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Can anyone possibly proxy this event? I love EP stuff so much and this is the opportunity of my lifetime. Anyone who could help I would appreciate it and also give you my grandma's fish sauce recipe.
Got the calgary boots in and they are sick. The leather is so nice and I can already see them breaking in beautifully. These are my first pair of boots so I was wondering what you guys do for daily maintenance and care? I want these to be on my feet forever.
Yeah I've checked them out but I'm an impatient American. Looking for a domestic product before having to look overseas for laces. Thank you though!
Hey guys, anyone know where I can find some nice laces for the oiled brown calgary boot? And what length should I buy? The laces that came with the shoes can't even go through all of the eyelets so I'm on the hunt! LMK guys, cheers
Ah, he's gonna play the long con. Once you guys go worldwide you'll have no choice and he'll be able to buy some small group of islands with the money.Cheers
@Epaulet Mike, I've been trying to email your support in regards to an order I placed last week but both addresses are not working: contact@epaulet.com & support@epaulet.com have inboxes that are full?
Alden boots in a beautiful makeup in size 11.5. Worn a handful of times since it was purchased over 3 years ago. Commando sole is in pristine condition. Price includes shipping CONUS. International buyers please message me for a quote. No OG box, but will come in shoe bags. Bushmill's Honey Whiskey not included. Cheers.
Tried to go to the bathroom today and my mighty asian hands somehow popped a rivet. Anyone know where I can a good replacement rivet for my crotch?
Sold to me, thanks Kensington!
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