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Probably not in the correct section of the forum but I kinda consider these as a hybrid sneaker because of the rubber and colored sole. Anyone know where I can find these in a uk 6-6.5? They went on sale last season but I was away and missed out
I have two pairs of dior jeans 19cm in size 31 and I have been losing weight. How do you guys feel about altering and getting the jeans to fit better? I was think of having the waist pinched and maybe get the legs a bit tighter..
Recently passed on the blue clear sole balenciags, they felt awesome and looked great but something about them turned me off... Shops in hk didn't have the black marbles that I wanted.. Ended up buying the last pink/black y-3 qasa in hk haha they're insanely comfy!!!!
Any body here know of any sites that have some nice down jackets on sale? Gonna be braving an insane winter in china this year and want a second moncler jacket!
we don't have one in canada. the website doesn't offer the shoes at the moment either.
Anyone know where I can purchase/preorder the new balenciaga high tops? Barney's has them but they don't carry sizes smaller than a 40 and I would need a 39
what happened to the forty five ten sale??? i was eyeing some things and they suddenly spiked up in price!
Has anyone in Canada ever order from antionioli? I'm about to purchase a shirt but am afraid that dhl will end up raping me...
i was trying to find out about how much they were in the current market... it's not like i was asking to get them for like $10...
anyone know where i can find these in a size 39? regret passing on these black and purple balenciagas... what's a good price for these right now?
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