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I agree with vexco. That album changed my whole direction of music. I started listening to a lot of Def jux rappers. I was listening to el p in company flow and was surprised to see him get mainstream attention with run the jewels.
Dude, what size? I can't really tell from here. If it's a large, I'm a homie who likes sewing:A tie i re-slip stitched like an hermes with a double loop.
After 3 years thrifting. Pop- Women's though. Nice pajamas just in time for winter.
At least buy gustins if you're gonna waste $85 for UB. Made in USA too.
Question guys, I found this a2 jacket today and it looks like another one that I have except the pockets are different. The slits are verticle and the flaps are just cosmetic (there is no slit under the flap) Also, there are 2 inside pockets which my other one doesn't have. Is it a re-release, a newer model? Pics
3x pops. I was upset I lost the one spoo had ebay. Only found a hat before. So a 4x
I think they're both real.they just are from different years. I don't know who fakes corneliani.
That stereo is beautiful!!!! I love this scene:
Looking for a workbook in a similar style. Plain toe or cap toe. Not steel toed and not a cowboy boot. Just wanna wear them around with jeans. Something comparable to red wings. Preferably made in Merica.
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