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8.5D, but I ordered them on Saturday or Sunday.Forgot to mention I also wanted to get a Malvern in Brogue Suede, but missed out on it
Ordered a brown McTavish, walnut Katmai and a brown/inen Strawfut in the 2 for $250 sale, plus the Amoks in tan suede. Probably not going to keep all of them but we'll see what happens when they arrive. The Katmais and Amoks are going to be my first suede shoes - looking forward to getting them. Not sure that I need the Strawfuts, but they look so good in the pictures that I had to buy them!
No, but you can do it at the Shoe Bank or any AE outlet, not just Jacksonville
Went there yesterday - they had one Samuelsohn in my size but it was $399.00 since the $100.00 off had expired. Totally forgot about the Drake's PSs. Can't remember the name of the guy who helped me - thin, goatee, not very tall - but he was quite knowledgeable and very helpful.Hope you had good luck with the Brooks Brothers outlet
englade, your shoes look amazing! How do you apply the Lexol? Rub it in with a cloth, leave it to dry and then brush like crazy?does your recommendation change if the shoes in question are vintage/second-hand? I have a pair of Florsheim Imperials that look great, but after hearing horror stories about old shell cordovan cracking, I'd like to do whatever I can to condition it.Also, could you point me to where you found that quote from Ron Rider (if you have it handy)? Thanks!
Looks good. What's the angled buttonhole below the first buttonhole?
Thanks for the info! Any idea when those 25% off footwear deals come around?So I take it $599.00 for RLBL is a good price?
Yeah, it started last night apparently. You can sign up for their newsletter and get in on the next one if you like
http://shop.corterleather.com/products/summer-grab-bag I just bought one of these. The Premium Grab Bag is already sold out, so I imagine this will soon be as well. From their website: Accessory Grab Bag, $18.50 -Version 1 Bottlehooks in Copper, Pewter, Red, and sample colors with included Signature Split Ring - Bracelet two-packs in two different sizes per bag, one each Latigo and Black - Cuffs, card holders, and small leather cases The increasingly popular Grab Bag...
I'm going to up there next week - any likelihood of anything good still being available? What about shoes? I'm visiting a friend in Mississauga so it should be easy to stop by. Any other deals apart from the Harry Rosen outlet?
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