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I lost TRS like 6 months ago and with the new performance ratings i will be at 1.4% of the 2% limit. So i am kind of happy. In a way it is better for resellers because the description star was always an issue with my rating. I always had 100% feedback with 0-0.2% in all star aspects except the item as described star. I had 0.51% which killed my TRS status costing me hundreds each month. The opened cases crap is an insane though. I just had someone open a case to...
Its been a while. Heres a couple pickups. Recent brioni Castangia orphan (heartbreaking that it fits perfect but lacks the pants) Big E stay-prest And probably from the same donor: elephant selvedged bandana with trunk down
whats the measurements of this?
Saw these a few weeks ago and had a bad feeling about them. For 50 a piece I didn't want to risk getting them. They had a wierd segmented rubber sole that was strange and unlike any ive seen online or in person. The embossed part of the insole was not colored and did not have gold leaf. The bit also looked kind of cheap. Over all they didnt look like $400+ quality. What do you all think? Thanks
You are right. Don't buy
I thought someone might want this. She says it fits med but has no arm or neck measurements (I asked 4 days ago and got no response). $18 buy it now for a Borrelli for louis boston shirt just labeled as louis boston. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=191236190770&alt=web
Made it onto PTO roundup for a drakes tie. THANKS PTO! I was wondering why I had 50+ watchers after 2 days.
If u don't find the jacket for those tux pants and they're spartaco model that will fit with a 44r jacket let me know and we will profit!Here's the deets to the tux jacket I have:
That reminds me, shout out to snoogz for the 2 shirts. Thanks!
They are done a completely different way and don't look alike (especially Milanese). I don't think you can compare them. Handsewn button holes use a single thread on a precut hole that is knotted at every step.
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