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Also recently sold the exact one on auction for 80. Had some stains on mine also. Didn't expect that
First time finding schott leather [[SPOILER]] Some other stuff:
Dog eat dog world. Clever
Turtle reissue. Skx i picked up on ebay for real cheap. Installed a sapphire crystal and a nh36 movement (more accurate, with hand winding and hacking). The crown looks goofy but i have another shorter one on the way. These are really great and fairly accurate watches for their cheap prices. They really hold their value and have thousands of replacement/upgrade parts available to keep them running.
Some recent pickups. Ive been really picky lately since I have an insane backlog of stuff and just started on last years taxes This is a common occurrence at stores by me Left is a tie with an industrial staple through it, right is a scarf with an office staple. Very few ties come out unscathed Pretty much all NA.
those are $$$$$
$10 hem job and you can be:
some wtf's for todays ended listings. I seriously don't understand eBay. I guess it's a numbers game.
Question for you guys. Would this be wrong to call this foulard because it is not printed but is a woven pattern. If so, any other key word suggestions? I just don't want returns because of semantics.
Guys, I never do this but I'd rather a style forum member get it than some random. 9.99 theres only 1 watcher and no bids. This shirt is seriously mint! No chipped buttons, frays, marks, etc. A tad too small in the arms for me so im selling it. 30 minutes left. Seize sur V.: 42reg /16.5 Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331915364310
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