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Quote: Originally Posted by BlackBrumel And, if I may ask, what do you suggest for those who prefer the bold knots? Bolder ties Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I usually your ensembles but just not convinced on this one. I know it's merely one candid pic on the intrat00b but that coat seems decidely bell-shaped. Given your usually impeccable fits, I doubt that's the case in...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackBrumel Herr Stricker, as a fan of your tie knot (as well as your sober ensemble elegance), I ask your opinion about the Windsor knot? forget it...
The last summer days....
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Just great. Nice one! Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by Butler READY FOR BALLIN! Steven Hitchcock SB Velvet no vent DJ with peaked lapel grosgrain facings & grosgrain backless waistcoat Worn with my Dress suit trousers, as I'm too cheap to have specific DJ trousers made up and nobody ever notices the 2 strips intead of one :-) Turnbull & Asser self designed dinner shirt with Budd...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai Worth re-quoting. Just great. Thanks. I have just returned from Shanghai
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Badass. Just don't let Vox see those cuffs. He'll get jealous that yours are bigger than his. We will see. I don't think
Hampstead Style ?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Sweet. - B Thanks - one of the last pieces. I have only one cut left in a light blue salut Vaux
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ^^ Spiffy. Is that made up from old Tonik or the current Tonik? - B ..from the old one
Dormeuil "Tonik" Suiit
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