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What happens if you drop it off at a retail store?
There are tons of tutorials in that thread and lots of other places. I just like reading about shoe care in general - not sure why I like it as much as I do, but I do - and I'm not even that much into getting a spit shine. Reading about it also motivates me to go condition/polish my own shoes.There's a reason that shoe care thread has 6584 posts. You could shut down that thread after the first few pages
thanks for the referral to A Shine and Co - I was just wondering if there were any less expensive options to Renomat, so this is the next best thing
The new rack looks awesome! I agree that the plastic/metal stands that are commonly available are crap. The rack you have looks like it could be extended vertically, if needed. Would you mind sharing the cost, and the split between labor and wood?Also, do you only wear boots? I don't see any shoes in the pic
I'm looking forward to the tutorial as well, Benhour (and I prefer it to videos)
Why wouldn't you just get the polish that AE recommends?
I'm guessing a lot of the weather-proof boots are going to be made of pebble-grain leather
Good to know, thanks. There's a lot of info on shell care in general, but not a lot on conditioning vintage shell. I bought a used pair of Florsheim Imperials. Not sure I'm going to keep it, but either way I'd like to do whatever I can to reduce any chances of it drying out and cracking or whatever old shell does!
Good prices, but all the yankos are sold out in my size, 8.5D
Apart from brushing, did you use anything else to condition the uppers?
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