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I'm guessing it's not going to stay that way for long - there's already 5 bids and 4 people watching it
That's really awful. I got in on the seconds deal from STP for $135.00. The shoes were in great condition, and I know several others who are very happy with their purchase. Sounds like you had really bad luck
I see
Is $95.00 the sale price for the belt? Looks like the regular price on the website
f'n awesome! Didn't see the ebay posting for the AE Richmonds, so I didn't know what was being referred to. Thanks!
Are you guys referring to these Florsheims or some other shoes?
Awesome! The consensus seems to be that they're shell, which is great, especially since I got them at a great price.This will be my first pair!!! Hopefully they fit
Didn't you say just a couple of posts earlier that they are 99% NOT shell? Or were you referring to another pair?
That's great!
Any idea if these Florsheims are shell or not? Thanks!
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