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Ordered something on the 23rd and it hasn't been sent out yet.
I just used a set of calipers to measure the thickness of the sleeves on a few of my jackets. I took multiple measurements across the length of the sleeve (folded it and divide measurement by 2). TOJ MDR ca. 2013 (black lamb) approx. 1.27mm thick. TOJ A2 ca. 2011 (brown lamb) approx. 1.50mm thick Falcon Varsity ca. 2015 (black lamb) approx. 1.22mm thick Falcon MA-1 ca. 2015 (black lamb) approx. 1.53mm thick
Anyone have a pair of stretch selvedge got a LO measurement?
It's probably because people love complaining about shit. There was a variation in thickness across my original ToJs... I really doubt people are grabbing a pair of calipers and measuring jackets at different spots.
The black lamb MA-1 I just got has leather that is approximately as thick as my old MDR.
Enter the EMS number into your local mail tracking system. If you are in the US it should give you more accurate tracking. I can't speak to other countries, though.
Yeah by putting the snaps under the lining.
How's the collar rollson the new(ish) oxfords? The overdyed ones look really flat in his product shots.
It looks quite large on him in the chest/waist.
are they worth $330 to you?
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