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I picked up a pair of these as well from Shoe Bank. BEST SHOES EVER!!!!
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I want the blue Neumok's sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful shoes!!!
Great idea. I have been eyeing the Kenilworth. That would be a great add to the herd
Thanks!!! Anybody else have any suggestions? It's much appreciated.
Hi everybody, I really appreciate all of your wisdom here on SF, and I am asking for some advice. I am looking to broaden my shoe collection, and looking for something different (not stupid looking) to go with my gray (light and dark) slacks and sometimes jacket. I currently have AE Veronons in brown, AE McAllisters in walnut, AE Hales in merlot, and a burgundy wingtip. I was considering the AE navy Neumok (I know this is considered a casual shoe), but I think it will...
Thanks guys. I will stick to what looks good and not worry about doing something different.
Hi everybody, I am wanting to switch things up a bit and am considering the denim AE 7th Ave. I am thinking about this shoe with dark and light gray suits, but I can't make up my mind. One side of me says "These are not functional with a suit" and the other side says "This would be a good, different combo." I would really appreciate your honest feedback. Thanks!!!
I LOVE this shoe!!!! That sucks regarding the toe box. That would bother me too I would exchange them.
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