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PM sent re Boglioli and LBM
Seriously? I've read what seems like tons of comments on here saying shell is great in the rain
I have a pair of navy shell cordovan chukkas (from Ron Rider) that have several water spots on them. I wiped it with a damp cloth and brushed with a horsehair brush, which didn't have any effect, except that the damp cloth turned indigo blue which was the color coming off the shoes. So now the shoes look a bit faded and still have the water spots. Any suggestions?
Having a hard time keeping track of all the sales!
They were all sold out when I checked, which was just now. Maybe others had better luckSo is DSW a good source of discounted quality shoes? Always had this impression they stocked Aldo-level stuff
Did anyone else jump on this? Surprised that there are no replies to this post. Is the first/second pair really EG?
Thanks Jason. They look great - so much sleeker than . No need for another pic, but if you could find out where your cobbler gets them that would be great
GSP is their Global Shipping Program. I thought with GSP eBay calculates shipping and customs; the buyer is responsible for paying those charges and eBay won't give you less than 5 star if you ship it to their domestic center within 2-4 daysCapnwes, are you using GSP or doing it on your own?
Those rubber toe taps look extremely sleek compared to the typical ones you see (the ones with 3 nails in them). What are these called and where do you get them? Also, if you could post a pic that shows the toe tap, that would be great. Thanks!
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