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Try Joe's jeans in their classic cut. Those seem to be a decent compromise between skinny and comfortable. I agree that skinny is here to stay. Why would a manufacturer push jeans that cost the same but require more material to make?
Thank you very much! Is it just me or is it rather difficult to navigate there from Maybe because I'm on my mobile?
Do you have any contact information? I have called multiple times and sent an email to Brad. I have yet to hear back. It's possible that I heard his email incorrectly though. Lately I cant get ahold of them to find out definitively.
Making one to fit will be expensive! You will need to locate the matching zipper (good luck) and fabric just to start. I guess you could remove the zipper all together but you're still looking at quite a bit of cash.
The title for the thread suggests otherwise.OP, you have the information, figure out what type of a interview it is and dress accordingly.
?A suit is not appropriate for every job interview. If you showed up wearing a suit for an interview to be a lumberjack it would be akin to wearing sandals. Either outfit would get you laughed off the job site. That is an extreme example but it illustrates the importance of dressing for the job.This article is a little old but still has some good reference information.Niniane Wang (author) was the engineering manager for Google at the time.Living in New York it is...
Your question was if it is a MUST. The answer to that is no. For and interview you should generally wear you would be expected to wear on your dressiest day at work (think important meeting).
The rack does charge for tailoring. Do the pinch test for canvasing. If you don't care too much, go with whatever fits best off the rack and maybe save some $ for accessories.. Don't jump on the Armani just because it is nicer. If it doesn't fit properly there is no saving it. I know if you can go 600 you can get a nice Hickey Freeman (fully canvassed) from Nordstrom Rack or Men's Wearhouse with enough ease.
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