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My hair is similar to his, in that I have a widows peak and fine hair but it's not receding. Any style you'd recommend?
What does everyone think of this guys haircut?
Would it possible to achieve the haircut on the right with a widows peak? On sale for less than a Schott or JCrew's peacoat. I believe it's 100% wool. Thoughts?
Has anyone tried Indian Clay? It seems like it might be good.
Any thoughts on what I should do with my hair? I apologize for the awful quality pictures of my awful hair (I didn't shower today, exam time) and my ugly mug. I have no idea what to do with my hair. I basically just shower, towel dry, and that's that.
Kind of curious to see what other people's routines, maybe find out if I'm missing something. What things do you do, which products do you use?
I'm 6'1"/6'2", between 180 and 190 pounds. Not sure on weight because I don't have a scale at the moment and have lost a fair bit of fat since I started eating paleo.
Would I be able to get that look even if my hair line isn't square? I have a bit of a widow's peak, and the hair on my temples goes in (A kind of > thing if you know what I mean). Also, willpower: you're a lifesaver for recommending me that Full Living Proof stuff. It's absolutely great, I've even picked up the shampoo and conditioner. I hope you get a sponsorship deal with them lol.
If I want to ask for this ( haircut, what do I ask for?
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