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Let me know how it fits, thanks!
Just ordered a Lumber 3A in size 40 ie one size larger than my suit size.Thanks OP!
Also, are these TTS? ie if my usual suit jacket size is 38R, then should I get the 38" or the 40"? Thanks
Thanks for posting this. The SAB was already gone, but among the several listings shown below it, one of them was a briefcase by JP Marcellino that was ending in 58 minutes that I snagged for a great price
Any idea how much customs works out to for US residents?Also, how much of a price difference are we talking about? Just trying to figure out how good a deal it is, after factoring in shipping and any potential taxes. I'm looking at a 3A Lumber.Thanks!
These seem like good value. Going to try them out
I love reading your ads!
Thanks doodledoc!
Hi, I'm considering my first purchases from ehaberdash.com. Are there any coupon codes for forum members? Thanks!
Skoatie sells the Inca without an up charge if that makes a difference
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