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Quote: Originally Posted by wstewart03 I ordered and paid for these on Feb 20th, and I believe I have been very patient. It seemed that everyone else who ordered them was getting them very quickly, and asked the seller if there was a problem with my order on March 2nd. He responded asking for my email address, and I haven't heard a thing since then. I know he sells things here all the time and my money is obviously safe, just wanted to notify him and...
Quote: Originally Posted by gshen My 2 pairs arrived earlier today. They were so well packed there was no way they could've been damaged in any way in transit... Thanks for the great deal! I'm glad you and so many others liked them. I sold quite a few and it was done with little hassle. It makes it an easy decision to conduct similar sales in the future, when I'm able to secure additional styles. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Welcome, I've noticed that the Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are cut very large. I have seen misplaced children's XL in the men's section. For your size they would probably work well. Be advised, the arm holes will be higher (which might be a benefit). SDF
Quote: Originally Posted by wstewart03 Still have not received my 2 pairs of cufflinks. Is there a problem? PM'd SDF
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Got mine yesterday. Thanks! Also, I liked the packaging. Thanks. SDF
Thanks again for all of the replies. I'm glad you all like them. SDF
The cufflinks sterling silver with Red Jasper. The cufflinks are stamped "925 Joseph Abboud" Price is SOLD. Please note that shipping is included to the continental U.S. only. Please PM me for other locations, or with any questions. Items are sold on a first come first served basis, there are no "dibs". Payment is processed through Google Checkout. Please PM me with your email address and I will send an invoice. Thank you, SDF
#9 Yellowjacket added. SOLD SDF
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver I have been getting hate mail overnight in regards to this thread, and I really do not think its appropiate. Its coming from Incotex and Mabitex sellers in B&S. Is such a PSA really wrong of me? Why is it other PSA's are praised? Its uncalled for IMO. Ive been told that I have screwed all the B&S sellers. It ridiculous. I created this thread as a service to the community.... I don't even live in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artigas Looks fine to me. In any case, I wouldn't have thought it feminine unless someone brought it up. +1 SDF
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