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I've sold thousands of items on eBay, and back in the day it was great. If you are an honest seller there are few problems, but as a buyer you really take your chances. I would never buy a high-value (over $50) item from anyone on eBay unless they specialized in that particular item (for example, used shirts) and had a lot of good feedback.I also own the stock, which at this point is underwater (for me). I think they've lost their direction, or rather have not been able to...
I also wear a 9.5D in Alden Leydon last and 9D in Barrie last. I have not worn Church's, but my Tricker's "size 9 fitting 5" and C&J 9E fit fine (both are "medium" width), if not slightly large, which allows me to use shoe inserts for improve arch support. FWIW, Barrie has never agreed with my feet...too wide. I am much happier with the Leydon and the English shoes in terms of fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Just read this thread. 345k? LOL. That's just the annual interest I earn on my checking account. You've got 30 mil in a checking account? that's pretty dumb.
Did you see "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? That is exactly what these boots are used for. Duh!
Who paid?
That's a really common look for young (20s) guys now...the too-short vest with the untucked shirt. But in this case, I think the vest and shirt should be a couple inches shorter, at the risk of looking too waspy. But you can get that stuff anywhere - it should be showing up at Target soon.
- don't sweat it. the guy had penis envy. he mighta felt the same way if you arrived in a ferrari, but it would seem dumb if he said "your car is too nice!"
I used to live in LA, and when wearing a white shirt and slacks I got mistaken for the copier repair guy a couple times. Being Asian didn't help either...but of course, now that I live in Japan, it never happens. And one drawback of living in Japan is that I can't tell the copier repair man from the regular sarariman.
I used to like Bell & Ross watches until they came out with that way, way overpriced square case model. After that, they lost all credibility for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 I'd rather spend the evening in my own suit rather than the inevitable men's wearhouse tux I'll be rockin' at the ceremony. Since I'm a groomsman by default (brother of bride), I feel like it might be ok as opposed to a situation where I'm one of a band of friends who does this. Obviously, I don't want to go against proper wedding etiquette. My sister is ok with it, but she's not the type to say no to something like...
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