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Anyone else notice the NuBie instead of NuDie? I think he means NuBie as in a weird way of saying Newbie
Could it be that they were made after Helmut Lang left and Prada took over? it was not so long ago and the jeans look quite worn.
yeah. and and when you expose them to sunlight they turn to stone...
maybe rogan or apc english style.
you can stretch the hems, can't you? It just came through my mind that one can loosen up a tight jeans by wearing them with multiple long-johns underwear. It would stretch the most in the tighter areas so the results would be nice. Additionally, the wear marks should become much more pronounced.
After a week, at the waist, I agree with Brian that's probably all they will stretch. They won't stretch anymore at the waist, but the legs may still loosen up a bit. That's what happened to my New Standards. After some 2 months I feel the legs have molded, stretching in the parts in which they were tighter... they don't look so tight and tapered as they were at first, which is good IMO.
I think tapered looks nice sometimes, specially with some boots, see Dior Homme style
the same here. at first they were tight on the waist and from the knees up, but after some wearing they are confortable. btw, I'm currently a little overweight. I'm 5'11, 195 lbs. have you tried going some sizes up?
Brian, you mean with sandpaper there will be lighter areas but not darker areas? If so, I got darker and lighter areas rubbing with denim. Don't know if it looks completely natural, does it seem stupid? I think it was ringring that advised it.
montecristo, I used a piece of a hem of a dark denim instead. Sandpaper may be too fast, it probably won't handle the subtler fadings and it may screw it up.
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