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I'm looking forward to the tutorial as well, Benhour (and I prefer it to videos)
Why wouldn't you just get the polish that AE recommends?
I'm guessing a lot of the weather-proof boots are going to be made of pebble-grain leather
Good to know, thanks. There's a lot of info on shell care in general, but not a lot on conditioning vintage shell. I bought a used pair of Florsheim Imperials. Not sure I'm going to keep it, but either way I'd like to do whatever I can to reduce any chances of it drying out and cracking or whatever old shell does!
Good prices, but all the yankos are sold out in my size, 8.5D
Apart from brushing, did you use anything else to condition the uppers?
Yeah, I wouldn't wear them in my office either. They do call attention to oneself
Where are you getting shells for $200.00, firsts or not?
I was wondering if they were on different lasts and that was the reasonInteresting that happens most on Chukkas for you. These are my first pair of chukkas - I like the look (and the rolls look cool too ) and can't wait to wear them outside this week.
New Posts  All Forums: