just stick with regular, vigorous brushing. Thanks.
LOL. I sure did, man. Shoes matter more than any other part of a man's wardrobe.
I never understood the mentality of galoshes. Just wear boots and change into your shoes when you get to work. In fact, I keep all my shoes in my office. They never leave the sweet, warm embrace of our carpeted building.
Is it weird to be in a meeting with our governor and be looking down at my color 8 LWBs thinking, "Man, these are good-looking shoes" when someone asks me a question, so I look up and say, "Just making some notes. What was the question?"
Had to re-order color 8 LWBs for size reasons. Waited forever until Leffot offered antique edges again, then had to wait forever for them to come in. Arrived today on blue jeans Friday. After all these years, I still say they're the best-looking shoes ever made. Having my first child, a son, in two months. Looking forward to the day I can hand him these shoes to wear to his high school graduation - and all his adventures thereafter. Cheers
Awesome shoes.
Evidently, you are the model in question. Please see the nearest woman for confirmation that your shoes suck.
Would it be possible for the model in the photos to wear some normal shoes? The shoes this guy wears are so damned weird, they creep me out. I wear my Gustins with wing tips. Just saying. I mean, seriously: would you hire a guy who walked into your office wearing these freaky Euro things? Or trust this guy to date your sister?
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