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guessed the same as horriblyjollyjinx...
Also since the sun affects different skin colors as Geowu mentioned. Are there products to look out for, for specific skin tones (I, for example am already a tan color naturally)? you have an advantage, your skin already has some protection. you can use sunscreen for additional protection. I think taking vitamin D pills is easier than applying sunscreen.
yeah I know that. but I don't have the patience to put sunscreen all over me everyday. there's an interesting thing about this: 1. dark skinned people live where there is high sun exposure (tropics) and 2. light skinned people live where there is low sun exposure (far from the tropics). that's 1. to avoid skin cancer and 2. to get vitamin D from the sun in higher amounts. The exception are those indigenous people (don't remember the proper name but the popular term is...
you're right. my contribution: rescue is a straight leg, a regular fit. hipster is a womens cut, with a lower rise and slim fit. men can wear it too. cure is slimmer, tappered, the selvage is cut off.
post pics if you can, of the pure blues!
BlvdDandy, will you alter the legs of the xx-004?
Studio D'Artisan SD-103 -- 5 months and 2 washes. The color is represented more accurately on the first two pics.
Quote: In general, I'd say they infuriate me. I completely agree. They always look terrible. I don't think it's that bad on your pair though. I would wear them.
You've got a nice business! I like all the zimmerli variety you have.
Haha... Alexander Kabbaz, your points are valid. I thought the same as you did. First, the chain- vs. lockstitching: traditionally, as well as today, jeans are made using chainstitching because of its stretching properties. So, although lockstitching is better in some areas (and are used), chainstitching is preferred for other areas. I costs more, it uses vintage machinery. Talking about vintage machinery, that's the reason why they don't have the modern trimming...
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