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Thanks, Mike! This was a pre-order and the wait was unusually long. Just FYI. I pre-ordered these in October 2013.
Got the blues today, boys. Raining and 58 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska. Perfect weather for my new pair of navy blue Greenwich boots, which I just received in the mail yesterday from the very awesome Leffot. Yes, I said "blue." They're awesome. And I'll tell you what else: I've seen others comment that the plantation crepe is like wearing a pair of Nikes and, man, were they right. If I could never buy anything but crepe again, I'd be a happy fat guy. (Except I'm losing...
Just got an email that the downtown browns are back and ... they're fully funded. WTF, boys? Guess those are popular.
Here you go, man. AoC AF84 at Anchorage airport. I call this piece "Alden with Wolf."
Wow. Thanks, Shawn. That was very cool of you to link to my sale. That's good karma, baby.
Cool. Will do tomorrow. Thanks!
Well, Friday is going to be a sad day for me: I put up my color 8 LWBs with antique edge for sale on Ebay. They just didn't fit right. Of all the different shoes I've worn, those color 8s are the only ones that women consistently said, 'Ooh, I love your shoes." As soon as Leffot has another pre-order, I'm going to replace them with my proper size. Guess I'm not alone in thinking that particular make-up is awesome: within an hour, those shoes had hundreds of views and...
Fantastic. Thanks, Alcibiades.
Thanks, Rydenfan.
Howdy, boys. Anybody have some insight into which retailer carries plain toe boots, preferably in color 8? Alden of Carmel carries them, but only on Trubalance last. I'd prefer Barrie last, or I guess Leydon. The best make-up in my opinion was Blackbird's creamery boot, but I don't think they carry them any more. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: