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Thanks doodledoc!
Hi, I'm considering my first purchases from Are there any coupon codes for forum members? Thanks!
Skoatie sells the Inca without an up charge if that makes a difference
Well, that takes care of that
I'm in as well, though I need to figure out my size.One question for those in the U.S.: is it possible to pay 100% now in case exchange rates change in the future?
I'm fast becoming a fan of split-toes. Too bad they didn't have any in the store when I was there
Had a great visit at the store today. My first visit to Skoatiebolaget and to Stockholm. I bought a pair of these, which is my first experience with Enzo Bonafe. I'm not normally a big fan of derbys, but these are very, very elegant, more so in person. Alex was very helpful - he spent a lot of time answering the many questions I had. I also got to meet Gabriel as I was leaving,...
Hi othertravel, are you still doing the proxy? Are there other RLPL models available?
Beautiful jacket
PM sent!
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