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It's very slim, though.
this new model seems perfect. I like it a lot.
Quote: they should put more time into their denim and not their lawsuits. definately.
Quote: G., what's that? Whoop De Doo
Quote: $300 for sneakers: is there something wrong with me? no.
I like this one. The Japanese have a good aesthetic sense.
Dear girls, please keep doing... NON-painted nails, hum... I think the rest is fine. Here it is fine. Do women wear this kind of thing in the States?
The way I understand it, what he meant is the durability and quality of the material (putting aside aesthetics and fit, which are totally subjective anyway). If that's the case, then I assume one can rate Japanese jeans being at the top of the scale. The reason is simple, they use better materials and better production methods. That's the objectivity you can talk about. Considering the material, and we all know a lot about it, you can rate jeans one relatively to the other...
Quote: StevenRocks said: I'm black. You don't look black.
I think most Japanese repros are high waisted and loose.
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