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Why not just buy the PAs in calf?
They do look fantastic. Any idea what kind of heel that is?
They look fantastic! What's a wheeled welt?
Thanks for the feedback on the Big Sur. Sounds like you really like them. I thought the leather looked similar to the Katmai which is described as a waxy suede. The only image I can find for it online is for a dark brown version which does look like the leather from the rough collection, but I like the look either way!Have you used it in the rain?
Good to know. That's non-intuitive
They're not even seconds and they're a 100 bucks less than seconds are right now, even with the 20% discount.
Its been a roller coaster couple of days The shell Park Avenues were delivered yesterday, but turned out to have a fairly large gouge on the left toe (almost a hole.) I was bummed out. Kristle was able to find another pair for me, which is great, but that's going to take a couple of days and the Dundees which I also ordered at the same time as the PAs got delayed as well. Anyway, I got the shell Leeds in burgundy today. They fit well. I wore them for a couple of hours at...
From the same seller Alden Men's Tassel Moccasin Burgundy Loafer - 8.5 3E. Listed as used, but most would describe it as new. Seems like a great deal at 180.00!http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Mens-Tassel-Moccasin-Burgundy-Loafer-8-5-3E-MINT-/161084713842?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item258165ab72
Just kopped it! Thanks! Hope it fits. I'm usually a 8.5D
Shoe Bank and outlets are selling Amoks for 99.00 right now, and I believe they are firsts, just discontinued
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