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Fantastic. Thanks, Alcibiades.
Thanks, Rydenfan.
Howdy, boys. Anybody have some insight into which retailer carries plain toe boots, preferably in color 8? Alden of Carmel carries them, but only on Trubalance last. I'd prefer Barrie last, or I guess Leydon. The best make-up in my opinion was Blackbird's creamery boot, but I don't think they carry them any more. Thanks.
Thanks, man.
Yesterday, I received my color 8 LWBs from Leffot. Look at that sole: clean, unblemished, perfect. It'll never look like that again. But I can't wait until these babies are creased and form-fitting. At any rate, after - what? five? - pairs of shoes, I have finally determined my proper size on the barrie last. I don't live near a brick-and-mortar store, so I've had to buy shoes via mail order to try them on. And, of course, by the time I've worn them a bit to figure out if...
Not exactly "enough to make a grown man cry," but it definitely got a few choice curse words out of me. Brand new jar of Saphir renovateur. Dropped it, broke the lid. Crikey!
Personally, I find the Leydon last a bit narrower than standard American size equivalents. But my foot is just over the line of a D width. I find most D widths comfortably snug, but the Leydon was too much for me. I went with the same length but in an E width. The Barrie last is a whole 'nother ball of nuts.
Thanks, man. I'd love to walk into a brick and mortar retailer and try on a variety of sizes. Alas, that may not be possible until I've tried via mail order every possible size variation.
I'm still trying to nail down my correct size on the Barrie last. Just plopped down a deposit for 9.5 E black cordo LWBs from Leffot. 10 D are a tad long and a tad narrow. Keep in mind that I wear a 10.5 D or 11 D in "normal" American sized shoes. Naturally, the idea of going from 11 D to 9.5 E is not something that sounds logical. I really do not understand while Alden won't make this shit easier by standardizing their sizes. I'm going broke just trying to find my damned...
Ha! That's funny: I have the same debate, but in reverse. I think I'd prefer to go with a totally different color next rather than something that's so similar. Color 8 probably, if I can find them. But I love the antique edge on color 8 LWBs so much that I might just wait for Leffot to pre-order them again, which could mean a wait of a year.Anyway...
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