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Huge shoutout to @Hoofit. Hooked me up with some replacement tassels for my aldens. Thanks so much!
Picked up a uber-trad BB (guessing golden fleece 0 tags on it except for a fairly recent union tag) blazer. Handsewn buttonholes, canvassed, 3 roll 2, patch pockets, no shoulder padding, 1/4 lined...that fits perfectly. ...also, from the sold listing im guessing this is the good Fila. Some stains but still sick.
Anyone have an extra tassel for a brown suede alden loafer? Or a tassel set? Alden NYC wants 40 + 10 shipping for 2
If they wear this, I don't think they will make it up a treeSick umbrella too!
Congrats. Twinsies with a PS i found last week.
Another one
Let me check my sources.
Finally had a thriftening. Left a few brioni suits that were piss stained to hell. If they fit i would have got them. 8 fairly recent jackets/sc with vents sewn to unvented...sign... 44-46R with shorter arms. 13 or so white barrel cuff t&a white shirts. Neiman marcus 100%LP cashmere overcoat. Herme & t&a squares. Like new santonis. I think i paid about 190 for all of it. Bonus silver. Only 2 lg and 2 sm buttons. Might separate buttons from jacket.
Me neither. 10 years less thrifting than you though. Some people are finding them in the pockets of suits.
i just saw it today for the first time. There's a link to this thread in the description of the video
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