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I wish...but I paid with PayPal. I already had a case opened and closed. Don't think there's anything I can do now.
Thanks. This was the answer I was looking for. The sad part is, it's 4 months late now. Anyhow, watch out for the eBay seller forrestspirit73 from Thailand.
Up for sale is True Religion from Nordstrom, Billy (boot cut fit) in size 31. This jean is very well taken care of. I'd rate its condition 8.5 out of 10. No rips or damages to the denim, just slight natural wears from wearing only. Feel free to PM me or e-mail me for questions. Thanks!
Men's Rock & Republic Henlee in Empire Blue Size 31! This jean has been worn only couple of times and has been very well taken care of. There are no rips or damage to the denim. I still have the tag if it matters and will ship it with the jean. Just shoot me a PM or e-mail for questions. Thanks!
He didn't have 10 of the same wallet but he did have another one recently sold for around $127 (w/ free shipping). It originally retails for around $450. I made a dispute on PayPal to hold my payment until I try to authenticate the wallet but the seller escalated it to claim as soon as that happened, which means my time is running out.
Can anybody help me authenticate this Balmain chain wallet? I got it off of eBay and the seller was from Thailand. Not that I have anything against Thailand but I've come to be suspicious of anything that's from overseas. Please help me authenticate this wallet. Thanks.
That's plenty of time to save up
Hey, Kiya. Is there gonna be anymore restocks of FH Loopwheeled T's? How about FH Solid Black Leather Chain? Thx~
I'll take it. E-mail me. brklynkrn@gmail.com
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