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no... I think I'll do it with all my tees, but they have to be a little too big, otherwise there's nowhere to cut.
I had a t-shirt altered by a tailor to fit me better. It fits great now. It costed only $3
that looks like real dirt.
I was thinking the same. They look kind of slim on the model, though.
if anyone cares, here are some more pics of the XX-003:
the XX-003 seems already pretty slubby and uneven for only 14 oz. I wonder if there's any place to see the AI-001 on the internet.
so far I've only found one raw-denim from 'Pure Blue Japan' for sale, the XX-003:
I searched on google for Pure Blue Japan and found almost nothing, but when I tried with what seems to be their Japanese name, 正藍屋 , there were many results (just in case someone else wants to search for them).
it's nice to hear ideas different than our own. for some circunstances there can be things better than t-shirt and denim, but they are good for everyday, relaxed environment.
Supertalk is still nice. Certain people who posted useful information some time ago rarely post nowadays, though.
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