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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Is it sad that you know the layout of the Bev Center so well? i need to be fully aware of all my surroundings, so I dont get ambushed
there's a Replay store upstairs across from Banana Republic on the Macy's side. IIRC it's a british denim brand (?), been around a long time
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Fit pics? Here's a photo, it combines SF's love for goth-ninja with the versatility and awesomeness of the snuggie.
the missus loves Brooks dress shirts, but she is into that "ivy league-preppy" style. If your gal isnt she might wonder why you're trying to buy her "old lady" shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'm guessing there was a nice session of "Man v. Toliet" once the cameras went off. that'd be a nice spin off for the network
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira To my knowledge there are only 3 lines of the high end stuffs Triumph x Paul Smith (also, Red Ear) and PS by Paul Smith and Paul Smith (mainline) No, the "high end" is the Collection line, which used to be called British Collection because the shoes were made by Joseph Cheaney UK, but I don't believe they are anymore and the shoes are Italian made for "Collection", these are priced about $200...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ge Fuzz whats the Beckman GT? Beckman is what they are calling the boot nowadays, same as GT. Maybe the name change has to do with the change in leather (Featherstone vs Chromexel), but personally, having both leathers, I like the new Featherstone better. Softer, doesnt need much break in, and polishes really nicely.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard I'm so excited for the F/W'09 new pattern lineup I just saw on tv. Can anyone kop for me? F/W is ok, but I'm waiting for the Wolf v Goat x Snuggie collaboration in spring
their shirts and outerwear actually fit really good, it's too bad 90% of it has some awful lettering screened or embroidered on it. But they've always had a "post-apocalyptic" vibe that I kinda dug
after a cold wash to finalize any sizing in the material
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