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Quote: excuse me, got a question here. Does this mean, if im a size 30, i can get a size 28 SD to wear them? than after washing them, i will still fit it with a little bit of tightness? They will fit quite slim in the legs at that size. But yes, you should go with a 28 or a 29.
a low-waisted version of the 811?
If you like them... I would prefer no distressing, or another brand's distressing, like Yen, 5EP, Denime, Full Count, Chimala, Eternal. Also, I would prefer standard back-pockets.
Quote: BTW -- just thinking of this -- is that design mocking Americans? I think it is! Isn't D'artisan the western pig or something?
Maybe it's wabi-sabi.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter "and they talk about freedom of speech..." what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Do you remember the Mohammed cartoons incident? that religious insult was allowed on the basis of "freedom of speech". Actually, there is no such thing as freedom of speech in certain countries. But they say there is. That's contradictory. The political ban on Wagner, the German ban on Hitler's book, etc.
I wonder if these spelling mistakes are intentional... anyone else notice the "desigen only original" leather patch?
Quote: OK, another request for a rec from a non-denim freak (parse that however you like). I'm digging the fit on my RB1s, so I'd be interested in something with a similar fit through the seat and thight, but a lower rise. For the record, the RB1 fits slim but not tight on me. Sub $200, if possible. Thanks all- Tom I'll give my very unexperienced thoughts: RB1 seems a slim to regular fit... ? Low-rise Japanese jeans usually go together with a slim...
and they talk about freedom of speech. how embarrassingly pathetic! my favorite piece by Wagner, maybe Adagietto
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