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Haven't been posting much but this is a pretty good find imo. I found it in a real trashy store too. Skirt suit [[SPOILER]]
Woah! Epic! 1 spot?
getting in the spring/summer mood
dont know if anyones interested in my projects but here's a seer sucker tie i just finished and a thrift fit with a couple newly thrifted items (buttons from thrifted turnbull and asser) all thrift except shoes BB blazer vintage bb ocbd handmade tie from thrifted tie BB pants sabago loafers
thanks. I wasn't able to get a pair. You?
I passed on an hermes yesterday with almost the same damage. I had to do a double take to see if you were thrifting in Florida. You might have a problem making a bowtie out of that unless you make one side with a different fabric. That tear takes out a big chunk of silk.Im kicking myself now over selling a lot of like 5 damaged hermes ties a few months ago that I know I could have made bow ties out of.
The are gone now.
No need to quote yourself unless you want some attention. Here you go: Here's some attention. Like 5 people said it was a good pickup and it's an exception to the "rule" of not picking up orphans. Don't feel bad if no one comments. I posted some 5 nail v cleat shells that were maybe worn once and they weren't complimented on.
How is that nwot? Nice though.
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