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I want that jacket but not at 800..
Figured as much! Thanks
Is this country specific? I didn't get the code this time..
Where can I find a pair of chelsea boots on sale? Hoping for a pair of common projects in a 39
Any farfetch codes floating around? Thanks!
How can I fix a zipper? My balmain jeans' zipper got snagged and it came off... Site isn't letting me attach photos... basically the mechanism holding the zipper pull of the pocket is cut in half
And just as I post this I see that my habit went insane and I missed out..
What's a good everyday bag I can buy on sale? I need a place to put my phones and wallet in. I've never been a bag person but it's becoming more and more of a necessity because of constant travel.
Is Spence legit? Feels sketchy to mw haha
Thanks for the help but not what I was looking for! Much appreciated tho
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