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Depends on how you dress during the week/weekend and what you're trying to accomplish, as well as what other shoes you have. I agree that the Players and Strands in the same color would be too similar. Here are some options to think about:A burgundy PTB (plain toe blucher), like the LeedsA boot like the Dundee or the Dalton in suede, pebblegrain or calfA suede pair that isn't a bootLoafersMore answers to the questions I posed above will bring more specific suggestions. The...
12.90 is the regular price at the Rack, not the sale price
Why not just buy the PAs in calf?
They do look fantastic. Any idea what kind of heel that is?
They look fantastic! What's a wheeled welt?
Thanks for the feedback on the Big Sur. Sounds like you really like them. I thought the leather looked similar to the Katmai which is described as a waxy suede. The only image I can find for it online is for a dark brown version which does look like the leather from the rough collection, but I like the look either way!Have you used it in the rain?
Good to know. That's non-intuitive
They're not even seconds and they're a 100 bucks less than seconds are right now, even with the 20% discount.
Its been a roller coaster couple of days The shell Park Avenues were delivered yesterday, but turned out to have a fairly large gouge on the left toe (almost a hole.) I was bummed out. Kristle was able to find another pair for me, which is great, but that's going to take a couple of days and the Dundees which I also ordered at the same time as the PAs got delayed as well. Anyway, I got the shell Leeds in burgundy today. They fit well. I wore them for a couple of hours at...
From the same seller Alden Men's Tassel Moccasin Burgundy Loafer - 8.5 3E. Listed as used, but most would describe it as new. Seems like a great deal at 180.00!http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Mens-Tassel-Moccasin-Burgundy-Loafer-8-5-3E-MINT-/161084713842?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item258165ab72
New Posts  All Forums: