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Can anyone measure the waist (narrowest point) of a Small BD shirt?
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/size-chart Size charts look messed up. I usually wear a GBV small but it's snug, what should I be looking at for WVG? I was trying to decide between small AD or medium BD but it looks like the charts changed.
Got a stock 48 TOJ1 2011 in the famous Jason Bourne colorway. It fits quite slim, wearable as a 48, but troublesome if you have big arms. Sleeves show some creasing, the ribbing is still solid (hasn't stretched much), but is pilling a little. Shipping is included for US.
toj gitman sda cp
Just received a recent order a few weeks ago and a few comments. Something is up with either the thread tension or thread material for button flies. I snapped two threads on the button fly just undoing the buttons out of the box. This could be 50/50 due to lack of specificity on my part , but I asked for a drawstring cuff and the pants came with the drawstring on the external side of the cuff.
What's the chest measure on this?
Yeah they've already debited my paypal.
Does Luxire update orders with any information post payment? I placed an order about a week ago and I haven't received anything other than the initial confirmation e-mail.
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