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As someone just mentioned, the Alden Indys do have an R at the same spot where AE has theirs. I saw this myself earlier this week.Re the AE seconds, the Katmais I just got dont have them, so I assumed it was because it was discontinued and not seconds
Ha! That's the blob I was referring to earlier. It's what I have on the seconds I just received. It really looks like a blob, though, so I didn't realize it was supposed to be a shoe till you posted this.So... does anyone know what signifies an Alden seconds? (not that I would ever consider buying Alden or anything apart from AE of course )
All the shoes I have are 8.5D. The AEs are Weymouth and Dryden, and now Katmai. The Amoks in 8.5D felt funny on my left foot. Daltons I tried in 8.5D also fit me well. I have a few pairs of C&J that are all 8.5D as wellThge Drydens might be better if they were 1/2 size smaller, but not a big deal.I don't have enough knowledge about the lasts so I just ordered several styles in the same size, knowing I'd return some of them.It started pouring like crazy as I was about to...
Just got my Katmai. Looks great. It looked more orange on the website, which I was concerned about, but it's less so in person. Fits great and I plan to wear them today even though it's raining a little and I haven't sprayed it the AE waterproofing spray! The Strawfuts also came. They look nice but they are too big for me so I'm returning them. Probably a good thing given all the other shoes I've bought recently Expecting one of the shells to be delivered today. I'm...
It means that it's worn. Judging by the seconds I got in the 2 for 250.00 sale, it looks like seconds have a small oval light colored spot on the sole just in front of the heel
any idea why the price went up from 299 to 449? btw I just got them for 20% off the 449 = 359. Still not as good as the 299, but thought I'd pass that along
I belive B Nelson charges 35.00 for taps
I would like them to get that great shine, but in practice I may not have the time and/or patience to brush for hours
Thanks Cold Iron. The Dundee was only available in brown so I didn't have a choice of color there, but the other two were availble in black and burgundy. Thanks for your perspective on calf vs shell - very helpful, and interesting that you don't wear the calf! I have limited experience with shell generally, but I have never seen a pair in black so it will be interesting to compare when I get the PAs. Thanks for the comparison picsI do plan on wearing one or more pairs in...
Got iGot it, thanks
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