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Fake. The bias of the fabric is wrong.
I think those are fair prices. I've done them both by hand and it is worth the money. Make sure they don't destroy the fabric though while taking the waist out/in.
isn't there an embargo on Russia because of the issue with Ukraine?
In the field
I was gonna bid on those if they dropped the price again. They look great. $35?
St andrews for RL purple label (don't know why it's not in purple). i guess it's the interior tag
Speaking of reselling,I priced a brioni suit wrong today and sold it for 120 bin to a flipper oh well. Someone got a good deal.
I grabbed these shoes a couple months ago but never posted good pics. They are probably the nicest Johnston and Murphy's I've ever seen. They're already listed on ebay so NA. If you are 9D abd are interested you know where to go. [[SPOILER]]
Heres a suit I have
Made by Italo ferretti for brioni. Legit.That polo is corneliani. Almost all POLO is corneliani
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