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I think many (most?) members on this forum will never be finished getting new clothes and shoes, because a) when you do get to the end of the list, you go back to the top and start upgrading your stuff, and b) for a lot of us, me included, it's a hobby Edit: I must have been posting at the same time as SkinnyGoomba
Nothing vain about getting some shuteye
Sounds like this may not be possible right away, but adding a suit or two to the rotation would help. Have you thought about using cedar hangers? Since you don't have much ventilation, maybe you could have a small table fan directed at the suit?
sftiger is right, that's what I meant.NAMOR, they are both spring-loaded, but the split toe tree seems to have some kind of tension between the front halves that I prefer
I didn't realize you could unscrew the plates, so thanks for letting me know. The other downside of these trees - for me - is that the front is not spring-loaded. I feel, though I could be wrong, that spring-loaded is better for the shoes
I like the "guaranteed to wrinkle" tag
Would be a much more attractive deal if they didn't have their name on it
Hi guys, I just got this pair of Florsheim shell cordovan shoes off eBay. They're in great condition and I'm following the Mac method. However, I do have a question about the these stains I do have Venetian Shoe Cream on order, but it will take a few days to get here and I'd like to wear them on Monday The only other thing I have that is somewhat close to VSC is AE Conditioner/Cleaner and Meltonian Shoe Balm. Will either of these help to remove those stains? Will the...
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