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I have a lot of books as well, though mine are largely fiction with some business and self help. I rarely read any of them now, though I have read all of them in the past, and some of them many times, but I keep them because I like having them around. I do read a lot of books from the library and do a lot of online reading.My son, who's now 7 reads a lot, and I'm pretty sure a part of it is him watching me read a lot, and absorbing at some level, that reading is something...
First of all, welcome to the forum. The Buying and Selling forum here is a much better value than eBay, and way better guarantee of authenticity, so that would be a good place to start. Secondly, I can empathize with the impulsiveness, but that "unbelievable deal" will come around again most of the time :-)The first pair of shoes I think is not worth it, because the heels are heavily worn on one side (second last pic). In general beware of buying shoes where there are no...
I thought Blake welted shoes allow water to seep in. Did I get that wrong?
Bridge and tunnel?
Just came back from watching Tintin with my son. I read a ton of Tintin growing up, and my son does that now, so we had a good time because of that. he loved it; I thought it was okay, but I think it's the start of another Spielberg series. Going to see TTSS on and waiting for my gf to come back to watch Sherlock (not that I can't watch it without her, but she wants us to watch it together
Oh got it! Yeah, I keep hoping there's new stuff everytime I go there as well!
Not the best combo, but it won't make you look bad, if that's what you're concerned about. Anyway, once you're indoors you're going to take the overcoat off, right?
This is a good idea if you don't go to conferences in cooler climes. As for the conferences themselves, always make it a point to take a SC at the very least. That way you won't be underdressed even if everyone else is wearing a suit (sounds unlikely from what you're saying), and if it's not needed you can either keep it in your room, or wear it - the old saw about better to be over dressed than under dressed et al
Really? I've been checking on and off and haven't noticed anything new.What I just noticed, however, is that you have 16,577 posts. I knew you posted a lot, but I hadn't realized it was over just 26 months!! I also noticed I just became a senior member after 7 months and 103 posts
There's no way you can d/l 3.7 gigs with Outlook and Gmail, so I guess your wife is d/l pron But there's no way 3.7 gigs can be considered high for a joint account
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