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Thanks for the reply Achilles. I did check completed eBay listings, but the shoes weren't the same, and the price range was all over the place!
%&%#%^:-) what did you get?
Thanks Brian. Didn't realize I was in the wrong thread
Any suggestions would be most appreciated :-)
I have a couple of Santoni suede loafers that I'd like to sell on eBay. These are NIB (with very minor shop wear), fatte a mano with leather soles; one of them has a red sole. From what I could see w/google, the price online ranges from 495.00 to 850.00 Any suggestions on what price I should expect? I have very few ratings because I only recently started buying stuff there (thanks to SF!) Any pointers to an eBay guide for newbies and/or suggestions would be...
Looks like the OP joined this forum just to post this link - wondering why he would do that...
Buying new luxury cars and living high on the hog are good ways to get and remain broke. Living below your means is a good way to build net worth, and not deny yourself at the same time. If/when you feel you need to replace your car, buy a 3 year old Lexus/Infiniti/Acura if you want. If REITs are going to be more than 10% of your portfolio you are speculating which is also a good way to get broke :-) as is buying forex or gold etcAgreed!
dude, why would you make a statement like this?
The good news is that your savings rate is well above the national average, and you don't have any debt (I'm assuming that's what you meant when you said you don't have any long term debt. Debt is debt). You also increased your income substantially, by 33%. That's also the bad news in the sense that it's unlikely you'll sustain that kind of increase. Also, expenses generally tends to keep up with income, unless you implement a rigorous savings plan, which I think you can...
I have a lot of books as well, though mine are largely fiction with some business and self help. I rarely read any of them now, though I have read all of them in the past, and some of them many times, but I keep them because I like having them around. I do read a lot of books from the library and do a lot of online reading.My son, who's now 7 reads a lot, and I'm pretty sure a part of it is him watching me read a lot, and absorbing at some level, that reading is something...
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