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Speaking of vicuna. It took 3 years but today I found it (only 10% though). Dated 1953 and no moth holes. Never posted this before. Trash find that my wife painted and I reupholstered (my first attempt)
Found this last week. A Color by number print... Idk what they are thinking. I couldn't pass though. I have a special place in my heart for these.
All true thrifts. Some of the prices i'm not 100% sure of. Cantarelli Suit -less than $15 Piatelli Shirt -? Borrelli 7 fold tie -$3 Unknown PS -$1 - $2 Sterling cufflinks -$5 - $7 Nieman Marcus Aligator Belt -$1.99 Unknown Shell Cordovan Long Wings -$4.99 (I would have chosen more formal shoes but I wanted all thrifted items)
They seem to be 18-33 maybe. If anything, ill just take the buttons if the monograms wont come out. 1/2 price. Still a shame though.
13 rubinacci shirts With 13 Monograms
go back
ill do that. any idea who makes it?
anyone know what manufacturer tag this is? Its from a hilfiger italy SC. its kind of cool. [[SPOILER]]
Hermes scarf ties dont follow the same twill rules. It has the correct label too.
I love when people pile polish onto shell. Before and after 7D available. Brooks brothers usa made.
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