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Not that i would consider myself an ebay pro but I did use that experience on my resume. I put the url to the store also. My interviewer was impressed and confessed his addiction to online shopping.It couldn't hurt putting it on there if it looks professional. It shows you are ambitious and creative.However i would leave it off if you sell dirty socks or vintage diapers
The worst thing that happens is you get your money back and no shoes
WOW horrible title. Wish I saw this when it was active. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lightly-used-Brown-Oxford-Cat-039-s-Paw-Shoe-sz12-/201708216749?hash=item2ef6bf21ad%3Ag%3AbIUAAOSwXeJYG3oa&nma=true&si=UiPUT0omGPVW6%252FhJU0e8VyOh804%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
I misunderstood your original question.this is how to make a basic html table. The more td's you have the more columns. The more tr's you have the more rows.You have to use "editor mode" (pencil) on GS and you type this in.You can mess with the spacing, padding, sizing, fonts to get it how you like it. ("h(1)" and "font size =(5)" both change font size. "hr" makes a line under the cell).How it turns out:TITLERow 1 column 1Row 1 column 2Row 2 column 1Row 2 column 2Row 3...
Answering my own question too. Press the down arrow and it switches to the next row/column
Good question. I'm wondering that too. My tab just adds an indentation to my tables.
A little update the the garage sale issue and a warning to others: DON'T BUY GARAGE SALE FROM THE APP STORE. You cannot update to GS 7 for free if you purchase on the app store and it's the same price. Also, the app store version won't allow for the good til canceled option. Why offer an old version you cant update or use all the features????.... I'm going back and forth trying to get the upgrade to GS7 for free just like I would have if I would have bought it on their...
Not a thrift topic (actually the opposite) but I thought this was a really interesting mini-doc. They all wear JM westons
hey guys, anyone run into this problem on Garage sale? I'm trying to purchase the GTC photo server service and get this message. Looked at my app store and searched on Google. Didn't find anything.
Is this what im looking for?
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