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That chunkier last is the reason I didn't wear it for several months! But it has grown on me since, and that cognac color is really nice.Do these chunkier lasts tend to loosen up over time? The left shoe starts hurting after 3-4 hours, and it seems like there'd ne less "give" with a sturdy pair like this one
Great stuff! Subbed!!!
First pair of Vass bought impulsively several months ago because @Epaulet had a great deal but only wore it today for the first time
How do you sign up for this? I looked on their website but couldn't figure it out
No worries. Wearing one of the Moschino shirts today. Very good quality and love the fit! Only wish the collar was bigger, but that's on me for not looking closer
That's a game changer
Just wanted to say that both suits were great. One of them was too big but returns were super essy!Just ordered my first Benjamin sc. can't wait!
Is this true? I've always thought that vision insurance is only for corrective stuff. If true it would be awesome!If you were referring to my order, I was pleasantly surprised to receive them today. Very quick shipping from Hungary! Order placed Sunday evening
That extra 50% is no longer available
Thanks Fok. I bought a few nice shirts and ties. Looking forward to receiving them
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