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Yeah, I wouldn't wear them in my office either. They do call attention to oneself
Where are you getting shells for $200.00, firsts or not?
I was wondering if they were on different lasts and that was the reasonInteresting that happens most on Chukkas for you. These are my first pair of chukkas - I like the look (and the rolls look cool too ) and can't wait to wear them outside this week.
I have a shell cordovan question: I recently bought a pair of Leeds and a pair of Dundees, both seconds and in 8.5D. I started wearing them at home for 2-3 hours at a stretch to break them in. The Dundees developed a couple of ripples on each shoe at the second wearing but the Leeds did not. I have now worn the Leeds for an entire day (out of the house) and it still has no ripples. What could be the reason for the Dundees getting the ripples almost immediately and the...
Shoe trees at the Rack in the Boston area are always 12.90 (under 10.00 on sale)
Depends on how you dress during the week/weekend and what you're trying to accomplish, as well as what other shoes you have. I agree that the Players and Strands in the same color would be too similar. Here are some options to think about:A burgundy PTB (plain toe blucher), like the LeedsA boot like the Dundee or the Dalton in suede, pebblegrain or calfA suede pair that isn't a bootLoafersMore answers to the questions I posed above will bring more specific suggestions. The...
12.90 is the regular price at the Rack, not the sale price
Why not just buy the PAs in calf?
They do look fantastic. Any idea what kind of heel that is?
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