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I belive B Nelson charges 35.00 for taps
I would like them to get that great shine, but in practice I may not have the time and/or patience to brush for hours
Thanks Cold Iron. The Dundee was only available in brown so I didn't have a choice of color there, but the other two were availble in black and burgundy. Thanks for your perspective on calf vs shell - very helpful, and interesting that you don't wear the calf! I have limited experience with shell generally, but I have never seen a pair in black so it will be interesting to compare when I get the PAs. Thanks for the comparison picsI do plan on wearing one or more pairs in...
Got iGot it, thanks
Good to know since it looks like I'll have to start selling on eBay to justify and fund my shoe purchases! I have 28 feedback but only as a buyer. Haven't sold anything
Good point about the 5 years. I didn't see that
Because its 100% you mean?
Thanks Mike! Appreciate the feedback on the dressiness of calf vs cordovan. I am familiar with the Mac method for polishing shell (hard not to be if you spend anytime reading about shoes ) but just to be clear, you're also suggesting I use it before I wear my shoes?
Sweet! They look great! Were you apprehensive about buying from someone with only 68 feedback?
haha, thanks! I mentioned in the Alden thread that I went there and they didn't have any shell in my size. I already had the Dundee and Leeds on hold and called J'ville right after getting out of ShoeMart to confirm them
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