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I like raw jeans that will fade with time, in a natural way, and eventually become distressed. Personally I think the distressed "fake" look is out. A little paint in the jeans look stylish to me though. To me quality is all. I tend to prefer brands like APC, Studio D'Artisan, Dope + Drakkar, Denime, 5EP, Nudies, etc..
I don't like it.
I wonder why they don't have the new models yet on the international/european site. If I need to order a new tight men's jeans from APC it has to be from the international site, because the others don't ship internationally.
IMO they mix Jean P. Gaultier with Dolce & Gabbana style and double the price.
it depends. If you live in a place that is hot and humid then wearing your jeans for 3 days will be the same of wearing them for 1 month in a really cold weather.
I prefer classic, formal, so I wear only white or black plain t-shirts with denim, and a grey-beige Diesel sneaker. Perhaps when I get some money I wear something more decent
Any tips on dry-cleaning or just keeping the smell away? I already know the following: - put them inside a plastic bag in the freezer - air them - dry clean other alternatives?
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