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Another vintage photo, supposedly taken in Margate in 70s (exact year not known but i'm sure someone recognizes the car and can date it, altho the car looks to be from later 60s)? Anyways, it's another great shot, thanks to Joao for bringing it to attention
well, Stefan is referring to AMERICAN "skinheads" who dress in the hardcore punk style (wearing sport jerseys etc) which is fine if that's how you wanna dress, but they INSIST on still being skinheads which is where actual skinheads that still dress smart would disagree with. He's quite right, in respect to talking about USA. Maybe still skinhead at heart, but no longer in appearance.
lol, as soon as I saw the post "is white laces ok" I was out of there
if anyone did have this record I would have bet you'd have it, and you do.
stefan, this part i agree with 1000%this part we'll have to agree to disagree
^^ great shot. really nice composition and all that. would make a fantastic print to hang on wall
I'd rather see skinhead pack it up and die off than to have a new generation of "mall skins" via Lars.
the long sleeve shirts that Jump the Gun make have this feature as well, 2 button barrel cuff with a slit in between the buttons to turn into a french cuff shirt. it's a nice feature.
it's a nice pattern, dig the colors. I am curious if it is the same cheap cotton that their other shirts use. The recent shirts used quite awful material, looks nice and wears good on first wear, but after one wash, hang dry and iron, the shirt seemed like it had gotten 10 years of wear. Their first shirts made from cotton/poly have held up so much better.definitely, and this forum is a big catalyst in perpetuating these myths as otherwise style-less guys who have...
yes it looks like he's clearly wearing a waistcoat on my monitor
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