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pre-washed: wash them the way you want, turn them inside-out first and preferably don't tumble dry too much. as for raw denim: it depends a lot. excluding the first shrinkage thing, you can wash your raw denim inside-out once a month or less, every three months, six months... cold water preserves the original state better than warm water. dry cleaning preserves the original state even better than cold water. warm water increases the indigo loss and the fade. hand-washing...
HEWSINATOR -- Welcome to SF. Good fade, good pics
maybe you can use celga/juno.
notice the vertical striations on the Eternal. I personnaly prefer the more even look of the SDA.
nice... (I saw the pics by removing the ".th" from the thumbnail's URL) mine are looking similar to yours and minya's... the fade is more pronounced in some areas and less in others, but there are less whiskers, as I'm not wearing them as tight.
whatever you wear is ok, no need to be so worried. if you're spending too much money, you may think if maybe you are trying to fill emotional gaps in your life by buying clothes? in any case it can be a nice, healthy interest. to have an aesthetic sense is good... caring about clothes is good... just as not caring is also acceptable. the way people see you, especially when you meet new people, is influenced by some extent by your choices in what you wear. so it's natural...
45rpm jomons (or any other natural indigo) seems perfect for keeping them the way they are, and they don't fade very fast. Natural indigo denim from other brands may be good too.
great, minya!!!
you can remove the leather patch.
yea, maybe it's all about public image. And to officially introduce a new season's collection/inspiration.
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