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Awesome shoes.
Evidently, you are the model in question. Please see the nearest woman for confirmation that your shoes suck.
Would it be possible for the model in the photos to wear some normal shoes? The shoes this guy wears are so damned weird, they creep me out. I wear my Gustins with wing tips. Just saying. I mean, seriously: would you hire a guy who walked into your office wearing these freaky Euro things? Or trust this guy to date your sister?
Cool. Thanks. I had them hemmed longer than I usually do, so I hope I'll be okay. But it'll likely be a while before I wash them. When I do, I'll certainly use cold water.
I have to say it's a big thumbs up for the Heavy Americans. I like powder blue, super soft, worn-in jeans and was planning to wash the hell out of these; but they look so damned good right out of the box, I think I'll take Goldenbear's advice and just wear them. Yes, they're a tad loose, but the larger size makes the pockets much more accessible and I can stand with hands in pockets (while my boss is droning on and on during a meeting, for example) with complete...
ha! Nice. Thanks, man. I'll let you know.
Well, the jeans I currently have shrank after cold-washing and not drying them. But I'll get back to you in ten years with an update after I've faded them by wearing them.
Got my first pair of heavy Americans today. I bought them a size larger, intending to wash and dry and fade them. Anyone have thoughts on this plan?
Need laces? I just got replacement boot laces from a British maker via Amazon and they're good. They're not exactly like Alden's laces - they're thicker and not quite as waxy or flat. But the upside is they seem to be tougher. I'd be surprised if these things break in the next five years, or even ten. Anyway, just FYI if you break your flat boot laces. Bonus: they have lots of...
Regarding the uppers, I don't like split toes. That stitch looks like a puckered wound to me. In addition, I love natural chromexcel. I've got LWBs in natural chromexcel and they are just gorgeous, yet also sort of casual-looking. Really great match with faded jeans.But regarding the soles, I love the plantation crepe. They're like wearing tennis shoes. But they do have a thicker, more casual profile.So for comfort, I think you'd have to go with the chamois Norweigan toe....
New Posts  All Forums: