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It's a size 38 but It measures 36 at the tightest hole.Coach "navy" colored
You should probably put a chest measurement too
Got a new job. I can wear jeans but not blue... looking for selvedge black or grey jeans 36" waist. would prefer tapered leg or slim/straight but will take a 501 fit also.
redwing size?
Ive been skipping out on alot of stuff because im moving and have no space but i found some cool stuff anyway that i couldnt leave behind. Kind of rare for the thread. Both of these are within these 2 weeks and 40 miles apart in different stores. D^2 Outfit not for large people. And my first barbour jacket and it fits me.
i would need to send a POD to him
Shout out to Spoo for helping me clean out my closet and make some sweet cash. Now i just have to get rid of the remaining 90% of my stuff
I agree with vexco. That album changed my whole direction of music. I started listening to a lot of Def jux rappers. I was listening to el p in company flow and was surprised to see him get mainstream attention with run the jewels.
Dude, what size? I can't really tell from here. If it's a large, I'm a homie who likes sewing:A tie i re-slip stitched like an hermes with a double loop.
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