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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Yeah, but you have some monster cuffs on stuff as well! Mike Correct - anything between 1-2.5 inches
Quote: Originally Posted by foo roops For every 10 short Asian chumps with 2'' cuffs, there's a tallish white dude with tiny turnups. yes - they are almost invisible
... some pattern...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Love the fabric - what is it? a old Zegna Centenario from the 60s
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Stellar suit. Thank you, Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger At first I was like, "GREAT SPORTSCOAT!" Then I saw the pants...too cool for school man! Of course I gotta follow you. All OTR for me today...vintage Orvis Harris Tweed (Made in England), Mabitex Moleskins...feeling autumnal with my pallete: Thank you and i like your Jacket especially the...
Quote: Originally Posted by dr. locktopus Yes! But the top half of your most recent is smashing. How tall is "extremely"? 6,6 ft
Quote: Originally Posted by dr. locktopus Vaux: I like the top, but the bottom needs to be another colour, like grey or green. The top seems quite dashing and bold while the bottom seems bland. Kinda like Land Rover Discovery meets Toyota Camry. Nice take on the felt flower. and that pic makes you look extremely tall. I am extremely tall Ok, so maybe you like more this version
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