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true 8.5 D USI'm not sure whether I'm a true 8.5D US or not, so strictly focusing on the size difference between the Budapest last and the F last, I'm wondering whether I should go up a half size because I've read that the Budapest is a more comfortable last. Thanks
Hi, if I wear a size 41 in a Vass Budapest last, 7.5 UK in Enzo Bonafe 946 last and usually 8.5 D US should I get a size 41.5 if I'm getting an F last*? Thanks! * designed with Roberto Ugolini, if that makes a difference
Found it, thanks
Hi, I placed an order yesterday using the Amazon Payment option. I got an email from Amazon confirming the amount paid but nothing from NMWA. Just wondering if my order went through
Just picked up a pair of sport trainers as well!
Story of my life
Hi Razl, how are you getting $170? The jacket you posted is £575.00, but even other jackets are ~ £350
Just placed my first order: Pal Zilieri and MaCo suits!
@epaulet, actually I meant that I just ordered 2 Taylors and a Gable! I also agree that the fleece heirloom cardigan looks dope!
Excited to get my first EPs: 2 Taylors and a Gable!
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