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haha, thanks! I mentioned in the Alden thread that I went there and they didn't have any shell in my size. I already had the Dundee and Leeds on hold and called J'ville right after getting out of ShoeMart to confirm them
I purchased my first shell shoes today - I got a bit carried away and ordered 3 pairs, all seconds!! A black PA, brown Dundees and burgundy Leeds! I wear an 8.5D in my AE Weymouth and Dryden as well as C&J, so that's the size I ordered. Hopefully they'll all fit well, but if they don't that's fine too. Couple of questions specific to shell cordovan: - is there a recommended procedure prior to wearing new shell shoes, like there is with calf? - how does the PA look in...
Thanks MrSix. They did check for additional sizes in the back, but they were all out of shell cordovan in my size! That's a brilliant suggestion about trying out the Carmina lasts - I wish I'd seen it before leaving the store
Thanks Subutai. It's an interesting mix of products for sure, and the SA who was helping me seemed to know about Aldens as well as some New Balance sneakers! When was the Carmina sale?Tampa, I'll look out for that video!I tried on several Aldens to get a sense of the fit. I wear an 8.5D on C&J and AEs. Here's my notes from what I tried and what the SA George told me :FD 901 black captoe 8.5D fit feels goodFD 911 tan captoe 8D fits but probably too small. SA said it's on...
I did. I wasn't planning to buy an Alden anytime soon, so I hadn't researched it. An opportunity to visit TSM today came up unexpectedly so I'm going to buy 1-2 pairs assuming they have my size in seconds with little info and no time to do any research hence the seemingly lazy question - just shoe-buying excitement Tampatravel thanks for the detailed PM
Thinking of going there today to get my first pair of Alden's! Sounds like they have plenty of choices for 2nds to try on? I'm an 8.5D in C&JHow are their prices for firsts? Thanks
It does look beautiful which is what motivated me to buy them. I know that I'll have very few opportunities to wear them, but that also means it's going to last me for a looong time. Didn't realize they were close-outs which is another reason to keep them.One concern is keeping the linen clean. I did come across an article about that, but it was a while ago when I had no intention of getting that type of shoe!
8.5D, but I ordered them on Saturday or Sunday.Forgot to mention I also wanted to get a Malvern in Brogue Suede, but missed out on it
Ordered a brown McTavish, walnut Katmai and a brown/inen Strawfut in the 2 for $250 sale, plus the Amoks in tan suede. Probably not going to keep all of them but we'll see what happens when they arrive. The Katmais and Amoks are going to be my first suede shoes - looking forward to getting them. Not sure that I need the Strawfuts, but they look so good in the pictures that I had to buy them!
No, but you can do it at the Shoe Bank or any AE outlet, not just Jacksonville
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