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There's no way you can d/l 3.7 gigs with Outlook and Gmail, so I guess your wife is d/l pron But there's no way 3.7 gigs can be considered high for a joint account
My order was placed on 12/26 late evening and delivered today
So... are they going to be additions any time soon? I thought Ron mentioned in an earlier post that there might be a few coming
I bought a couple of these Brooks Brothers PS on clearance. These are with machined edges, but I figured it was worth checking out for 8 bucks a pop
So I went to the Filene's in Watertown Mass yesterday, and unfortunately (or fortunately!) the store was closed ie done
oh really! Cool, I'll check it out today!
I think Filenes, at least in the Boston area, are done! I called a couple of stores today... the phone just kept ringing
No need to be a dick. Everyone's entitled to post their opinions and to disagree with other's opinions, but there's no need to make insulting comments
duplicate posts
duplicate posts
New Posts  All Forums: