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This or remove the top button and faux hole. Replacing all the buttons is probably the way to get the best profits.
I had this same problem today on an item from 3 weeks ago. I messaged the guy that i don't return the shipping costs because it was as described. Then I accidentally accepted the return. eBay has it on a one click option. no confirmation or anything. Everything else on the site has a confirmation with details. This does not. There's also not even an option to say you will accept it but they pay shipping. You have to escalate the case which if you loose, you get a mark...
Alejandro ingelino.I think the retail is like a grand. they were on lyst UK for 355 pounds. Anyway, I don't think you can go wrong with full python sneakers from any brand. They fit me but I wouldn't wear them.
I haven't been having great success on ebay sales and was questioning whether all this stress, late nights, and running around was worth it. I got a little pick me up that keeps me in the game. 2 stores. python and these Cole Haans are really nice for being made in india. couldnt leave them:
any suggestions on a title for this tie? its kind of taupe colored maybe? thanks in advance! better pattern pic
some patent leather printed fugly shoes.
2x pop for me. Human made -thread first?
nice tie. it's a 6 fold (7 fold italian)
I was just sensing the thread going more toward the subject of flipping, reselling, thrifting strategy, etc and that usually is followed by a conversation about this
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