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got the same shirt for personal use. love johnson motors
$45 shipped each or all 3 for $115 shipped. All Sid Mashburnwool (not tagged)-33x31 -10.5" rise -2" cuff -7" leg opening [[SPOILER]] Cotton-33x29.5 -10.5" rise -2" cuff -7.75" leg opening [[SPOILER]] Wool (not tagged)-32x31 -10.5" rise -2" cuff -7" leg opening [[SPOILER]]
I would sell as frames
In the field shot
lightning striking 2x
Just some constructive criticism. The color looks extremely yellow with the inside light you have reflecting off of it. I cant tell what color it is. It also doesn't say the color in the listing. Atleast do the main picture with outside light or a neutral light to see the true color. Maybe add the pattern and the color to the drop down details.
my pickups today besides the Burberry F+B 3x strap boots, these are a "womens" model. size 11. They fit me - i wear 11-11.5. pop x3. 34's are taken in to be 32" Titanium, polarized Maui Jim.... prescription lenses Half off. Even though %15 = %0, I still picked it up
Thanks for the reply man. I feel bad coming on just to ask for authenticity check but I have had slim pickings here lately.
Authenticity check plz. I figure its fake
Also recently sold the exact one on auction for 80. Had some stains on mine also. Didn't expect that
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