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They're worn, suede is a bit dirty, soles are a bit worn. Haven't worn them in about a year because I don't have a business casual job anymore. Don't really feel like playing 20 questions so I probably won't respond to anything except offers to buy.
Well I accidentally bought them when messing around to see if VAT would get dropped off. Emailing them to see if they'll subtract the VAT.
Gonna chime in and agree that the armholes on the V2 are really high. They dig into my pits despite being the same armhole opening measurement as my MA-1. Perhaps they should be adjusted downward away from the stock patterns. There's no way of knowing they'd dig in, given they were the same measurements or larger than other armholes from ToJ.
So what are the SS16 shirts?
Used on two trips, got a Tumi bag so this has been sitting in my closet untouched for over a year. One side has slight indigo stains from raw denim, tried to capture it on camera but it's very difficult to see. Hardware is all in great condition. $225 shipped. Bottom Width: 23 1⁄2 in Depth: 12 in Height: 12 1⁄2 in Strap Length: 48 in Strap Drop: 23 in Handle Length: 31 in Handle Drop: 13 in Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz
The suiting wool fit quite slim, but it was just very padded, giving it the 'classic' look silhouette.
@masshi way back in ToJ charly told me to get 21.6" and I'm 5'8"
the prophecy from a few pages back came to pass RIP
Has he mentioned any new shirt fabrics thru any avenues?
One Wash version - New with tags, tried on, waist is small. Blue Owl pics cause I'm lazy. Size chart gives waist as 33.5 but it's closer to 32.25-32.5 other measurements are fairly accurate. SHIPPING:
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