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I saw the movie myself At least Chuck Norris was awesome ... kind of xD
~BUMP I'll try at least once more ...
I have discovered a new lifestyle blog recently. I am quite fond of it... for no apparent reason Feel free to share your opinion... http://www.thornd.com/
Have you thought about looking at Blauer USA? They have some very nice leather jackets and the quality is also very good (I am a customer) But I also like the D&G ones but the Blauer jackets have a better quality.
I would consider jeans.
It's crazy that his stuff is actually being sold. This is from the article:He’s making strides. The original Brooklyn Circus store, which opened in Boerum Hill in 2006, has become a must-go for tourists in skinny jeans from places like Seoul, Berlin and Johannesburg.Since then, he’s opened a second shop in San Francisco; a store-within-a-store at Sir & Madame in Chicago; and a pop-up shop in Stockholm. He also sells to 25 specialty shops in Japan. And the man behind the...
Interesting thread. Looking at the picture I am thinking that the shop is rather small which leads me to the conclusion that it is low maintenance. I also don't think that he puts a focus on designer furniture for thousands of dollars which make (or at least are supposed to make) the customers happy.
+1 The answer is clearly "No"
I love it! I think that this is exactly what he was looking for.
In general I agree. Unless you are like... idk ... Chuck Bass? My answer was nevertheless accurate. Etro does have some turquoise jackets from time to time. I think the last one I saw was from the S/S 09 collection. Just keep looking. One more thing it - it will most probably be expensive as no one (no one that I know of) makes a mainstream line with such jackets. Btw you can always go bespoke if you really really want this. Can you translate this? Do you by any chance...
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