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any suggestions on a title for this tie? its kind of taupe colored maybe? thanks in advance! better pattern pic
some patent leather printed fugly shoes.
2x pop for me. Human made -thread first?
nice tie. it's a 6 fold (7 fold italian)
I was just sensing the thread going more toward the subject of flipping, reselling, thrifting strategy, etc and that usually is followed by a conversation about this
is it time for the yearly "make the thread view-able for SF members only" discussion?
are they missing the insoles?
Some info that i found out the other day from eBay: If you offer Global shipping program, and you also offer other shipping options, the GSP automatically takes over. The buyer cant choose. This is really unbelievable for eBay to do. While you can offer multiple shipping services with multiple companies, you cant with GSP. I feel really stupid wasting my time listing this in hundreds of items. Thinking I was helping out Canadians. I almost feel like just offering...
The residents of Florida are far more scary than the gators. That counts for north, central, and south florida
New Posts  All Forums: