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Did anyone else jump on this? Surprised that there are no replies to this post. Is the first/second pair really EG?
Thanks Jason. They look great - so much sleeker than . No need for another pic, but if you could find out where your cobbler gets them that would be great
GSP is their Global Shipping Program. I thought with GSP eBay calculates shipping and customs; the buyer is responsible for paying those charges and eBay won't give you less than 5 star if you ship it to their domestic center within 2-4 daysCapnwes, are you using GSP or doing it on your own?
Those rubber toe taps look extremely sleek compared to the typical ones you see (the ones with 3 nails in them). What are these called and where do you get them? Also, if you could post a pic that shows the toe tap, that would be great. Thanks!
I just read about the Global Shipping Program. It sounded like a great deal because eBay deals with all the hassle of customs and international shipping and the seller gets a larger audience. So I turned on GSP and then read recommendations in this thread to turn off GSP to address a problem of high customs fees (a couple of weeks ago.) Do most recommend not using GSP?
What happens if you drop it off at a retail store?
There are tons of tutorials in that thread and lots of other places. I just like reading about shoe care in general - not sure why I like it as much as I do, but I do - and I'm not even that much into getting a spit shine. Reading about it also motivates me to go condition/polish my own shoes.There's a reason that shoe care thread has 6584 posts. You could shut down that thread after the first few pages
thanks for the referral to A Shine and Co - I was just wondering if there were any less expensive options to Renomat, so this is the next best thing
The new rack looks awesome! I agree that the plastic/metal stands that are commonly available are crap. The rack you have looks like it could be extended vertically, if needed. Would you mind sharing the cost, and the split between labor and wood?Also, do you only wear boots? I don't see any shoes in the pic
New Posts  All Forums: