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Alrighty guys, the box is on it's way to "loveswatching". Sent it out about 2:30 CST.
I picked up the swap box from Derek this evening and should be done with it by early next week. Lots of good stuff in here guys.
Hey guys , I am daccpa on basenotes also, I acquired two large flacons, one of Tom Ford Moss Breches and another of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. As I am no longer a young man it seems that I may never be able to use all of it before I die. Would be willing to sell a few five or ten ml decants of either of these to defray some of my original investment and help someone try a couple of great scents. I will only ship US and will provide the decants in 5 or 10 ml atomizers from...
Thank you JD&Co. Great product, shipping, communication etc. Wish I could figure out how to give you proper feedback but it won't work so I'll do it here. Lovin the SMW !
Hope this doesn't violate umpteen rules but I need to let Faketrain know that I sent him payment for ADP Colonia Intensa last night. Apparently I used up my allotment of sending PM's yesterday, sent two. Anyway I hope this gets through and maybe someone can tell me what you have to do to up your message allotment. I do plan on going through my wardrobe in the next few days and posting a few of my least-loved for sale bottles. Glad you guys are here. daccpa
Hi Rambo, I should be able to PM you now, this will be my second post.
If you have any spots open in the Amouage Split I'll take one. Thanks
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