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I agree that AE is not necessarily the be-all and end-all, though I do like some of their styles, and own a pair of Leeds in shell cordovan. For some different looks in your price range, you might check out the sale items at Moreschi. The Mirano and the Cordeno are a couple of relatively versatile options for less than $300 each.
I wouldn't know first-hand, as I have always found that a fresh press and collar stays have been enough for a crisp presentation. But every source I've ever read discourages this practice, as it prematurely wears out shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Hey, I was wondering what everyone thinks of these boots from J. Crew. Personally, I much prefer Clarks desert boots. The "burnished" ones just look like worn out boots that need a suede brush taken to them. The non-distressed ones are OK, but I couldn't see paying over 40% more for them, as opposed to a classic pair of Clarks. JMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari The original Cape Cod chip is still excellent in my book. One I had recently was the Route 11 Dill Pickle. Pretty strong. Gotta go with Cape Cod chips, too. Even the reduced fat ones are excellent.
Quote: Originally Posted by sam Tonic and lime. It tastes just like a gin and tonic. I know it's similar, but my non-alcoholic drink of choice is club soda or seltzer with lime. I'm not a fan of quinine sans gin.
Quote: Originally Posted by avec_moi Anyone have any suggestions for good snack foods that are healthy and don't taste like cardboard? In terms of "traditional" snack foods, I am a big fan of soy crisps, which are now widely made in many flavors by a number of companies. Much lower cal than fried snacks, and contain some soy protein. Of the so-called "healthy snacks," I love eating baby carrots with hummus. You might also try a handful of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared ...don't underestimate the conservativism of dark brown wingtips. The reason the other interns aren't wearing them might be because they think of them as older-person or executive shoes. But if your superiors know the conservative business sartorial traditions, a pair might make you stand out in a good way. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Black on black is okay but far from sleek. It takes the most pedestrian of people to say "I'm gonna wear all black tonight, its gonna get so much cooch" and voila, its duplicated. Well, all black wasn't what I had in mind, unless you are appearing on Sprockets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wvillager This will make some people on here gasp, convulse, etc. but in a pinch I bought a pair of black Moreschi's full price at the madison ave store a few weeks ago. I just noticed the inside corner of the heels are cut/notched out. Does this mean something, like the shoe was returned previously? FWIW, my AE Leeds have heels like that, as well. Also, which model of the Moreschis did you get? I recently...
I voted no, mainly because I think black on black is a much sleeker look. I am one of the (few?) people in this forum who doesn't have an immediate bias against black shoes. Although I understand and accept brown shoes are usually the more stylish choice - and my shoe closet reflects that - I think black shoes will always have a unique purpose. For example, maybe it's because I played in the rock clubs around Boston for years, but to me, not much can beat a pair of...
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