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My newbie advice: I suppose some 1.5 to 2 inches if you do it before washing.
It is tighter than the RR. But I can't explain it properly, because I don't own any Nudie jeans. If you're thin then it should fit ok, slim but not tight.
If you don't have them yet, buy some Thorlo Coolmax socks. They may help you a lot in your walks. As for the shoe, I don't like the airmax windows very much either, the rest looks ok.
I think both GAP and PDC are using double ring-spun denim. Those jeans I posted neither are mine. The first is Howies and the second is Samurai from Japan.
Sure. that's easy... The pic above shows several things. A chainstitched hem, a red selvage edge, double ring-spun (you can see, the thread goes thick and thin alternately in both directions, warp and weft. If it was only in one of them, it would be just plain ring-spun). The pic above shows, besides dry denim painted with natural indigo and more chainstitchings, an easy way to notice double ring-spun: the warp and weft vary greatly in thickness (even more than they...
the one you saw at the store is the 'Light washed denim' version of the Anglaise. you should go for the unwashed (Which has contrast-stitching)
I've seen some other Helmut Lang jeans cut like that... don't know about the season tho.
they will stretch... since they're sanforized they almost don't shrink at the waist when you wash them, so go down with the size.
hope I can visit those places too someday... good for you J.
on average some 12 hours a day, everyday. I did some rubbing using not sandpaper, but a piece of dark denim. A slow process, but I fear I did it too much on the thighs
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