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Can you let me know the name of the Boston store? Thanks!
Got mine yesterday, much faster than expected. Ordered on 1/10 at 9 pm Eastern with ground shipping, and got it on 1/13!!! I got the Plaintoe Slip-on in Brown Calf and the Pennystrap Moc Russet Calf, both very nice. The slip on is a little more elongated than I'd like but not exceedingly so.
That's a beauty!
I had the tan sneaker in my cart and wasted time looking at other stuff. When I went to check it, it was out of stock. I did get a couple of other pairs though...
Thanks for the reply Achilles. I did check completed eBay listings, but the shoes weren't the same, and the price range was all over the place!
%&%#%^:-) what did you get?
Thanks Brian. Didn't realize I was in the wrong thread
Any suggestions would be most appreciated :-)
I have a couple of Santoni suede loafers that I'd like to sell on eBay. These are NIB (with very minor shop wear), fatte a mano with leather soles; one of them has a red sole. From what I could see w/google, the price online ranges from 495.00 to 850.00 Any suggestions on what price I should expect? I have very few ratings because I only recently started buying stuff there (thanks to SF!) Any pointers to an eBay guide for newbies and/or suggestions would be...
Looks like the OP joined this forum just to post this link - wondering why he would do that...
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