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Just kopped it! Thanks! Hope it fits. I'm usually a 8.5D
Shoe Bank and outlets are selling Amoks for 99.00 right now, and I believe they are firsts, just discontinued
Yeah, I didn't think the soles were shell either. He sounded knowledgeable about other AE stuff though.Re the toe taps and sole protectors, does anyone add them to new shell?
So it sounds like you use almost nothing on burgundy and black. Why nothing on the rest? I've read about how shell reacts differently to rain for different people/shoes. Looks like I'll be getting mine on Monday and Tuesday.Couple of other shell questions in general:1. the SA at AE told me that the JR soles that AE uses on it's shell shoes is made from shell itself. I always thought they were made of regular leather. Anyone care to comment?2. With calf shoes some people...
As someone just mentioned, the Alden Indys do have an R at the same spot where AE has theirs. I saw this myself earlier this week.Re the AE seconds, the Katmais I just got dont have them, so I assumed it was because it was discontinued and not seconds
Ha! That's the blob I was referring to earlier. It's what I have on the seconds I just received. It really looks like a blob, though, so I didn't realize it was supposed to be a shoe till you posted this.So... does anyone know what signifies an Alden seconds? (not that I would ever consider buying Alden or anything apart from AE of course )
All the shoes I have are 8.5D. The AEs are Weymouth and Dryden, and now Katmai. The Amoks in 8.5D felt funny on my left foot. Daltons I tried in 8.5D also fit me well. I have a few pairs of C&J that are all 8.5D as wellThge Drydens might be better if they were 1/2 size smaller, but not a big deal.I don't have enough knowledge about the lasts so I just ordered several styles in the same size, knowing I'd return some of them.It started pouring like crazy as I was about to...
Just got my Katmai. Looks great. It looked more orange on the website, which I was concerned about, but it's less so in person. Fits great and I plan to wear them today even though it's raining a little and I haven't sprayed it the AE waterproofing spray! The Strawfuts also came. They look nice but they are too big for me so I'm returning them. Probably a good thing given all the other shoes I've bought recently Expecting one of the shells to be delivered today. I'm...
It means that it's worn. Judging by the seconds I got in the 2 for 250.00 sale, it looks like seconds have a small oval light colored spot on the sole just in front of the heel
any idea why the price went up from 299 to 449? btw I just got them for 20% off the 449 = 359. Still not as good as the 299, but thought I'd pass that along
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