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One Wash version - New with tags, tried on, waist is small. Blue Owl pics cause I'm lazy. Size chart gives waist as 33.5 but it's closer to 32.25-32.5 other measurements are fairly accurate. http://www.blueowl.us/products/jb0601-14-8oz-selvedge-denim-high-tapered?variant=11050313345 SHIPPING:
I've had a lamb A2 since 8/2012, it's a little beat up but it's fine.
The new stretch selvedge is a lot like the old T000s, sizing is diff though. I wore a 31 in T000s and a 33 in the new selvedge stuff.
Ordered on the 26th and still waiting for them to ship..
What does "Awaiting Lodgement" mean?
Damn, just got white gats for $185 shipped...
Anyone talk to Lian in the last few days? Got my pair of sidezips in but there's a pretty large defect and no word from him after a few days.
Doesn't work.
What's the LO on the miracle airs?
The stretch selvedge pair I have is zipper fly.
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