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by the way, I can't access superfuture, anyone having the same problem or is it just me?
http://wornjeans.atspace.us/page2.html The pics of my APC jeans are on the above site. I've just updated it. They're 2 months old and never washed.
I hear you.. tight jeans in general have inaccessible front pockets. hope they stretch a bit
Information A.P.C. -denim washing recipes 1. Extremist recipe let your jeans get dirty for as long as possible. first wash: dry clean. following washes: soak your jeans for about an hour in water with a little WOOLITE BLACK added, rinse, roll in a terrycloth towel and hang up to dry. 2. Semi-extremist recipe soak your jeans for about an hour in water with WOOLITE BLACK added, don't scrub, rinse, wring and hang up to let water drain. 3. Machine recipe machine wash at...
I don't like zippers on anything. Bad invention.
My APC's will be 2 months old on Monday, I'll post pics then... haven't washed them yet either. Brian or anyone, you think homemade spray starch (corn-starch + water) has the same effect of bought spray starch?
It's one of those special models.... maybe styleLab... I would go to a store and ask.
montecristo #4, you should get the rescue cut. the sizing is random so I don't know. probably 30 to 33
My opinion Helmut Lang is not the kind of glamour highly exclusive brand to have taken that approach. It is kind of alternative; practical (at least minimal, which goes against glamour); niche, not like the public image of Louis Vuitton to start reducing places and raising prices. It was a dumb approach for Helmut Lang, because he doesn't have the personality for it. He is like of never show up on events and kind of against fame, plus doesn't care much about public image....
Didn't like Raf Simons' designs...
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