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Hi othertravel, are you still doing the proxy? Are there other RLPL models available?
Beautiful jacket
PM sent!
PM sent re Boglioli and LBM
Seriously? I've read what seems like tons of comments on here saying shell is great in the rain
I have a pair of navy shell cordovan chukkas (from Ron Rider) that have several water spots on them. I wiped it with a damp cloth and brushed with a horsehair brush, which didn't have any effect, except that the damp cloth turned indigo blue which was the color coming off the shoes. So now the shoes look a bit faded and still have the water spots. Any suggestions?
Having a hard time keeping track of all the sales!
They were all sold out when I checked, which was just now. Maybe others had better luckSo is DSW a good source of discounted quality shoes? Always had this impression they stocked Aldo-level stuff
Did anyone else jump on this? Surprised that there are no replies to this post. Is the first/second pair really EG?
Thanks Jason. They look great - so much sleeker than . No need for another pic, but if you could find out where your cobbler gets them that would be great
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