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Which model of the varsity is it?
Yeah, I didn't see that all the prices were adjusted. Just read the e-mail.
Is this going forward for new members or does this include all the old members too?
What are the usual shipping days? I have an order from Tuesday that I placed in advanced of a return that hasn't had a label generated yet.
Hey guys, haven't bought a pair of Rivets in a few years, just grabbed a pair of speckled chambray in a size up from usual (33), based on my experience with the old cut. Seems a little roomy. Is the new cut roomier than the same size of the old cut? I used to have several pairs in 32 and the fit could have significant variance between fabrics. Does the chambray fabric shrink much with a hot wash? Could be what it takes to get it down to what I want.
+1 for metal
S2S ~ 17" P2P ~ 21" Sleeve Length ~ 25.5" New, only tried on. Shipping is $10 CONUS USPS Priority.
It was a size large after a hot wash/perm press dry.
This is what I thought before, then I got a chambray shirt which was about a size too big.
Have the spec sheets for this shirt? I have a bunch of old shirts and the sizes are all over the place. Not sure what I'd be in this run.
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