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anyone familiar with the brand parlay? where's it made? can't seem to find any info on them online
Hi, I have an Alexander Wang oversized bomber in a size 48 for sale. It's more of an interest check but am willing to let it go for a good price. The sleeves are too big for me ( yes yes i know that it's supposed to be..) and might have it altered if no one is interested. I'm using stock pics at the moment as I have not taken photos of the actual jacket yet. I will provide them to whoever asks and will post them later on as well. The jacket is brand new. I've tried...
where would be the best place to purchase balmain biker jeans for a good price? also, people with experience with them, how is the quality and fit? i've been using dior mijs and slps exclusively for my jeans and want to try something new!
barneys site is retarded.. the option to pay with an international credit card disappeared. ugh.. lost out on something i really wanted to buy.. was waiting to be able to talk to customer service.
not very appealing added sale tho..
who took the givenchy camouflage jacket from forty five ten ?? i was in the shower and forgot to confirm purchase... now its gone
anyone know where i can get some nice women's wallets on sale? need to get a gift hahaha
Been on the hunt for those exact valentinos but can't find them anywhere
YSL sale online now. not much tho..
nvm... brain wasn't working in the morningn
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