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Had a SA at Steven Alan grab this hat and show it to me. http://fairends.com/products/linen-floral-ball-cap-natural Have any extra fabric for a pair of shorts, Mauro? PS: Lost one of the buttons on one of my shirts, can I order some extras?
Are these new shirts closer to the overdye fits or the older shirts?
Had to get something exchanged, should I e-mail someone else to follow up?
Both shirts worn lightly ~10 times. No visible wear, holes, other bullshit to worry about. $75 shipped CONUS for OCBD $90 shipped for the Floral.
$60 shipped to US Collar isn't buttondown.
I'm planning on ordering 20 A-2s so my firstborn child can comfortably switch jackets into adulthood.
Just over a year with my MDR.
Can anyone measure the waist (narrowest point) of a Small BD shirt?
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/size-chart Size charts look messed up. I usually wear a GBV small but it's snug, what should I be looking at for WVG? I was trying to decide between small AD or medium BD but it looks like the charts changed.
New Posts  All Forums: