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Is it me or are the new shirts long as shit?
The sleeves on my Varsity were not veiny enough for comment.
Goat or Lamb MA-1? All of my jackets have been Lamb thus far...
SF uniform fit via airport bathroom and how the colors are in natural light. A+ on the size recommendation from Charly.
Got my varsity, quality is as expected. After looking at it, kinda want a leather ma1, thinking of this, imagine a ma1 with wool body and leather sleeves. Same pattern as the varsity with a zip and flap, breast pocket and sleeve pen pocket.
Please send us tags to glue onto our jackets.
It's how his jacket sits on his hips when it's zipped. Probably a little long, so the midsection leather bunches up.
Ordered on 9/3 and got my tracking today on 9/14. Talk about lead times.
Which model of the varsity is it?
New Posts  All Forums: