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pics of the d1177 (in case anyone wants to see it)
Looking so nice! ..... I want to buy them! thank you for the pics, Roland!
Nobody gives a crap about my jeans. I'm the only one who knows it and I like it that way. I don't like to show off. I like to wear for the quality and I like it to look like it is embarrassingly cheap when it is actually embarrassingly expensive. Clothes looking simple and humble, but so inexplicably nice! That's the image I want people to have.
distressed Denime looks good. I agree about the non-distressed AI-001.
wish list: BS United Oni Denim Pure Blue XX-004 or 003 45rpm Jomons (I don't really need any, though)
Quote: As for their popularity, it is a bit suprising. At the same time, the jeans have a regular fit, unique matzah like denim, and are natural indigo. is this good or bad?
I completely agree.
did they shrink yet? they will probably stretch and fit you confortably, I do think.
minya, my SDA seem to be in a similar condition as yours. one month more and same number of washes. I like their color too... some parts are really dark (I think SDA are one of the darkest aren't they...) and some lighter areas in between, that artic blue tone is nice.
hip size differs between people, I'm 5'10, 160 lbs and my waist is 33 or 34.
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